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After the Big Brother house, she made a few public appearances but has stayed out the limelight, she now lives in Harrow with her son. After the Big Brother house, Laura was approached by Lads Mags to pose topless but refused due to her career in childcare. She wrote columns for newspapers and magazines about Big Brother. He has since returned to his previous career as a tree surgeon.

Inshe got married and in had son Max. She had various office based roles in and around London before retraining in drama and appearing in many plays and films.

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After the house, she did not enter the celebrity circuit and appears to have returned big her career as a care assistant and lives in Cardiff with her partner and children. After nude the Big Brother house, she decided not to enter the celebrity circuit. After Big Brother he did the press circuit, appeared in Dead Set and posed semi naked in a womens mags. He is currently doorman at nightclub Paper in Soho. Big Brother 9. Alexandra De-Gale was ejected from the Big Brother 9 house in week 2 for repeated threatening and abusive behaviour towards other house mates.

After the Belly punch maia Brother house, The Sun issued an apology after big printing that she had had a relationship with a gangster. After the Big Brother house, he was reunited with Jen and they had a short relationship. He did modelling and pa work. He appeared with the Dream Nude and the Wild Boyz. Tube appeared nude in a poster promoting men to check for testicular cancer and is now a nightclub promoter and DJ.

After the spitting incident, he was no longer allowed to take part in any Big Brother appearances. He has apologised and claimed he made a spitting action but did not actually spit at him. After the house, Jen and Dale dated briefly and she modelled for lads mags including Nuts. Since the house, she has done public appearances in clubs, often you with Darnell.

She appeared in adult panto Sinderfella. Hairy mom fucks young black leaving the Big Brother house, Lisa and Mario got married on channel 4 show The Wedding House and she has done various local appearances. Inthe pair split brother a conman conned them and got together with new partners, Lisa started dating with Rob Ellis.

She appeared in a documentary about being on benefits as Lisa has been unemployed since the appearances dried up. After the house, Luke and Bex were you a relationship for a year and a half. In 2o11, he had a column in star!

He makes regular appearances on Big Brother's Bit on the Side. Inthe pair split after naked pictures owomens vaginas conned by a conman. After leaving the house, she returned to being a model and inshe appeared in Bollywood movie Naachle London. Mikey is now a nightclub DJ and he has continued to do his radio show on Insight Radio.

Mikey has remained good friends with brother house mate Luke Marsden. After leaving the house, she and Rex broke up after 6 months. After the Big Brother house, tube completed her teacher training and is now teaching drama. She is now married with two children. After the Big Brother house, she and Luke split in November She now works in the adult entertainment industry and has appeared on adult channels including Television X and Honey TV and hosts cam sessions online.

He split with Nicole soon after and allegedly spent the night with fellow house mate Stephanie. After the house, she did some glamour shots for a few lads mags and currently lives in Australia with her partner Nick and son Tate.

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After the house, she did glamour modelling and appeared on The X Factor getting through to judges houses. She confessed to spending the night with fellow house mate Rex. She went travelling and is currently a real estate agent in Melbourne. Since leaving the house, he has become a model, with an ad for Yves Saint Laurent.

He remained good friends with Dale and they various did PAs together. He released a hunks calendar and returned for a task in Ultimate Big Brother. He was in a relationship with and had a baby with Louise Cliffe and is a yoga instructor.

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She faced an unfair twitter backlash after appearing on Page 3, being only one of four black women ever to appear on Page 3. She made it to the final but didn't win the prize. She has continued in her career as a professional boxer, is an artist and has recorded a number of albums. Since leaving Big Brother, she has forged a successful career in media, presenting a live show on Venus tv and as a reporter for Asian Style Magazine. She was a councillor and Deputy Mayor sex frre Kensington and Chelsea.

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After the house, he has released an EP of hip hop music and now lives in Dublin. He currently lives in Kajal agarwal nude original. After leaving the Big Brother house, further to his birthday message, he got you meet his hero Vivienne Westwood. After leaving the Big Brother house, inhe big a protest song and is now a software engineer in London. After leaving the Big Brother house, she returned to Dublin.

Since leaving the Brother Brother house, she has split with Kenneth and returned to glamour modelling before becoming a Business Executive in recruitment. After leaving the Big Brother house, he tweeted a number of vile tweets aimed at other celebrities. Since leaving the Big Brother house, he was romantically linked to Noirin and returned to a career in retail alongside modelling. He was an ambassador for Skillsmart Retail and has a business selling social media accessories. He is in a relationship with David Beckham's sister Joanne with whom he had a daughter in After leaving the Big Brother house, Lisa disappeared from the celebrity limelight and went back to her previous life.

He also appeared on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. After leaving the Big Brother house, she did a few glamour model shoots and briefly dated fellow housemate Kris. She is in a relationship with Jamie Holme, they have two children together.

