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Have fun! Changelog 0. Last edited by MaxCarna on Thu May 16, pm, edited 1 time in total. Looking forward to see where the story takes us.


Ran into a few issues before I've gotten around to actual playing. The px download link points to version 0. Started up the game and the images were walkthrough. I eventually discovered that the game tries to be "smart. That may work great if one downloads both sets of pics although why I'd want to waste squidbillies mating call downloading every image twice I'm not sure.

Most times the smaller images are good enough in games and especially with a game I've never tried, I grab the smallest download I can to try it. I would suggest having dinner code check to see if both image sets exist and if not unforgettable use the one that does exist.

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As it is now I had to figure out the problem myself meaning I had to dive into the code which plenty of players will not do and then scale my window down small enough unforgettable that it switched to using the second set. Image aspect ratio and scaling Once I figured out that I needed to make my window small to see any images I then found that the image had a very skewed aspect.

I had to play around with my window size to eventually make the images look okay. I can appreciate the idea of wanting to make an image fill the space available, but, at least for my walkthrough tastes, I'd prefer image aspect to be maintained.

In this way Jim will have no concern for the young woman's well-being, leading to harsher actions and unpleasant outcomes, for Jim of course. Have fun! dinner

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This is the first version into the "mean" path. This version bring an anal scene with the yellow bikini blonde that can end up on fire! Jun 13, B10 Active Member. Jun 25, SGrimmer said:. Ah, F95zone members. I hope you're ready for an unforgettable luncheon! Hi folks. New version available v0. Reactions: MelkaihainhqUncleVT and 1 other person. Aug 7, 1, 1, UncleVT Here Moderator.

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Jul 2, 8, 42, Added v0. Thanks MaxCarna.

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