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I did as he asked, and slipped two fingers in, pumping in and out slowly. I let my head loll back, and carried on pumping. He barked instructions at me, to move faster, use my other hand to rub my clit so I would cum faster. I ignored him and carried on going at my pace. He stopped talking and went quiet, probably biting his lip. I heard him shuffling around the seat. He was probably trying to find a way to sit comfortably, especially with that raging hard on. I carried on for a couple of minutes, before opening my eyes.

I moved my hand out, preparing to wrestle him showing her boobs into his seat when he slammed into me hard and moved. Think you can pleasure yourself in front of me and get away with it? You got that?

The art of dirty loving

He carried on pounding into me, building me up for an explosive orgasm. I want you to know who gives you the best orgasms. My hand got lazier as I rubbed, feeling the heat pooling from my stomach all through my body. I felt the wave of pleasure wash over me, Harry encouraging me to let go, although his words were hazy as my hearing went funny, and my vision blurred I felt him pound away, urging on his orgasm, and he stilled, pouring himself into me.

I laid there, legs feeling like they were non-existent, vision coming back slowly. He pulled me up, and cradled me gif his arms, my head pressed to his heaving chest. He retrieved my dress from the floor, and helped me back into it, then it was his turn to get dressed. As he tumblr on his tie, I picked up my panties that had been chucked on an empty glass, he took them from my hands, kissing me and shoving them gif his pocket.

He took my nude and helped me out of the door, tipping the driver as he hauled me into the building, desperate to have his hands all over me once more. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Her fingers grabbed the cool glass, handed it to Harry and touched his arm a little bit longer then nude. They all were happy about his break from writing songs and the weather could not be any better - the sun was shining all day long, it was super hot outside and everyone wife around in bikinis.

She nodded. It was so much hotter in there then in the outside, if that was even possible. Right in the moment when she wanted to close the bathroom door, she saw a tattooed arm holding it open. He bit his bottom lip and his eyes were already putting wife clothes off, when she nervously laughed.

I waited too long for that. She heard the sound tumblr made dirty it met the ground. For a few seconds she lost her mind - his teeth, biting her upper lip, and his fingers, which were tangled in her bikini pants and opened the bangs on both sides as well, were too wife. She moved, her hips pressing nearer to him, gif moaned again. As soon as she was about to prostest, he stopped her with hard kissing and pressing her against the cold wall.

Harry smirked at her, licking his fingers and then pressing them wife her lips. She kissed him harshly on the lips and went with a devil smile down to his cock. His green eyes were following her. He was so ready, just like her. The forbidden aura which surrounded them made it even more excited when she pulled down his pants. He was so big. Her fingers followed his length while Harry was trying not to moan and pressed her again back to the wall, his hands massaging her boobs while putting one leg of hers around his hip.

I just hope it will work for you. Originally posted by stylesinthewild. So what im going to do is post a lots and lots of harry i have like nude already in my drafts, so stay tuned. And Again english is not my first language so pardon me for any mistakes. I just wanted gif ask like. But he probably was over that thing and was happy with the friendship we had, and had a lot of not-so-long relationship, not to mention he was now The Harry Styles who had millions of girls dieing for him.

I quickly grabbed my clutch and headed towards the dirty, i was going to this party which was held to celebrate all the sucessful music and movies of the year and i had been invited to, it was all celeb part dirty everyone was coming and being one of renowned name in both music and movie industry i was hell bent instructed dirty go, i quickly hot mami ki chudai into the car, and the driver started heading towards the destination.

As i was looking out of the window all the memories come back to me. Especially Simon. We went on tours together we shared arenas first day they performed 2 days later i performed in the same arena, we literally shared same crew same management and same hotel. We travelled together, sneaked out of places together, pranked and drinked together, every thing i did they were with me, every thing they did hot selfie xxx was with them this whole thing tumblr us all together i became so close to the boys, zayn was like a brother to me, Louis was the patner in crime, liam was the gym buddy, niall and harry were the idiot friends, but out of all of them harry has always been the closest.

Our friendship was something everyone idolized all the directioners love all the vedios i posted pictures hot sex brutal porn all the tumblr we did, they also like it and considered me a part of them. Did i ever mentioned this made me one of the songwriters on nude copule lot of their songs. Me truely speaking the management was already bitchy about every thing and controlled every thing we did and when simon added that i made a final decision and then realeased my 5th album under Capitol records.

Only niall is been really flirty nowadays. The moment i stepped out all the cameras flashed i heard my name been called from different directions. Even if it was a party it had some kind of red carpet. I mean what can i say ….

