What guys think about during sex

Well, a new Reddit AskMen thread asked dudes to get real about what guys think during sex and, no, your boyfriend might not have participated in this but, boy oh boy, is it a good insight into what's going through a guy's mind during sex with BAE.

Also, let's take a deep breath and rejoice in the fact that, for the most part, it seems like these dudes know how lucky they are to be boinking us.

He's got two things and two things only on his mind.

By Candice Jalili. Photo: WeHeartIt. Rebecca Jane Stokes. We're not proud of it. My god, these are perfect! From a man's perspective, the best breasts in the world are those that have recently been exposed solely for his enjoyment. If you happen to possess those breasts, just know that we're thoroughly impressed.

I should really remember this for later. Sometimes you're not available when we're in the mood and we have to go it solo. For those moments, it pays to have fond memories of your naked body to guide us. I'm talking masturbation, people. And no joke, it worked.

13 Men Share What They’re Really Thinking About During Sex | Thought Catalog

The song is so unsexy that it totally kills the orgasm reflex and allows the sex to continue. On kissing styles: "Aimee is from Paris — and really knows how to French kiss. First, she flirts with my lips in light, teasing, licking kisses. She puts the tip of her tongue into my mouth, quickly pulls it back out, then slides it in again like she's playing hide-and-seek with me in my mouth.

10 Things Every Guy Has Thought During Sex

She teases my lips think and lightly sucks each one. Then she moves the tip of her tongue in circles just inside my lips. Is that a fire starter? Oh, yeah. On a woman making the first move: "I know I'm in for quite a morning when she kisses me awake. The fact that she can't wait until I wake up on my own before pouncing shows me just how much about wants me. This impulsiveness is such a turn-on that I walk on air for the rest of the day. And creepy surroundings draw my attention sex, like a nearby picture of her mother, who seems to be staring at us while we're going at it.

My cats have a way of what at the worst moments. I've peeked around the room for them while having sex before. And, if we are near breakable objects, or other precarious areas, I'll try tamil aunty pundai stills steer the whole operation to a safer guys, while hoping she doesn't notice. I'll curse whatever birth control device is driving me crazy — usually the condom, with its propensity to ruin moments.

And, of course, I during about pregnancy — how well the birth control precautions are actually working. Sometimes I wonder: What am I doing?

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Will this happen again? Do I even really like this person that much? Other mistakes include telling him when to orgasm and acting as if you've done him a huge favour after agreeing to have sex file photo. Telling him when to orgasm. Begging him to hold off just makes him even more paranoid he'll ejaculate pre-maturely; the resulting anxiety ensures he will. You're korean pussy pic better off letting him climax and then settling in for round two or getting your orgasm through oral sex.

Telling him to orgasm now sounds like a turn on but is often interpreted correctly to mean 'Could you hurry up and finish? Only dressing up when you go out. OK, so this isn't something we do during the act of sex but it definitely rates as unsexy behaviour for most men. But the minute she's through the door, off go the heels and on comes the tracksuit. This is a complaint I hear often from men who lose desire for their partner long-term. I'm not suggesting you watch a box set in an LBD, but men are visual creatures and really do appreciate it if you make an effort to look appealing.

This goes for both sexes, by the way.


Just one word for men: socks. Four more words: never a good look. Agreeing to have sex then acting like you've done him a huge favour.

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Sex is supposed to be mutually pleasurable: if it isn't, then tell him what you need more of or want done differently so it is enjoyable for you. Help by holding our hips and lifting us up and down or at least move your hips up to meet ours. You think it sends a clear message of approval that our thighs or stomach are lovely and will stop us worrying unnecessarily.