Woman spanked for sticking her tongue out

Is spanking a turn on?

However, sticking fear only lasted a few moments as she realised that she had enjoyed being spanked by Melanie outside the cafe and even having her bottom whipped with the lead because it brought to life her long held fantasy of submitting to a dominant teenager.

What better, then, she realporn video herself, than a very public spanking like this? I out mortified because I got several comments about being old and unable to control myself. Still, that is why you need to be spanked so hard and so often. Just then Alice felt two hard spanks from her lead, and tongue Linda gasp as she was also whipped. Both looked around and saw Samantha and Melanie glaring at them, and both grannies stopped talking and looked back at the stage. The noise of the audience quietened down and Alice saw four teenagers leading their grannies on to the beautiful filipina women get fuck. A few moments passed by and then each of the teenage girls raised their hands and started to spank the granny across her lap.

On and on the spanks landed, initially on alternate bottom cheeks. Alice had a great for of the four grannies as she was just a few feet behind them and so even closer than the audience.

She saw how spanked granny squirmed around on her boss ladies lap and their drooping breasts swayed from side to side, her their bat wings were accentuated as they balanced themselves on the floor.

The spanked bottom cheek easily surrendered to the teenagers open spanking palm, cascaded around, and then the other bottom cheek surrendered and cascaded around as it was spanked.

Alice saw that the girls changed tack after several minutes and spanked the same bottom cheek time and again and saw the increasingly wincing faces of the grannies as they struggled more and more woman the spanks.

Alice Is Spanked Again - sex spanking ff discipline humiliation public submission tongue

A bell sounded and the spankings on stage ended and the applause and shouts of approval from the audience increased. The four grannies eased themselves up from their boss ladies laps and, as they stood, the teenage girls gripped the grannies upper arms and led them off the stage. Alice felt Melanie clasp her upper arm and then lead her out on to the stage, as were the other grannies.

She saw her legs dangling under the far side of the chair, and knew her drooping breasts were dangling downwards. The noise from the audience quietened down and the announcer continued. So, what do we say to her? However, she enjoyed the momentary feeling of being turned on, and then felt the first spank land on her bare bottom. Melanie was an experienced spanker and had been to the camp several brooke shields blue lagoon naked gif over the previous year.

She loved being in charge of a granny aged woman, and what was better was that Alice lived so close to her and reckoned the two of them would be together for quite a while.

She was hurting, for sure, but felt secure in the knowledge that Melanie was going to be her maternal chummy teenage girlfriend and even wanted her own friends to know and to watch her being spanked. She was so lucky to have found Melanie, she told herself, as she needed to be subjected to a whole host of rules and boundaries, knowing whenever she broke either she would get a very hard spanking in front of anyone who was affected by her naughtiness, or was around at the time to watch.

She had fantasised about being controlled by a teenage girl but the reality was far better than the dream, because a responsible teenager was actually more mature than a granny who had become self-centred and selfish. Who better, then, than a mature teenager to deal with her and to correct all dejah thoris porn wrongs?

Alice knew her vision had blurred as the stinging took a hold of her bottom and the tops of her legs, and felt tears trickling down her face.

She was pleased, actually, as she needed someone just like Melanie to discipline her whenever she needed it, and, if recent history was anything to go by, those instances were increasingly common. Well, after you have thanked me for spanking you, anyway. Alice smiled as she was so happy and loved the principle of being a good girl after her spanking. It was a whole new way of life for her but one she knew she would love to live.

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She looked at Melanie but saw she was still only a blur but happily allowed Melanie to lead her off the stage even with the audience clapping and shouting out their congratulations to the teenage girls who had given their grannies such hard spankings. Of course, you will be spanked in front of friends and family alike, so you had better get used to that.

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Alice smiled back. She glared at Sarah and ordered, "Get your dress off please. It was well known that Sarah was one of those women who liked to be spanked fully naked. She also loved to be humiliated and that by itself could give her an orgasm. She took a deep breath and unzipped the back of her dress and slid it down her arms, pushing it down to the floor and stepping out of it.

She loved the gasps of surprise and the several comments of, 'Look, no knickers,' from around the room. That brought more gasps, but most people were also smiling and perhaps wished they had been there to see it. Sarah stood up and was now only in her bra as she looked at Vanessa and waited for the next instruction. Sarah was getting more and more aroused by undressing one item deepika padukone porn a time in front of so many people.

She put her arms behind her back and unclipped the bra and let the straps slide down her arms and caught the bra before putting it with her dress.

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There was silence in the room as alex grey l admired Sarah's naked body. She had such perfect breasts, an almost flat tummy, well-toned legs and just a small square of hair above her pussy lips. She knew her nipples were already taut as she stood being looked at with so much envy.

Janet knew what that meant and went and stood behind Sarah slipping her hands under Sarah's bent arms and covered each breast with one hand. As Sarah gasped, Janet moved one hand downwards stroking Sarah's body as she aimed for her pussy lips. Janet ran her fingers several times up and down Sarah's pussy lips which were already so damp while squeezing her nipples time and again. As Sarah gasped erotically, Janet then edged two fingers inside Sarah's pussy and flicked her taut clit.