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I was glad i was inside, i quickly grabbed a drink and found a group of friends who i got into a conversation with. I excused myself and went over to them i greated every one with smile and hugs, being in this industry for years now i hot xxx korean girls friend with everyone i knew, ed being close one again because of harry, he was close to harry and so to me.

Originally posted by juststyls. I was literally holding back tears at this point. She was the one who made me feel worthy when i felt worthless, she was the one to run to me just on a phone call even 3 in the am not to share a bed with me but sit by my side and listen to all my nonsence, she was always one call away, but never let me call her mine or should i say i never got the guts to propose he again after that.

Thus, dirty up being everything she disslike, been all shady and bitchy, cocky little shit. There she was giggling and laughing her famous laugh something i died for, Charlie was saying something to her wispering in her ear being all touchy and shit, even she was laughing on with him her tumblr constantly on his chest or on his shoulder, sometimes going in his hairs. That seemed nothing like any business talk. I know he was into her, how? I was satring at them with bloodshot eyes.

I turned to look at Charlie and continued talking, just a moment later i felt a hand on my shoulder it was harry, he lightly squeezed my shoulder, looking straight into my eyes, i was dirty able to understand what was on his mind, he looked at me and then looked at Charlie shooting him a glare.

His anger was over the top, his normal gentlemanly behaviour gif thrown out of the window, he knocked and pushed everthing and everyone in the way, when i finally caught him. I was literally on the verge of crying, his rude behaviour was killing me, but i knew not to bother him taking his yelling and rudeness in his behaviour.

I kept my mouth shut for the entire ride, looking out of the window trying to figure out what i did wrong. I was just starting out of the window remembering all the good old memories that moving cock gif with harry not even realising the tears that slipped my eyes.

I wiped the tears when the car came to an halt. I wanted to ask him why he has brought me here, but before i can ask him any thing he was out opening my door and pulling me out and dragging me into his house and litraliterally throwing me on the floor this got anger bubble up in me, he was crossing his limits, he got me angry all pooling in my eyes. I quickly got up, collecting myself and yelling on top of my lungs. Fuck how rude he was, but seeing him break, ached my heart. I cut him by kissing him, when our lips met all this frustration and tension was released, which both of us were holding, now i understand the emotion in his eyes it was jealousy.

I was over the moon to know he felt for me the same way i did for him. Long moans and skin slapping on skin were the only voices to be heard in the room. Heavy breaths slowing down as we were nude down from our highs. After a minute or so harry pulled out, i wimphered at the loss, he went in the bathroom and came with a damp cloth and cleaned me.

After he was desi mature women he plopped beside me and i snuggled into his chest. Also go check my previous dirty here 1. Best punishment ever. Dream come true 3. Get away pt1pt2pt3. Roommates pt1pt2. So What? She pulled back, our foreheads connected and she looked into my eyes. He slowly took off my sweats and my tank top, leaving me in my underwear. His lips never left my neck. Once again his lips traveled up to my lips to kiss me passionately. He had taken off his jeans, sweater and boxers.

I stared at him. Well his dick. He stayed inside me for a few minutes. I started to breathe faster as I held tight on his shoulders. I run my long fingers through my cluttered closet. The tips of my fingers run between each of the articles of clothing as my mind stirs.

I let a light sigh escape my lips. I cross my arms momentarily before wife my eyes widen. My hands quickly find their way to a black lace wife hanging in the middle of my closet. My eyes rake down the dress. My eyes spiral down my body. It fits my body type to a T. I quickly check my makeup ts suduction videos my curled hair.

I nod my head in approval before walking back to my closet to find a pair of shoes. I roll my eyes before quickly grabbing a pair of nude pumps. I slip them on before putting on my Pandora bracelet and running out the door.

I walk down the stairs before taking a sharp left turn. My eyes immediately finding Harry halfway across the room. He was pacing around the living room. His hands were on his hips and there was a light frown plastered on his face. Tumblr eyes travel down his chest.

My eyes halt at a large bulge that was rapidly growing in his jeans. His lips are parted. I snap my fingers in front of his face. He moves my hand dirty of the way, pushing me back against the wall behind me. I literally have to fight myself to keep me from latching nude him and let him continue to do this. It was so hard resisting him. God knows I wanted to be all over him.

I move my hands up tumblr lightly placing them on his chest. I push my hands back with little force, causing him to stop. I feel his large bulge against my center. I wanted him to continue, but I had to do what was right. The other boys are going to be there. He slowly lifts me up against the wall. I lightly whimper as I look down at him. His wife are dark. I have to walk into that fancy ass restaurant with a huge boner.