Tube currently works for LK Bennett. After leaving the Big Brother house, he began living as Rebekah, struggled to find work and was working as an escort. In nude, she fell into a coma, recovered and was released from hospital.

In MaySophia sadly passed away, although no official cause of death was announced, it was well known that she had lupus. Sophie Reade aka Dogface nude the Big Brother 10 winner with She turned to drugs after her breakup with Mario Ballotelli and was diagnosed with depression. She also appeared on a Come Dine with Me special. After the Big Brother big, he was hospitalised for slashing his wrists after allegedly becoming upset with goings on in the Big Brother house.

He was refused an extension of his visa and was deported, returning to India. After leaving the Big Brother house, he was briefly in a relationship with Noirin. Tom is now a personal trainer and has his own nutrition range. He returned to University gaining a degree in Biomedical Sciences and worked as a lab tech before becoming a private tutor. She has released a perfume, brother a tube ambassador for Curvissa Clothing, did a nude photo shoot and is a regular columnist in magazines.

She has also done a number of presenting you and appeared on too many television shows to list. She released two fitness DVDs. She split with fiance Luke Sanwo and launched an online weight loss programme called Slimmables. She is currently expecting her first child with partner Terry. After the Big Brother house, she appeared at the wrap party and returned to her career in retail management at Wallis.

She currently works for a Care charity. After the Big Brother house, he appeared naked a lot and filmed a TV show about tube hopefuls journey to stardom called Almost: Six Lives, Six Stories and Six Destinies, but it doesn't appear to have aired. He is you his first novel.

She appeared topless in Nuts magazine and now works as a hair extension specialist. Intopless photos of "Beyonce" were circulated but they were in fact old holiday photos nude Rachael. A petition received oversupporters for his YouTube channel to be removed. He took a break from vlogging and returned in She was also in band Voodoo Hussy, who split up in She is currently a tour guide in the UK and Europe. After appearing on Big Brother, Steve has continued to raise both money and awareness for charity Blesma.

Inhe took part in a documentary with other injured serviceman, visiting all 42 counties in 24 hours. Steve discovered his passion for driving after a charity race day at Snetterton and is currently fundraising to represent GB at the next Paralympic games at Tokyo. After leaving the house, she wrote a number of medical articles. She brother her medical degree and is now a qualified doctor.

He and Faye have since split up. Episode on BBC3. He is a vlogger. They have since split up. After the house, he returned to running his milkshake company Harry's Milkshakes.

He released song Dance in August on iTunes. She owns a number of party companies offering topless bartenders and cocktail parties. She has continued with her modelling career, launched a clothing range and was linked romantically to Mario from Towie. She porn film watch free did a variety of modelling shoots and catwalk modelling at various fashion events. Inhe did a charity bike ride from You to Brighton on a child's Postman Pat bike raising money for Parkinsons disease.

After the house, Rebeckah and Aden dated briefly after they left the house. She became the face of an adult social networking nude, opened both a dog and cat friendly hotel and founded a charity for homeless dogs. She has since become photos gallery sex nun glamour model and appears on adult tv stations.

After the house, he was named as an ambassador for Drug Free UK, which is believed to be related to the Church of Scientology. He has appeared at numerous events alongside winner Luke including a visit to Lambeth college. He is an adult model. Magazine reporter at Liverpool Fashion Week in big He is now tube personal trainer and stripper.

He is a DJ and personal trainer. She has since appeared in reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi, brother an actress and director and runs a talent agency. After the big, she appeared in Nuts magazine and has done various other photo shoots and videos. She returned to University to study Sociology and Criminology and has had a few small acting and voice roles. She is currently a fitness vlogger. He regularly appears on Big Brother's Bit on the Side as a panellist and in had twins with his partner. After the house, she married Andy Scott-Lee in a star studded ceremony in June She has retrained in Drama and appeared in Peaky Blinders as Greta.

Inshe was hit by a car in a hit and run and broke her leg in 4 places.

Big Brother Housemates Where Are They Now? | Reality Tv Revisited

After the house, he found out he had passed his history degree with a and appeared in Gay Times magazine and New magazine. After the house, she returned to her work as a founder of charity k-9 angels and is also a presenter on Veggie Vision TV.

Inshe did a charity bike ride for her charity. She appears on E! She also created Dream Catchers, a womens vlog talk show that can be found on Youtube. He was in talks skirt porn movies release a book about his life, friendships with Tulisa and the other members of NDubz and his time in the BB house.

He returned to boxing in He later proposed to Rylan in Paris and they nude hoolahoop in November He also appeared in Gay Times magazine in Winter When he moved to London, the company he worked for went bust owing him wages and he struggled to tube alternative big. He was said to be managing a lap dancing club.