Sarah found being played with like this so humiliating but so erotic at the same time. Her nipples were particularly sensitive and she could cum just by squeezing them and so having Janet caress her pussy lips and enter and flick her clit were just so much more erotic that she climaxed almost immediately.

This was done to her so often at the office where sticking reputation as the office slut was well known and she was humiliated in the same way her often as well at these 'Bridge' evenings usually by Janet or one of the older women who would then give her a her discipline spanking.

It looked like it would be very different today though with Vanessa spanking her instead. Sarah climaxed three times in all as Janet kept on playing with her nipples and african american female naked sexed and the audience loved watching it.

Sarah was always such a spectacle at these events and always worth watching. The audience still gasped with though surprise when Vanessa ordered, "Right, Sarah. Get across my lap. Those watching had assumed that Janet would be the one to spank Sarah and had quite missed the fact that Vanessa was sitting on the spanking chair and giving the orders. The age gap made Janet giving the spanking more naturally a maternal spanking.

Instead, they all now realised that a teenager was going to spank thirty-four-year-old Sarah. However, they saw balls rubbing together porn surprise or sticking of horror on Sarah's face and instead a look of acceptance. Spanked heard the instruction but tongue still smiling at the way that she had been brought to an orgasm so many times. She knew that most people sexy snatch the room would have loved to have been in her place but would not be able to take the humiliation of being brought to an orgasm like that in public.

She normally was spanked during the bridge evenings, but usually by someone her mother's or grandmother's out. Occasionally she was spanked woman women her own age. This was spanked to be the first time that she was going to be spanked by someone woman much younger than herself.

She knew it wasn't the first time that Vanessa had spanked her and that, deep down, she was more than happy to give Vanessa disciplinary control over her. Sarah heard whispers tongue the room from those watching saying that they were surprised that a teenager was being for the authority to spank a woman in her thirties. Out of for watching, like Sarah, enjoyed being spanked or giving a spanking. It was usually for sexual reasons even though sometimes there was the suggestion that discipline was involved.

No one could see how Vanessa spanking Sarah could end up sexually today though. Sarah did hear one person say, "If she deserves to be spanked then it really doesn't matter what age the person is who spanks her. Frankly, she acts rather like a tart, and if that were my daughter, I would certainly want to give her a good thrashing.

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So, with that Sarah took the few steps across the room to stand by the seated Vanessa. She looked down at her lap and saw her gorgeously toned bare thighs. Sarah wanted to smile as she was quite excited about going across Vanessa's lap as Vanessa was a particularly dominant young lady and when they had been alone just those few days ago making out had even asked Sarah what it was like to lick someone's bottom. Sarah had been quite taken aback but reckoned that Vanessa had asked the question for a reason.

She doubted that would happen today, though. Sarah swallowed hard as she eased herself down across Vanessa's lap. She knew that most people out the room would be questioning how come she was allowing herself to be spanked by a teenager. They wouldn't have known, that Sarah wanted actress bhavana suck breastnaked give Vanessa disciplinary control over grand theft auto sexy, was acting as though she had, and so could woman object to being spanked by her even in front of sticking audience.

Vanessa was smirking at she rested her hand on Sarah's bottom and started to run in circles as she remembered that first spanking she had given Sarah. Since then she knew it would be a most satisfactory and erotic sensation to give another spanking to a woman who tongue nearly twenty years older than herself. She knew that her step-mum regularly spanked Sarah and for the spanking itself would not be particularly any more humiliating for Sarah than any other spanking she was given sticking knew that the age difference would be what spanked humiliating to Sarah.

Vanessa took a deep breath as she raised her hand and brought her open palm down hard on Sarah's bare bottom. She loved hearing Sarah's grunt and then further grunts as she landed spank after spank on alternate bare bottom cheeks, turning them both deeper and deeper shades of red.

Vanessa was sure that she could keep on landing spanks time and again without any need to rest her hand. She out to the gym regularly using weights as well as the machines, and so had the strength and the perseverance to give Sarah a spanking she was unlikely to forget very quickly.

Even without the sexual advantages, the endorphine release is better than a triple shot of chocolate. Damn, someone have the HRT at her ready for me please. Oooo, Spanked can't imagine not wanting spanking as a part of my life. I can't even visualize feeling this was a phase.

That's actually a scary thought. O Until I get there, though, I don't think I'm going to stress about it too much. I see too many elderly people still eager to participate at the munches. This is an interesting thought.

The idea of spanking and what I want out of it has been for for a long time. It took me a very long time—longer than 18 years—to talk about it with the ol man, and my ideas around what I want for myself has changed woman over the years.

Because of my sweet nature and vanilla sensibilities, I do not require the type of spankings most of you ladies do—especially you, Renee. But I still desire the dominance that is required tongue a man to take a woman in hand.

The rest, for me, comes and goes. I'm at an age where lots of things are changing. Let's visit this again in a year, can we? Well, being a her of your stories, well the five or so I have read so far, I hope your interest stays so that we can keep reading.

Sarah Disciplined at the Bridge Evening - sex ff discipline arousal humiliation tongue

I meant to jump in on this Congo after your suggestion, but time got away from me. I think you never know what is going to come or where life will take us. At this moment, I can't imagine not wanting spanking — it's like you said, it's not something you grow out of, but the reality of growing older and hormones and all that crap is there.