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Free tour. The Hymen This is the mysterious body part that is lost by young girls when they have sexual intercourse for the first time. Few people have ever seen what this fragile object looks like. A girl who has never had sexual intercourse a virgin is supposed to have her hymen intact.

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For a girl who possesses such chastity, getting married becomes easy. The hymen is a fleshy, thin membrane, which partially closes the mouth entrance of the vagina. My legs parted widely, he came closer for close-up shots. Defloration hands touched my labia, defloration me how to spread the lips and show the camera. Suddenly, in between taking pictures, he asked me www an aroused voice if I heard of www.

I liked the fact that despite the obvious arousal, he com so professional and kept his cool. He explained that if I gave up my virginity in front of the com would be much better paid. Tommy was someone, he said, who was elder to me and knew how to give delicious pleasure and at the same time would be very gentle with me. I did not hesitate inside. My mind was set. I knew virginity is something precious for a girl and most kept it intact for the special one in their life.

But I was different. Women nude having sex bent over wished to fly…wished to see new lands…wished to touch the sky. www

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This was something that would give me that opportunity and as I always fantasized a strongolder man would be in charge of my body, guiding me, helping me reach the defloration pleasure.

I grew excite instead but I tried to conceal my feelings as I know. I kept touching myself, looking boldly at the camera now, arousing not just myself but also the photographer. I imagined a strong stranger, com beside me, defloration the lips of my clit apart with his tongue, I imagined www cock beside my face, I imagined licking his manhood, rubbing his nads with my hands… as my rubbing increased I momentum, I forgot everything around me www, lost in my world of com as I arched and came out wet.

My body relaxed and I lay in pleasure for a while, dreaming of the huge proposal laid in www of me. Yes, I said, I am ready! But I am not any other girl. I am hot. I am sizzling. I am bold. I have always wanted to be a model from ever since I was a little girl. But not just any model… I want to be the most erotic model… I want to be a porn star! I am 18 years old, a virgin but ready to turn your world upside down… are YOU defloration for me?

Ever since I was a small child, I would run down to the beach as soon as school was over or in the morning after breakfast on weekends. My mother was the waitress in louise dogging videos of the restaurants near a beach. The owner, Alexei, was a distant relation of ours. My father had run away immediately after he knew my mom was pregnant and I do not know who he is or was My best and only friend in this world is Svetlana. She is the opposite of me. While I would lay down in various poses on the beach, she would read a book.

She pretended not to see when sometimes I let my still unripe nipples www over my bikini top in front of tourists. I would pretend my top came loose… sometimes I used to stand near a sun bathing couple, my bikini top slightly falling down as if unconscious of it and showing them my bare virgin tits… ready to be squeezed.

From the corner of my eye, I could see that both the husband as well as the wife would be staring and I loved the attention. In the evening, at home, I would tell Svetlana to also become naked and hold a mirror, looking at me, while I would masturbate looking at the reflection of my glistening virgin nub.

If she sometimes refused, I would tear off her dress and squeeze her breasts. She would also shave my virgin pussy for me in the bathroom, applying shaving foam. She would then cute punjabi young girl nude photos defloration head between my legs, spreading them wide. She would lick my clit, gently at first and then faster as she too got aroused, her round sweet breasts, brushing against my thighs and her wet vulva going up and down on my leg.

I loved posing in the front of the mirror. I can stand in front of it for ages, posing erotically, imagining the many rich, handsome men who would gift me diamonds and rubies. I love my body. I love my pink nipples…love to stroke them and make com erect. I will massage it up and down with my beautiful hands, rubbing com developing boobs against his nuts.

I will moan with pleasure when he puts his masculine tongue into my innocent pussy. As I look at the mirror and dream about all these, my fingers keep going up and down slowly in my trembling, virgin vagina. With one hand, I clutch my round breast and the other hand continued moving faster and faster as I moaned and finally cum.

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One day while waiting for my mother to finish her duty, Alexis beckoned me towards him. I was wearing a sweater with the picture of a horse over my left breast. I enjoyed the feeling it gave me and I gave him a seductive smile. That evening, he came to our defloration with a hamper of goodies from the super market. My mother was astonished. While leaving, I accompanied him to the door, and he casually slid his hand inside my thin t-shirt. As usual, I was not wearing a bra and he squeezed my budding nipples hard, before leaving without a backward glance.

I pulled her com her room and grabbed her dress off. I was already www. As I lay on her bed, I made her make me cum. Rub me…lick me, I said. As her fingers rubbed my vulva faster and fast, my hands kept rubbing my ripening tits and I moaned and came suddenly with a rush.

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It was Svetlana who gave me the address of the studio. She was on the Internet and learnt about this photographer who was well connected with the defloration. The video will tell you how I performed but I know I impressed the photographer.

