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Traditional Tribal Clothing Customs

The wedding ceremony ends with the bride giving gifts in the form of blankets to her new family, including the extended family. This tradition is called ukwaba. Even the long-deceased family members receive gifts and are represented by the living ones.

The family cover themselves with the blankets in an open area where everybody will see.

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The spectators ululate, pestilencesfm, and dance for the family. If you have the confidence we will give you a stick and shield to perform your own dance. Invariably there will be a huge ovation from the crowd….

Zulu | African Culture

Traditional Zulu weddings in rural Zululand The Zulu wedding can take many shapes and forms. Dingaan, Shaka's half-brother, took reign over the clan after the assassination of Shaka. Traditional Tribal Clothing Customs Women dress according to their marital status. An eligible and single Zulu woman shows the pride she has of her body by flaunting it and wearing skirts made out of grass or beaded cotton strings.

A married woman will cover her body to indicate to others that she is taken.

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An engaged Zulu woman will naturally grow her hair and cover her chest with decorative cloth as a sign of respect to her in laws. The traditional attire for men is umqhele warrior's headbandamambatha to put over the shoulders, ibheshu acts as a trouser around the waist, umcedo used as underwear to cover the genitalia, and imbadada for his foot. Traditional Beverages Amazi, fermented milk, is considered a delicacy and may only be shared with family members.

The milk is curdled in a gourd and the whey contents are removed. The taste is described as a mix of cottage cheese and plain yogurt. Zulus believes that amazi makes men strong. Amasi also improves digestion.

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Beer - Beer brewing is a three-day process that Zulu women are obliged to fulfil. Maize and sorghum grain plant are soaked in water for a day. The content is then boiled with dry sorghum and set to cool of. On the third day the brew is filtered, using a sieve, and it can be consumed the same day. Traditional Food Zulu culinary are mainly vegetarian dishes that predominantly consists of vegetables and grain.

Starch is a dietary staple and they take form in pap porridge and beer. Maize, pumpkins and potatoes are common ingredients used to in traditional dishes. Oxen are only slaughtered on special occasions such as weddings and coming of age ceremonies.

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Traditional Zulus eat with wooden bowls and spoons. Before meals, hands are washed and after meals mouths are rinsed. Zulu Warriors Disputes between men within the tribe are publicly addressed through stick fighting.

The duel is over as soon as blood flows and the winner then tends the wounds of the loser. In the event of death, there is no charge as long as the rules were abided.

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InZulu warriors had their greatest success in warfare against 1 British troops. Dances Drums are an essential part of Zulu celebrations and it is always accompanied by dancing and chanting. The ingungu drum is made of goatskin, that has been cleaned and stripped from its hair, and a black clay pot. To play it you have to position a flattened piece of reed on the drum and vibrate it with both hands.

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The ingungu is played to celebrate the start of a young woman's first menstruation. There are a number of dances in Zulu culture that celebrates different areas of life.

The hunting dance symbolizes the bravery it requires to hunt by imitating the movements of hunters.