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A dire warning, but what other choice does Artie have? He has to make the sacrifice for Pete, Mrs.

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Frederic, the warehouse, and the rest of humanity. I thought that was a better ending than Sykes being eaten by the portal wall. And now we begin what we assume will be a season-long balance of Artie trying to nude out what evil he has awoken without telling anyone about the astrolabe and the alternate reality that lost hope, Mrs.

Frederic and Pete. But everyone is curious. The indomitable Mrs. Frederic has a gray hair strand now, indicating that despite everything, the warehouse remembers and bears nude scar, which, in it of itself, is fascinating.

Eventually, the secret will slip out to someone, but whom? Warehouse what was the most affecting storyline of the episode, Claudia has been summoned to lunch by Mrs.

Fredric, who is obviously grooming her take over as caretaker someday. They stroll through Minneapolis, and Mrs. Fredric tells Claudia to focus her senses. Does she sense anything unusual? Claudia is drawn to a woman shopping in a jewelry store, and as she watches from outside the window, something extraordinary warehouse.

Warehouse 13 - The Complete Series

A thief runs into the store waving a gun around, and when he panics and shoots, the woman runs in front of a baby carrier and takes the bullet, saving the baby. Claudia realizes that she just witnessed the birth of an artifact, and Mrs. She takes her to a retirement home, where an elderly man is painting. Well, Mrs. Fredric has given Claudia a glimpse of what her life will be like as caretaker.

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