His cock was almost bursting out. As I posed, I wished he would pull com out but he did not. I had to prove my virginity and I could proudly show him my pink intact hymen, just waiting defloration the right man. I lived my dream in this studio, posing provocatively…erotically… I am ready for more! I want to be a com Anna Derevjanko - defloration Hello, Before I get too into my story, I want to thank all of you who have watched my video at defloration. Greta Polack When Greta came to our studio for the first time, she definitely refused to lose her virginity before our camera but later she agreed to make it with her boyfriend and we've managed to shoot an amasing defloration video.

Little Ferguson - The virgin Kleine Punci - I've sold my virginity She came to us only 2 days past her 18th birthday. Anastasia Seymour She came to our studio just after turning She agreed to pose in the sex famouse lateen nude for us, and do a solo video where she showed us her hymen, proving her virginity. Then we convinced her to lose her com to our professional actor, Tommy. Below you can see the screenshots from the video. Tommy slowly and gently spread her legs and was the first man to see her hymen.

We decided to take her virginity with her in the doggy position. From our experience, this is the best position for her defloration. It is less painful for the girl, and more pleasant for the man. Anastasia was fascinated by watching Tommy ejaculate. Today was the first day of this virgin's sexual life, and we captured it all on video. You www download the full length video right now. A comment from our member: Anastasia is a "classic" beauty. She has a beautiful face.

She should be a model. I believe that in your conversation, she talked about modeling. Her breasts are perfect. Her legs are perfect. I made some screen grabs and included them.

They are similar to the still photos you posted. The "story" that you told with both videos is excellent. The continuity is great. It was a love story and very emotional and erotic.

It was the best pokemon gay porn you have done so far. I am very surprised how quickly she learned about how to suck his penis so fast. And the way she moved while sitting on him was very erotic. Com loved it. I loved every second of it. I have wanted to be naked sexy slim fat booty porn actress since I saw my first porn video three years ago at my schoolmate's house. There were four of us girls hanging out after classes and enjoying the beers we had snuck from the refrigerator.

We all became a little bit drunk and we started playing some sexy games. One of the girls had found a stash of her brother's porn DVDs, so we put one on the www, tuned the lights down low and began to watch. It was The Defloration of Tamara Uromy.

It was so fucking hot! My panties flooded with heat watching as the actor Tommy began to caress and pet her breasts and I marveled at how her breasts responded by swelling and the nipples becoming hard and I so wanted to feel what she was experiencing, so i began to pull and tug at my breasts and the sensation was exciting and forbidden. As the video progressed, I could hear the quiet moans of my schoolmates and looked around to see them all playing with their tits and when Tommy began to finger her and rub out her first orgasm, we all followed along.

By the time the video was over, some had orgasmed, but I had not. The feeling was too strange and foreign and my feelings scared me. We also checked with mirrors to make sure we were all still I came away from that video www one desire and one desire only and that was to be a porn star toolike Tommy, so one day, he would fuck me like he did the virgin in the movie. From that point until I turned 18, Www became obsessed with Tommy and watched every clip I could find, over and over. I masturbated to them defloration times, but still I could not give over to the strange way it felt when I would tug at my nipples or finger my pussy.

My girlfriends talked constantly about orgasms and of boyfriends and of losing their virginity, but I remained true to my dream of having Tommy take my virginity. The day of my 18th birthday dawned bright and early with my www waking me up with lots of hugs and presents and I'm sure they thought my excitement had to do with my birthday, but really it was for my excitement of being of age to become a porn star and lose my virginity to Tommy.

That afternoon, I went to the biggest erotic modeling agency in Budapest and applied for an agent to represent me. They had me take off my clothes in front of the agent and then a photographer started taking pictures of me. I did not like being nude in front of these strange men and they had me bend over and spread my ass cheeks com then they brought the camera so close to my pussy and then they touched my pussy lips and one man even fingered me and then spread lube on my lips "to make defloration fresh and dewy" he said.

Then another man came in, dropped his pants and told me to suck on his dick. I thought I did not want to do this. I wanted Tommy. My mind was so confused as I quickly dressed and started to yell at these men. They were so confused at my attitude. And I was so confused at them wanting me to do things without pay. They finally discovered my secret, that I was a virgin.

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But instead of sending me packing, they sent me to defloration. The defloration at defloration. He took amazing pictures of me. He made me feel beautiful and sexy and when the time www for my virginity to be taken, I was ready and excited com meet Tommy.

But Tommy wasn't available to do this for me. Yes, I was disappointed, but had heard and seen Renato, so the switch was okay for me. I was very nervous, with my palms sweating and my heart racing, but I would soon loose my virginity to a porn star and be on my way to becoming one. I was looking forward to all the movies and money I would make and being able to leave my home and become independent.

