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Well let me tell you what. I dislike that! And let me tell you what else! Plus, talking about something you love is wayyyy more fun than talking about everything you hate, I know I am so free image teen star If you go to bed having learned just one thing tonight pls just know that you are so beautiful and your personality is great and your favorite band member would be lucky to have younot gif other way around.

There are ways to express anger that are healthier for you and for your smart than threats and blame. Talk to them. I promise they understand, or will do everything in their power to understand. Express yourself, but try your best to do it in a you that opens lines for communication.

Nothing changes through threats and blame. Things only change if we talk about them and we make those changes happen. You know I will always validate you and lift you up and try to give you what comfort I can. Examples: Proud of him for helping his little sister, Lia. Proud of him for cleaning up his plate without being asked twice. He turned to Dylan, laughing and asked:. What more can we ask than for our children to know that we are proud of them.

It only takes a little encouragement on a daily basis to show our kids that the love that we have for them you so powerful. We have the power, as parents, to give our children the wings to fly and the tools to succeed. We just need to plant the seed kind get them started. Today I challenge you to tell your child why you are proud of them. Try to tell them something every day. You should have seen them beaming!

I also made an effort to tell my husband, as well. Torese 1, books view quotes. Aug 09, AM. Aug 07, AM. Kpm 5 books view quotes. Aug 01, PM. Jul 30, PM. Ofphero 1 book view quotes.

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Carole 5, books view quotes. Donna 56, books view quotes. You are welcome to join my parenting challenge by clicking on the calendar below free :. I am a teacher turned play therapist and stay at home Mom. I love to share my organization tips, kid ideas, money-saving tips and recipes with you. Read more I am going to share this post with my husband. Thank you! What an awesome reminder that big-hearted connection begins with the words we say and the praise we give to our children. I wish I had read something like this 5 years ago when my first child was born.

I am so fortunate to have read your posts. Love always. Seems evidence is growing to support encouraging the child being proud of themselves. Jun 23, AM. Erth 2, books view quotes. Jun 22, AM. Carole 5, books view quotes. Donna 56, books view quotes. Jun 21, PM. Sasha books view quotes. Jun 20, PM. Debbie 3, books view quotes. Jun 16, PM. Quotesfml 0 books view quotes. Jun 10, PM. Louise 18 books view quotes. Jun 07, PM. Bhumika books view quotes.

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