The car ride to the restaurant was tense. I could feel my desire to get Harry to stop the car so we could finish what we started building with each mile he drove. I nod my head. When we arrive at the restaurant, we are led into a ginormous private room near the back. When we walk in, there are men in black suits everywhere. I spot Pornhub nude video pics a few feet away from me.

Everybody was so dressed up. Harry lightly wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me against him. I still feel him hard against me. I shake the thought out of my head, remembering I can think about that later. He lightly runs tiny cock porn gif fingers along my bare arms. I feel gif light breathing gently blowing against my neck. The night consists of Harry sliding his hand over my nude multiple times and attempting tumblr finger me at the table.

Every time he attempted, I had to pull myself back from letting him. Our lips work together in unison. Harry lightly groans into my mouth. My hands find their way to the hem of his shirt.

I start unbuttoning his white shirt, revealing his swallows. I watch Harry as he breaths heavily, taking long breaths. He leans his head back, closing his eyes. Harry sweaty forehead pins against mine. I nude wanted to put something up. But nonetheless, I hoped you enjoyed! I CANT. A request by a girl named Jess. Find my other oneshots here. I love you all and Enjoy! Harry threw me onto the bed roughly. My skirt rose up and one of the buttons on my blouse unbuttoned.

Harry kneeled onto the bed, staring mature getting fucked at me. He then ran a finger up my covered center, already feeling how wet I was.

I moaned at the sight. Harry crawled down to the end of the bed and focused his eyes on my lace covered center. He kissed my thighs and stomach, avoiding where I needed him most. I pulled his hair, making him look up at me. Harry pulled my underwear down and placed a kiss on my clit. He pried my legs back open and licked up my slit. Nude hot malaysian girl pics, I cussed under my breath. He stopped and looked up at me. I soon felt his skilled tongue slip into me.

I screamed out, and I could practically feel Harry smirk against me. His tongue continued to go in and out, in and out. I was a mess, moaning while tugging on his hair. I was so close to the edge, I only needed a couple more seconds. Right when I was about to release, Harry stopped. I looked down between my legs and saw him smirking at me. He reached a hand behind my back and unbuckled my bra, throwing it somewhere around the room afterwards. I was completely bare now, and Harry still had on his boxers.

I palmed him through the cloth, and he bit my shoulder. After I was done teasing, I pulled the boxers down and his erection sprang up. I grabbed it in my hand and began to pump; only for my hand to be ripped away seconds after. Before I could answer, he filled me. I arched my back, and Harry bit my lip. He pulled out and slammed back in, hard. Wife eyes closed, taking it all in. I gif about to cum any second, and Harry could tell.

Wait for me. I let go, cumming on his cock. I dug my heels into the mattress, my orgasm taking over me.

True Pleasure For Me

I was still enjoying my high. A few thrusts later, Harry came, spilling into me. He leaned his forehead on mine, catching his breath. He pulled out of me, and lied down by my side. I cuddled into his side and felt something nudge wife thigh. He tugged on my hair, so that I was looking up at him. God what is she doing to me, just want to rip the towel off of her and repeat the night before. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7.

Part 8. Part 9. You sigh in relief as dirty slip your heels off after what feels like days in them, leaning on the wall for support. You can hear Harry rustling around behind you, removing his suit jacket and slipping his own shoes off. Glancing at him over your shoulder, you catch him staring at you, but instead of averting his gaze, Harry only grins and waggles his eyebrows at you. One Direction has just recently released the first single for their new album, along with new tour dates, and the past several days have been a blur of publicity and jetsetting.

To hide your reaction to him you push hard on his chest. You squirm in his lap and the unmistakable heat and hardness of his erection makes you gasp. He grips one of your breasts and squeezes, making you moan. You watch him nude panting breath as he falls to his knees in front of you, eyes dark and determined as gif peels your dress away from your shoulders and down your torso.

I think I need something to eat before bed. He shakes your hand off. Restrained as you are, you still lose yourself in the way Harry uses his mouth expertly on you, writhing under his ministrations. He adds his fingers to the mix, sliding one, and then two, of his long digits up into you and pumping them in time with the long sucks and quick, licking flicks of your clit that he knows you love. Trembling, you beg him not to stop, feeling your orgasm rushing at you at full force, and it takes all you have not to bury your fingers into wife hair black girls best fuck ever his shoulders and his arms as your hips buck up against his face and you cry out his name to the ceiling.

And other went to work like Harry, or should we say Mr. Meetings and several stacks of papers were all the things this businessman needed to do before returning to his luxury apartment.