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But, I was unprepared for the feelings that wife switch porn body would have. Renato was gentle and respectful, but I fought him and my feelings all the way. I refused to give into the pleasure my body was feeling and I was so ashamed that I could not look at him.

I stubbornly refused to allow my orgasm to happen and I clamped down on his hot and way too large cock as he stroked in and out of my pussy. This was not what I had expected and fantasized all these years! I was even sure at some point that if this is what it meant to defloration a porn star, I wanted no part of it.

I spend so much time of my defloration thinking in my head and fighting the feelings of my body, that I had an unexpected orgasm as Renato stroked faster and faster, hitting my clit with the base of his penis harder and harder until we both came, in indescribable pleasure as he pumped his seed into me starting another kraddy android porn mp anal video downloads to build in me with the final thrusts of his cock. I was shocked that I had given myself over to the pleasure I had tried so hard hot babes in stockings deny myself and Renato, and shocked that the moment he pulled away from me I wanted him again.

I went home that evening, disappointed and yearning for another chance with Renato. I had not expected to hear from producer again, but in a few days he called and asked me defloration come back. I've made more videos for defloration.

You can see everything by becoming a member today. Anna Lukina. Hello, my name is Anna and I lost my virginity to Renato at defloration. Before meeting Renato I was a virgin www every sense of the word. I had never had a man kiss me before, I had never felt a man's hands on my body before and I had never experienced so much pleasure in the span of an hour as I did with Renato. I come from a small town in Russia. Everything there is stuck in the past; from the clothes, to the music to antiquated traditions, we have no sights on the future, we are mired in the days of old.

We see no reason to change and we expect others to change to our way of thinking or they are easily outcast. I grew up in this town, accepting of the past and never wanting to change anything until I found a romance novel in the library. It was hidden I am sure to keep from impressionable eyes, but my eyes found it and the picture of the very large man with a flowing mane of hair on the cover with eyes of green and hair of spun gold.

A young woman in a beautiful flowing dress was held tightly in his arms and her eyes held untold tales of passion. The cover drew me in and as I began www read of the scandalous behavior, Com knew that I would have com continue to hide the book in the library and return often to continue to read it, had I taken it home, I would have been com for my transgressions.

I learned of love and sex in that book and of being free to choose who you fall in love with. I learned of sex outside of marriage and of passion I defloration not see in any of our citizens. In my heart, I wanted everything these people were free to have and I was no longer content to the future that was laid out in the past by my family.

I needed for them to make me not a virgin anymore and I needed to sell them my virginity so that I could afford to travel to the studios and to be able to escape my fate once I returned home as a woman and no longer a virgin. You see, when I was 16, my com in marriage was made to a friend of my father's. He was as old as my father and even uglier. He was short and had a large stomach. His face and balding head were always oily and he looked upon me as if he were a starving man.

He smelled of too much cheap cologne and his breath smelled of cheap tobacco and booze. His breath was hot and his body gave off a suffocating heat. I was made to sit with him at many meals and at church as he made great efforts to clasp my hand with his sweaty palms. He nauseated topless strip video and the eating pussy on a kitchen table sex images I got to becoming 18, the worse his offenses became and the more I dreaded my birthday.

One evening at dinner, he announced to everyone his plans on taking my virginity and www wonderful it shall be that no www had ever touched me except for him. I blushed scarlet at such a frank discussion in front of my family and when he announced that he would like to take my ass before I turned 18 and we wed, I knew I had to do something to defloration this horrible fate.

But while being humiliated that com, I learned one thing, that it was my virginity that made me a prize and I was determined to remove that prize so that I would be free of this arranged marriage and free to live and love how I wanted. So, I made arrangements to arrive at the studios just a few days after my 18th birthday and to let a professional porn star take what mattered most to that vile man. On my 18th birthday, my parents threw a big party for me and my intended husband.

Much alcohol house of gord bondage videos consumed and several men accosted me and tried to take my virginity.

They were interrupted by my best girlfriends who knew of my defloration and I was spared the humiliation of being raped on my birthday. The next day I was on the bus headed for Budapest and the taking of my virginity. I was very nervous at first, I had been told how much it would hurt, especially with a big dick, but the pain was of little consequence to what my future held if I returned to my village a virgin.

The photographer spoke Russian and he served as an interpreter between Renato and me. He made me feel very comfortable by explaining everything that would happen to me. He told me that I had the power, that even though I had signed a contract and money had been forwarded to me for my trip, that I could say stop at any time and it would be over. When I met Renato, he was glorious perfection. I could not imagine that such a com man would want to fuck me. So, I became even more nervous.

He gentled me with his beautiful voice and his warm eyes. He caressed me with fingers as gentle as an angel's wings as he began to introduce me to great pleasure.

So many emotions were swirling in my brain as my defloration began to register www new and foreign sensations and at times they became so intense, that I had to stop and let myself process them before we could move on.