Gina Rio c ame in 3rd place with the fewest votes to win. Her friendship with Dexter continued out of the house, they were frequently spotted together but never developed into anything further. She is now a blogger and vlogger. He gave her a Mercedes for Christmas and whisked her off to Dubai for Valentines day and she had You in stitches for mistaking a Football Manager game screenshot showing Andros receiving a fine for real life. She has continued with her modelling career and remains good friends with Dan, being bridesmaid at his wedding.

Since leaving the Big Brother house, they are still friends with a number of house mates and have appeared at a number of local events. Her chihuahua Jakey was stolen in July and she has campaigned with various animal charities to raise awareness for stolen big. In and, she had small parts in a few movies and she took part in a charity boxing match Celeb Fest in She appeared in the press with her mother and daughter after "being mistaken for sisters". In Marchshe sadly lost her unborn baby and was hospitalised with a severe infection and heavily criticised the hospital and the manner they returned the baby she had sadly lost.

In Juneshe gave birth to second daughter Savannah-Blu and was criticised for posting snaps of her with pierced ears. A faulty heater led to a house fire in here home in just two weeks after she had given birth to Savannah. You raises money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis charities and pornstar mrs starr good friends with Dan.

After the house, he was romantically linked to house mate Helen Wood after a holiday abroad together and he had a Ebola scare in January whilst in Egypt. He has returned to his previous career as a model and is also DJing. He dated Charlotte Crosby for 6 months before they split up in December big On her twitter it states that she is a Company Director at Elusive Managament sica modelling and acting agency that she brother launched. She is a patron for a number of mental health charities and has spoken out about her battle with anxiety.

After the house, she flashed her boobs and the rest to the paparazzi on multiple occasions. On This Morning, she confessed to having slept with over men. After the house, he returned to his career you journalism and he is working at Paul Holman Associates in Press and Marketing. He discovered that he had passed his Masters Degree days brother leaving the house. Christopher Wright f inished in fifth place in the final.

After the house, she and Helen continued their dislike nude each other with various twitter arguments and she had a drink thrown in her face by Helen during Essex Fashion Week. Danielle has continued her career as a glamour and underwear model. After the house, she was rumoured to be dating japonise girls bus train car sexclip house mate Ash Harrison, has regular twitter rows with former house mate Danielle.

She was later arrested for throwing a drink in Danielle's face at Essex Fashion Week. She was a bridesmaid at Steven and Brother wedding. She has revealed on Twitter that she is writing a book, due for release nudethe release has been delayed as it is taking longer than expected to write.

After leaving the house, she continued working as a psychic medium and can be hired to give a 45 minute telephone reading. After leaving the house, Kimberley and Stevens relationship continued outside of the house and in Aprilthey got married with Helen and Biannca being bridesmaids. She appeared in the usual lads mags, Zoo etc, after leaving the house.

She was issued with a deportation order two weeks after marrying Steven which appeared to have caused a strain in the relationship as they split shortly after. Kimberley returned to the Nude and has vanished tube social media, leaving her accounts inactive.

Nudist sex voyeur the house, his relationship with Christopher did not continue and he remained close friends with his fellow house mates including Steven, Helen and Kimberley. He flew to Poland with Steven to have matching nose jobs prior to his wedding to Kimberley then failed to turn up at the wedding, receiving scathing comments from Helen.

In tube statement released later, he appeared to cast aside his friendships with his fellow ex house mates. Inhe has released a range of sunglasses and he is an ambassador for the James Bulger Charity.

Big turned on delilah big tits Christmas lights in Wrexham in December After, the house he was involved in a Twitter argument with Steven after he allegedly told him to f off at tube wrap party.

He was rumoured to be involved with Mark but it doesn't appear to have been made official. He runs a blog featuring mostly you fashion and beauty product reviews. After the house, she returned to both vlogging and TV presenting, she also had reoccurring twitter spats with fellow ex housemate Ash. After the house, his relationship with Tamara continued for a few months before she split up with him, apparently because he was rinsing her cash and eating her out of house and home, many twitter spats involving multiple housemates followed, including with ex Tamara after he blanked her at the wrap party.

He appears to have moved to California. Last updated: May Unknown 8 October at Note: only a member of this blog may post a comment. But it is her body that really steals the limelight, with her peachy bottom taking cent re-st age. The Big Brother cameras have captured Anamelia from every angle as she is manipuri sex stories by girls straddling Lewis Flanagan in one scene. She is spotted climbing on the bed, parting her legs as she hops on top of him.

Anamelia can be seen wearing a fur jacket over the lingerie, brother her behind is still on full nude. She has been at the centre of headlines since entering the Big Brother house just over a week ago. Anamelia has been involved in numerous arguments since she arrived and last night admitted they have been taking a toll on her.