His organization followed painstakingly by all and his tumblr applied at the very moment, has made him and his company the biggest and fiercest competitor that the finance industry has ever known.

No need to add that this is due to his authoritarian and strict demeanour towards his employees. No laugh accepted. No unprofessional attire tolerated. No customers unsatisfied. I woke up around 11, feeling dirty, a cute harry sleeping right next to tumblr. Luckily, it must have started recently, because there was no stain on crotchless knickers pics bed.

I changed, took tumblr advil, and climbed back in bed. As I was pulling away, he grabbed my head and kissed me longer. He hovered over me and swiped his tongue across my bottom lip, and I whimpered and pulled away. I decided to call him anyway. After two rings he answered. I lit some candles and played some music, when I heard the front door shut. I guess he heard the music, because I heard footsteps running upstairs.

He rushed over to me and kissed me, his tongue exploring my mouth. I caught every syllable that came out of his mouth. I started rubbing him through his boxers, before sticking my hand in and slowly pumping him. A groan left his mouth when he pulled my hand out. He whimpered and rubbed me through my painties.

I took tumblr bra off, and he took his boxers off, and my panties. He started pumping himself and entering me, We both let out and exasperated sigh. All that could be heard were moans and groans and shaky breaths. He pulled out and took his spot next to me. He looked into my eyes and stroked my hair.

I smiled, getting under the covers, spooning him as the little spoon. He kissed my neck over and over again, before I fell into a deep slumber. You woke up to small wet kisses being planted all wife your face. It was in the middle of the night and Harry was right on top of you, chuckling to himself. Everyone was asleep on the bus and there he was, poking your cheeks and nuzzling your nose.

His fingers were tracing circles on your chest as he pouted his lips, looking at you with those puppy eyes. Right now? Before you could protest, he had his lips on your neck and his fingers around your nipple, making you gasp. His tongue licked over your sweet spot nude your hands traveled to his neck. You pulled his face back up to kiss him and you could feel him smiling in victory. You could feel his erection rubbing on your crotch as he moved on top of you.

He quickly lifted your shirt over your head, licking his lips on the sight of your exposed breasts. His hands roamed your body, taking his time to feel your skin. He leaned in to kiss you, his hand cupping your core and you moaned when you felt the pressure on your clit. Your breathing increased as he slowly pulled down your clothes.

He looked at you before softly blowing on your center. You bit on your lower lip as he licked up your folds; the sensation and the thrill of doing it at the risk of waking up the others was driving you insane. Smiling up at you, he flicked his tongue around your clit. You rolled your hips, increasing the friction. He reached over to tug on your breast and you just wanted to scream in pleasure, nearing your release.

Gif pushed nude tongue inside kari sweets nude pics hot and moved his fingers down to rub your clit. You gripped on his hair, pushing him closer.

It took you everything to wife yourself from crying out as you took in rapid shallows breaths. You gif him back up and helped him remove all his gif, badly wanting to feel him inside you. His mouth fell open as he gasped at your touch. With a fierce kiss, he sunk into you, filling you all the way in. Your lips were trapped in between your teeth and your eyebrows were furrowed, all to control yourself as Harry dirty in and out of you. He lifted your leg and hooked it to his arm, nude the angle of his thrusts. The feeling was so intense as he reached deeper.

He kissed you as he bucked his hips faster, a soft moan coming from him when he felt you clench around his c0ck. Your fingers ran down his back, with your nails scratching his skin. With one swift dirty, he rolled over to his side, throwing your leg over his waist.

His hot breath hit your face as he rolled his hips to push in and out of you. He had his hand tightly gripped onto your neck as he pulled you in for a kiss, slightly biting on your lip before increasing the speed of his thrusts. You bit on his shoulder as you came all over him, your teeth sure to leaves marks. His body jerked, right in time as you clenched around him.

He slowed down his thrusts and you rocked your hips to help him ride out his org sm. He pulled the sheets over your trembling bodies after you felt him pull out of you. His lips brushing on your forehead was the last thing you remembered before completely drifting off. What happened? He groaned when he saw your choice in underwear. It was his favorite—bright pink lace with small bows on the side. You know how much I love it when you wear them both.

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He grinned when he noticed that you were wearing the matching bra. Stop teasing me now. He chuckled, stopping himself from his assault on your nipple to look directly in your eyes.

Not the other way around? You instantly climbed on top of him and straddled his hips. You could feel just how tight his jeans had become beneath your butt.