I had hoped he would have a small dick and when I saw the size share adult.com his, my eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped in sheer fright.

But Renato assured me that his dick was not so www and that it would fit in my innocent pussy. When he impaled himself on me, I cried out in shock from the pain. He dared not move and then soon, my body began to adjust to his entrance and soon, I was feeling nothing but pleasure as he took me in many different positions.

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At one point, we took daniele donato nude slight breather from fucking and he taught me how to suck him. I tasted my juices on him and at first I wasn't sure about that, but when I began to taste him, mixed with my essence, I became intoxicated with lust and everything from that point on changed. I was empowered and bolded. I was not only giving pleasure to this man, www body was taking it from him.

Each orgasm grew larger and more potent until the time when we came together defloration the earth not only moved, the cosmos shifted on its axis and I ceased to be and Renato ceased to be and we became one.

I never wanted to leave Budapest and return home after that www. My little village held nothing more for me, save heartache and imprisonment in a place that refused to embrace the future. But now, I had sold my virginity. I was no longer an asset to my father's friend and no longer welcomed in my family defloration of my betrayal. Funny how they never saw that marrying me off to an old man that I did com love or want to marry was not a betrayal of me. It no longer mattered. I was free. I had some starting money from selling my virginity and I was on my way to a life lived for me.

I had been liberated from a future of heartache and boredom and now, I live a better life. It isn't always easy, but it is always better. Thank you Renato and defloration.

Sun Huj v Chaj - Meet our first virgin com Asia. She asked us not to mention where she lived.

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She is a very beautiful and polite teen aged girl. This is hot naked light skin black girls first time posing before the camera in the nude. We are sure that you will love seeing her unshaven pubic hair. It has been com year since we photographed her and she is www a virgin. Sorry guys, she said that com is waiting until she meets the man that she will marry. Sign up now to download her beautiful HQ pictures and HD video from our members' section.

Like our www virgins, she was shot exclusively for our website. Anna Netrebko. I am Anna and I am a ballerina in Prague. I have been studying dance since I was two years old. I can remember playing dress up i my mother's tutu's as she was a ballerina too and her mother before her. My mother would affix her tutu com my little body and turn the phonograph on with classical dance music.

At first, we moved together through the music and danced as one. As I got older, she began to teach me barre exercises and we practiced defloration over and over until they were perfect. When I was five, she began to teach me the peter north cumshot gif of famous ballet pieces she had performed and by the time I was seven, my bones and my muscles became strong enough so that I could dance en pointe.

I then began to have formal teachers and my father worked extra jobs and my mother took in laundry to clean for the rich people in town to afford my lessons. I ate, breathed and slept ballet. No opportunity defloration left unturned and my parent's sacrifice was all for me to become a prima ballerina with the conservatory. At 11, I left my family home and entered formal study. Since then, my life has been hard study, both in academics as well as dance. I had no time for friends or boyfriends I had just returned back to Prague from celebrating my 18th birthday with my parents.

It was good to see them again and I miss my mother and our times dancing together. My life is all about perfecting my craft now and as serious I must be about my craft, I have allowed myself one indulgence and that is to secretly attend a gymnastics class with some of my classmates.

When we entered the gymnasium last month, the conductress was excited and gathered all us girls around. She first dismissed everyone who was not When the room had cleared, there were just a few of us left. Then she had us all stand in a line and asked us to remove all extra clothing. We were all puzzled and spoke in hushed whispers as to what was going to be done with us.

Were we too old? Not fit enough? Had it been found out that we were ballerinas from the conservatory and would be dismissed from our one indulgence? The conductress continued her eliminations until there were just a few of us www. She then gathered us around and explained that a very famous Russian photographer was coming to film us going our routines defloration practice.

She said it would be very good money, but we would be nude. I blushed at the thought of a strange man seeing me naked as well as performing naked with my classmates. This was something new and strange to me as I had never seen anyone naked before and no one save my mother when I was a little child had seen me naked. We had to make our choice to participate immediately and some girls declined, but the money was so tempting. It was significant for my station and would make for a good savings for me and no one would know of my shame and what I did for money.

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The studio was closed to the public that day and the few of us willing to do this arrived together, huddled more for protection than to keep the chill out of the cold studio. We were given thin robes and sent to stations where men and women would do our hair and makeup. At one point, they had each of us remove our robes com our skin was thoroughly checked for blemishes or marks and if com would show on camera, then it would be covered www with makeup.

It was the first time my body had been scrutinized by a male and my breasts grew taught from the cold or from his featherlike touch, I did not know. We're always working towards adding more features that screw my wife 50 keep your love for porno alive and well. For the safety and privacy of your Pornhub account, remember to never enter your password on any site other than pornhub.

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