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Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to erotic. The best part is, vintage of these resources are free of charge or donation-based, vintage you don't have to dish out big money to get your horizontal party on. Refinery29's Erotica Guide includes several short, erotic stories written by story authors. Into exotic horror? Lesbian sex? They've got erotic the stories for you.

Additionally, they even have some text with audio, if you feel like being read to. Good for keeping your hands free, if you know what I mean. If you're a burgeoning writer yourself, you can even submit your own stories, poetry, and story.

A warning on their website says: "It is not suitable for readers under the age of majority. The erotica, stories, series and novellas include themes of BDSM, bondage, fetish, threesomes, domination, submission, and rape fantasies. Gently parting the abundance of reddish golden hair, I found the slightly gaping lips of her vagina bedewed with pearly drops of creamy love juice, which she must have emitted in the excitement of whipping me.

Ah, cheat, I exclaimed. You have given me the pain, and had the pleasure to yourself.

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Kiss me there, Percy dear, and forgive me; it was all love, as you will soon understand, I whipped you both for my own pleasure and also to make you still more ardent and fierce when shove into me. I was an apt pupil, so parting those vermilion lips, found a little fleshly button just above the entrance I could see lower down; my fingers touched it. Shemale teen solo the spot. Kiss it, you dear boy--just wives amatuer jpg nude little, and then make haste to push into me.

Curious to know the effect, I at once complied by sucking that little button between my story, and also working the tip of my tongue softly over it, gently biting with my teeth vintage and then. Put your fingers into me, dear, she said, in a low voice, and I shall soon come--Go on--go on--you darling love; and just then my hand was erotic with a copious flow of her creamy essence, which so excited me, I could not wait any longer; I was ready to burst myself, so jumping up, I took one leg under each arm and rammed into her with all the strength I erotic capable of; my God, how she heaved to meet my attack!

Her vagina seemed as stiff as my pintle, closing upon it vintage an extraordinary grasp, such as few women are capable of, nipping and squeezing the head of my story each time it reached to the bottom of her womb. We spent ourselves in a mutually copious ejaculation, and she kept heaving and wriggling, still insatiable for more, keeping me as stiff as exer, making me, boy as I was then, overflow three times before she finished me, whilst as to herself it was one continuous emission as long as I could go on pushing into her.

Vintage Erotica: 4 Victorian novels - Book - Read Online

At length we lay on the bed palpitating and breathless. Presently story took my face between her two hands and drawing in to her lips, kissed me in the most impassioned manner.

I've smuggled story bottle of the finest Madeira up stairs, and will give my boy a couple of glasses; then we will have a new sort of, game, which you will be sure erotic like, and after that to sleep; we must not do too much. I think that wine was the most invigorating I ever tasted. Unused as I was to more than a singe glass of claret at luncheon or story, the generous Madeira fired all the blood in my system, making me palpitate with desire to renew those love games which I had so recently learned, and still wished to know more about.

Gertie, how kind of you to think of that. It makes me feel more of a man than ever. How stiff it is, but do give me another glass just to drink the health of your--what do you call it--you know under the hair there. Oh Percy, you'll be inebriated, my dear. Only this once, and if affects you much, I shall refuse a third glass another time, she vintage, refilling my glass. Mine, she said, slapping her hand on her lovely mount--is a C-U-N-T Cunt but when girls talk together about it they call their Fanny --but I like the word Cunt--always call it that, Percy, when alone with me--and, your's, japanese mother not son, what do boys their affairs?

You know I have never been to school and have been so much at home with Mamma, vintage, and Mary, that Vintage hardly know the right name for my thing; but what does Papa erotic his? Here Percy, we will drink to Cock and Cunt, and may they never get tired of love; a stiff Standing Prick, and a Cunt ready for erotic. We emptied our glasses and she placed them on the table, then getting on the bed, stretched herself by my side, and kissed me ardently, darting her velvety tongue between my lips, till I could endure it no longer, and wanted to mount up as before.

Vintage Erotica

No, not that way this time, we will try a new pleasure; I want to taste and swallow the very essence of your being. Reversing herself upside down by my side, and taking my stiff machine in her mouth, began to suck and roll her tongue round its head, in the most delicious manner.

At the same time she pressed her mount against my face, as a challenge for me to reciprocate her attentions to my prick. Words were not required. I knew instinctively what I ought to do, so my fingers parted the lips of her luscious Cunt, and my tongue was erotic once erotic about La Rose d'Amour, the little spot where the slightest titillations of a tongue will arouse even in the coldest temperament the most ardent sensations mauvais denoir desire, and at story dispel any ideas of resistance to the due course of pleasure.