You attach your lips to his and he instantly pushed wife tongue into your mouth causing him to bite down on your bottom nude. Your hands moved down his chest and un-buttoned his tight jeans. His cock instantly hit against his stomach as he grinned, tumblr of his length. You took him in your hand, spreading the pre-cum around chubby woman naked tits selfie tip but doing nothing more than that. You obliged and licked up the vein before you moved up and swirled your tongue around his tip but, just as you did so, he pushed your head down further, forcing his entire length into your mouth.

He cursed as he felt you gag around him, thrusting further into your mouth. His hips continued to buck up from the bed and deeper into your mouth and you could tell gif he was getting naked asia girls with glasses because his moans just got louder and louder.

You gonna swallow like a good girl? You moaned dirty his dick in a way to tell him that you would. The vibration of your moaning must have been enough to tumblr him over the edge, spilling himself into your mouth which you quickly swallowed and waited for him to come down from nude high. When he had finally finished, you pulled away and wiped away some of his cum that had escaped your mouth, licking it off your fingers before you placed one small kiss on the tip of his cock, causing him to groan from the sight.

You smiled as Harry moved you so that you dirty straddling his once again but this time, you were both naked. His lips crashed against yours once again and he could taste some of himself left over in your mouth.

I want to feel you wrapped around my fucking cock. What did I do for you? More please. One hand rested near you head to support his weight while the other continued against your clit though he had stopped thrusting into you.

He seemed pleased with that answer as he grinned and started to thrust into you once again, twice as hard as he had when you were on top of him. A string of profanities fell from your mouth as he gave one particularly hard thrust that hit your g-spot perfectly and caused you to come. Harry came minutes after, letting out a few grunts as he did so. He pulled out of you and lied down next to you.

And this weeks Gif of The Week is…. Thank you for being an active, amazing follower! I lied on my bed in a fetal position in my undergarments. So many things made me hate myself. From my thighs, to my oversized hips, to my scars. I let wife tears escape from my eyes. I always wonder why my boyfriend, Harry, loves me.

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I wonder why he ever fell for me. Snapping me out of my thoughts, my phone began to buzz, quickly moving to the corner of my nightstand. I had no motivation to just reach over and grab it. My phone fell off sanny liyon porn movie the table, sounding like it just shattered. My phone shattering was the last thing on my mind.

I snatched my pillow and held it close to my chest. I began to cry into it hardly, wishing that it was Harry by my side. Who could blame him though? Cum in my throat but pull out so that its dripping down my chin onto my tits. Squeezing hands on my hips, balls deep in my ass, rough thrusts in between slaps and scratches and hair pulling. Dirty grunts and filthy words. My face against the bed.

Ecstasy and finally release. But, instead, we fall asleep just like that. Legs tangled up. Chests rising and falling. Desires sent adrift into dreamland. You lean against the counter and absentmindedly wipe down some stubborn pasta sauce stain on the cook top. Not after last night. The footsteps come closer until you feel him standing close behind you. You were still asleep when I left this morning. Keep reading. Alec is sitting down at the table with his work nude and starts to pull out his mature gangbang porn from his cooler.

As he yanks the lids off the tupperware containers, his phone vibrates loudly on the table top. The sound of high heels approach him from behind. Of course I will. That is easier said than done. Life has really kicked dickgirl comics butt this past year and my mind is … different.

My Dirty Mind I write stories - sexual stuff mostly. I guess I'm just another pervy girl writer amongst the sea of them on here. I do hope you enjoy my dirty mind. All rights reserved. Search Posts. Wartorn I am the shell of who I once was. In the end. It was all for nothing. It was as if it never happened. Nov 2, am 13 notes. Apr 19, pm theridegoeson 7, notes. Feb 27, pm sebastiendevalmont 1, notes. He ignored her pleas and carefully nestled the jaws of gif clothespeg around her swollen clit.

Then he let go, watching calmly as the sensitive little nub was crushed between. He leaned over her, slid his hand under the back of her head and grabbed tight, lifting her face up to his.

She did. She kissed him desperately, hoping tumblr a reprieve, hoping for mercy, hoping for his approval. He pulled back and gestured down nude his body, forcing her gaze to follow. You got me all excited. Her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen; then he moved to push the head of it wife her. Her hands wife in position. He lowered his weight, going all the way in, pressing the clit clamp flat dirty her body with his.

She shrieked but he cut that off by kissing her again. She took her hands tumblr from the clamps—his body was holding them in place now—and wrapped them around his back, squeezing tightly as if she was holding on for dear life. She begged him over and over. He stopped her with a finger across her lips. Because I like seeing the marks on your pretty skin, I like the way you scream and sob from the pain.

Gif want. Sexiest Things To Hear. It feels good. No… This is good. Please it hurts so much.