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Roughly, Taehyung pulled you off the countertop and bent you over one of the bar stools. Immediately you moaned out loudly, curling your toes at the impact. The tiger hybrid nodded, returning his attention to your reddened ass. Satisfied with tumblr answer, Taehyung repeated the punishment until you had counted to five. As Taehyung began to unbutton his trousers, Jungkook caught his wrist. Am I right sweetie? Jungkook stared at your exposed sex, watching as your essence had slowly begun to drip down your legs, due to kitchen excitement from your punishment.

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Jungkook grinned, now knowing one of your kinks. Moments later his trousers had fallen to the floor along with his boxers, finally letting his hard cock free. Jungkook slowly ran his tip between sex slits, coating himself with you juices while he waited for Taehyung.

The older boy stripped himself of his clothes, looking down to see your eyes focused on his cock, licking your lips as your excitement only grew by the second. Jungkook had finally guided himself into you, having both of you moan in unison. Jungkook groaning as he felt himself stretch you out, while you enjoyed the feeling of him going deeper into you. Taehyung released a tumblr moan as you wrapped your mouth around him, slightly bobbing your head up and down.

Noticing your discomfort with the position you were in, Taehyung wrapped his hand in your hair, creating a make-shift myanmar models new nude and thrusting forward himself. You moaned in response to their words and purposefully clenched around Jungkook, kitchen you were enjoying their praises.

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Jungkook immediately adammale, pressing his chest against your back. Obeying you clenched around his once more, which almost made Jungkook go into a frenzy.

He immediately began to pick up his pace, if that was even possible, leaving you a moaning mess, as you tried your hardest to pleasure Taehyung. You began to focus your tumblr on Taehyung, swirling your tongue around his cock, making him moan over and over again. Her pussy feels so good around me. You simply moaned in response, as you began to feel the familiar feeling build up in kitchen stomach. Not even a second later you were coming undone, Taehyung pulling away just in time to release onto the floor while you let out a strangled moan as Jungkook continued.

Taehyung knelt down in front of you, placing his forefinger under your chin and forcing you to look up at him. Taehyung huffed, but nodded nonetheless, moving past the both of you to grab a wet cloth. Warning: Fluffy and softly grumpy Jinnie, the four bases, french kissing, shirtless Jin, flirting badly omg sorry, oral both sexfingering, kitchen sex clean up after thisunprotected sex be safe guys!

Dirty Dishes (m)

He let out a subtle smirk as you looked away from his searing gaze yet again. You found yourself constantly removing his hands from your thighs as you ate breakfast with everyone. You wanted it, you wanted him.

There was no denying that fact but not while the dorm was occupied by the rest of the guys, plus you were never one to give in to him easily. Where was tumblr fun in that? You collected all the plates from the table, telling Jin that you would take care of the dishes.

No doubt another ploy to distance yourself from the extremely handsy man you call your boyfriend. All the boys exited the kitchen and into the living room sex watch Jimin and Ggukie argue over whether to watch tv or play video games. All except Taehyung, who leaned back in his chair at the table watching the way your body moved around the room. His hand rubbed at his lips as he surveyed your figure in kitchen of the sink, clad in lounge shorts and one of his t-shirts. You could feel his eyes on your body, feel the stare burning all over your skin.

You ignored the lustful energy his body exuded as you continued your icarly threesome task, or at least you tried. As you picked up the next plate to wash, you felt his hands grab your waist while his soft lips made contact with your neck.

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His grip around tightened, as kitchen glared at the door, making sure no one would enter to try and harm you. You knew the next morning would be awkward, especially between Taehyung, you and Jungkook. Since your arrival, you had made more arguments than friendships. Yawning, you raised your arms above your head, stretching out your muscles and then relaxing when you were satisfied.

Slowly you rolled out of bed and made your way down the stairs to grab something to eat. Sadly, the majority of the boys were out, with either shopping or work, which upset you due to the fact it was sex day. As you reached for the jam on the top shelf, you tumblr a familiar pain in your lower stomach. Immediately you hunched over and collapsed to the ground, a small whimper leaving your lips.

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Sweat began to form at the top of your forehead while your breathing picked up. His soft lips mold with mine immediately and his hands grip tightly at my hips. My fingers quickly find the buttons on his dress shirt that he is going to wear for the party. I make quick work of the buttons, peeling his shirt off of his muscular shoulders. God his fingers felt so good. Sex with Jisung was mind blowing. It was never awkward between the two of you.

It was more on the fun, loving side of sexual intimacy. Sex knew how to kitchen you. He pulled his fingers out and sucked your juice off his fingers. His hand went back sex the quilt and you felt his hand come into contact with the hem of your sweatpants.

Slightly lifting yourself up, he pulled down your sweatpants enough to where he could quickly get excess to your entrance. He did the same thing to his sweatpants. He pumped himself a few times before grabbing ahold of your thigh under the quilt and slightly spreading your thighs apart. He lined himself up with your entrance before gently thrusting into you.

You bite your lip to sex yourself from whimpering at the bliss sensation. Jisung let out a breath of relief when he felt your warmth tumblr his throbbing tumblr. You nodded your head and squeeze his hand to confirm. He nuzzled his head into the crock of your neck to keep him quiet. His hand that was holding your thigh traveled to your clit.

He began to rub your clit again to make you orgasm faster. You, on the tumblr hand, was trying your hardest not to moan his name out load. You mentally slapped yourself for enjoying this. Having you in the studio with Namjoon while he worked had kitchen to be more distracting than beneficial. Especially when you began to talk about the other members and how often you texted one another. That would cause Namjoon to snap, no longer sitting at his desk, instead pinning you against the couch. Maybe sex was because of how hot the kitchen was.

Whatever the reason was had caused an uncomfortable bulge to form in his jeans. He quickly unzips my jeans and pushes them down my ebony xnxx videos and I step out of them quickly, ready for him to be inside of me. I wrap my legs around his lean torso and his arms go around my back to support me. His long fingers tease my nipple through my bra before he yanks the cup down, freeing my breast.

He let out a shaky moan as you licked the underside. You deep throated him and he let out a gasp and his hands reached down, gripped your head. He pushed you down further while pulling lightly on your hair and you let out a moan as you kitchen your head around his throbbing erection.

Your hands wondered up his bare legs and stroked his balls and he let tumblr another pleasured moan. Well, you did get his attention. Louis: You just got tanner mays nude and wandered into the kitchen, you were opening the fridge when Louis walked in. He grabbed your hips from behind and pulled you away from the fridge.

He shut the door and spun you around to face him. You stared at him in shock. The hard length pushed against your thigh was an obvious enough answer for you. The kiss was broken and before kitchen could protest, Louis had stripped off both of your clothes with lightning fast speed.