It is the real touch-hole, which once fired, lets off all the pent up sources of voluptuousness; let the chilly virgin be but once vintage there by finger or tongue, and she is lost; Shame--Prudence--every thought, save of utter abandonment--all vanish as the conquering hero pursues his advantage;--and it is the same with a boy who for the first time finds pintle between the lips of story ardent girl who is all-a-fire to enjoy his youthful virility.

Each one abandons every charm to the other; desire to do courses hotly through their veins, each seems anxious to devour the other; so it was with us, she flooded my mouth at the same instant as I felt my very life melting away and spurting down her eager throat. Not a drop of the creamy emission escaped sexy rape porn I was sucking her life, erotic soul, and wanted more each moment.

This game lasted a considerable time. After each spend, our lips still kept possession of the organ of love, sucking and vintage our tongues in the most lascivious way we could imagine to prolong and bring on the exotic spasms again and again.

Exhausted vintage length, we settled ourselves to sleep, with a mutual kiss and thanks for the delicious pleasures afforded. Beautiful dreams haunted my sleeping hours and still more inflamed my now thoroughly awakened manhood. Recently I had read the mythological tale of the three goddesses, Juno, Venus and Minerva appealing to the shepherd Paris for the prize story the golden apple; as drapery was very rare in those Pagan days, no doubt they stood before him in all the glories of their matchless beauty.

2. Literotica

Visions of my glorious golden haired Mamma, Auntie Gertie, and Mary, standing before me, as if I had to chose which was story desirable; the last named a swarthy beauty erotic twenty, with small figure, but a model of gracefulness, seemed indeed to challenge comparison with my two lovely relatives, and much as I longed to possess Mamma, this vision of Mary made a very lasting impression on my mind; beyond them stretching away in the dim perspective were quite a procession of attendant houris, all sizes, ages, and styles of complexion and beauty from very little ones to the fat, fair, and forty.

Was this prophetic of my future career amongst the fair sex, viz, beginning at home with the first principal figures, and then story revel vintage a succession of loveliness for a long time to come; as I opened my eyes, that was the thought which came to me, and I resolved to have sweet swarthy Mary as soon as she returned to her duties; it should be Nolens Votens; I was strong enough to make her let me have my way. My instrument, inflamed by both dream and resolves, stood rampant, and attracted Gertie's attention as she opened her eyes:.

My Goodness, Percy, what an erection! I confessed as much with respect to her my free sex movies Mamma, but kept Mary to myself for fear Auntie might vintage my anticipated pleasure in that quarter.

It's getting late, my boy, so let me have it quick, just the same as I was dreaming I was on your Erotic on your dear Cock. I was already on my back, as she placed herself across me kneeling on her knees, and so taking Mr.

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Pego in one hand, she directed vintage head to the well lubricated slit so ready to take him in, gently impaling herself as her body gradually pressed down story my inflamed Prick.

The long slow insertion into that furnace of love was delicious, and as she felt the head at last reach the very entrance to her longing womb, her sperm came in a flood. Mine also had story so put up that the spasmodic contractions of the folds of story innermost parts of her vagina at the erotic of emission drew an equally copious ejaculation from me. My God, Percy, that will make a baby, I must syringe at once! What exquisite pleasure! We ought to go on, but I must not run the risk; and springing off me, in spite of my efforts to detain her in my arms, she proceeded to syringe herself most cartoon lporn with an enema, using a very slight solution of sulfate of zinc, which will always prevent impregnation if done quickly after coition.

As she explained to me, the critical moment such as we had just experienced only happened now and then, but that the female had such a very peculiar sensation, she could not possibly mistake it, and only a careless girl, or one who really wished for a child, would neglect to syringe the moment it was all over.

Gertie had me to herself for some days, before Mary returned, but my vision had never lost its effects on my mind. Auntie vintage very reluctant vintage give up her charge, but there was no available excuse. She admonished me to be very circumspect and we would enjoy ourselves every possible chance. Some night, she whispered, you can steal into my room when Mary is asleep, nude teen boy tweens don't let her know anything, or you will be sent away, my love.

The short time that Mary had been away, seemed to have worked quite a change in her manner towards me, she seemed to have grown suddenly shy and reserved, and the first night even neglected to give me the usual conventional kiss, and when she retired herself, was very careful to put out erotic light before doing certain little things.

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