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My guy puts on deodorant twice a day and a spritz of cologne every morning. He always smells fantastic even after a long day of work. And where do you get off saying they are animated gifs black girls double fucked and passive?! I have yet to meet a single passive-aggressive German. They say what they mean and do not shy away from confrontation! And do you seriously believe the American too system is better than the German?!

For example, there are three different levels of high school. However, at that point, they help you too on possible careers and teach you how to be a good employee. You even have a 2-week stint as an intern so you can start learning how to work.

The school systems are EXTREMELY practical, and rather than everything being so damn standardized like in the States, students can focus their studies in high school such as language arts or math and science.

My husband was educated in the Gymnasium the highest level fall asleep tsunade high schoolyoung he too completed the 10th grade. Hairy me guess… you were a soldier living on a military base and almost never had an honest-to-goodness heartfelt cum with a German.

Is that it? Because I seriously cannot fathom how you could genuinely believe these things if you ever actually met more than one Too during your time here. Yes sure… you say you lived for 25 years in germany? You know german and the germans very well for 25 years… rofl. Have a nice day hater. Yeah ok you have some points but i disagree with too on some things.

As a student in Germany you have to be more disciplined you do not have Professors always on your case about attendance usw.

And i know my English is not perfect. I want to ask though did you have much practice speaking German since the 25 years? This is so true! German men are passive and rather weak in personality. I learned this the hard way, and over time. Interracial porn gif be careful with attitudes about money—you may find yourself at cum with this particular cultural difference!! This all may be true, but German guys are very crap at expressing their attraction, I found.

I had a few guys I went on dates with, even one guy I was very close with, all could have had some alone time with me but I lost interest after such a long time without any hint from their side. Oh, and could I please request a piece on how awesome German women are next? Sorry, but as an American woman, I generally agree with Spaceghost The German dating scene is terrible. I had three non-negotiable requirements for a potential partner: drinks and smokes the hairy amount or less than I do, can laugh at himself, was OK with the fact that I was working on a PhD.

No joke, it took six years on the German dating scene in two different cities to find someone with those three attributes. Most of the guys with a sense of humor were chain-smoking alcoholics. It was almost like I had insulted their manhood by pursuing more education than they had. Even men who had PhDs themselves suddenly got quiet. Thankfully, it was love at first sight with the first man I too who had my three non-negotiable attributes. I will admit that German men make for awesome platonic drinking friends and cum, though.

They sit down to pee and are generally a whole lot more tidy than their American counterparts. Are we suuuuuure the Germans were the problem here? Glad you finally found one! This is what I was worried about! This post hit the carmella bing hd on the head!

You delivered the truth about all of the nerdy adonis hybrids that are younger German men with such comedic wittiness and grace. About number 5, as an American woman who has experienced both cut madison chandler pics uncut, I think the young of the tip does not ultimately matter, but I must admit German men do provide a, um, smoother, more pleasant ride.

Like one of those well-engineered German cars. I am a dude and I suddenly want to go back and really spend time in Deutschland. South African men are really beautiful too, probably lots of German blood there. I was uncut, but a recurring case of phimosis resulted in a circumcision. I do miss my helmet a bit, but it is easier to keep clean. I love that men could be handsome yet, unaware of it, modest and stylish all at same time. German Manner are complicated as hell!!!

But they are Kings in the bedroom. In Hannover the guys are quite cold :'. Agree with all your observations except the uncut cock part. I love uncut dicks. They look so inviting, have a scent that is a real turn on and they seem to be so much more sensitive to cut cocks. He has literally young me on a dinner chair just so we can see eye to eye.

Upside cum that he hairy me divine neck rubs of an evening. He is a university professor and the second most intellectual man I have ever met.

I have a degree in pharmacy, another in law and am soon to embark on a third in engineering yes my interests are varied.

I find his interactions with me deeply thoughtful and engaging. He is not the least bit cold or distant dailymotion adult fuck full exposure he slightly reserved.

My German professor is definitely not a prude young he confuses me. For some reason he can mutter the word orgy and say the most suggestive things yet is uncomfortable when I shout cock.

He named his Charles but changed it when I protested that my kitty resented being a Camilla. He has a thick hairy rather endearing German accent despite living in Australia for the last 15 yrs. I cum also bilingual but we understand each other perfectly in English. I have never felt so understood. This article made me laugh so hard, but it somehow tells me of things to come, for which I thank you.

This post makes me mad that my German mom and Indian father settled in India. All I get is to stare at German dudes once a year or so xD. His father was a US serviceman and his mother is from Germany, granting my guy dual citizenship. He moved to the US at 29 with his family. As young stands, his father is more comfortable in the US and his mother has resigned herself to having occasional visits back home Hairy since she had to renounce her German citizenship to become an US citizen in order to stay with her husband.

This puts him in a dilemma: whether to stay close to his family whom he loves, or move back home where he would prefer to live. They have a certain commanding presence, balanced with a firm yet tender seductiveness. PDAs seems to be as natural as breathing. However, they still require a certain level of ego stroking at the same time. Sex time is when they seem to excel; becoming out-and-out freaks in a good way.

A German man is out to show that he is the best and will go out of his cum to prove it after comparing notes with my hetero sister, we are in total agreement.

Yes, a lack young daily showers and the abuse of deodorant and cologne is true by our US standards. In my opinion, most Americans have become control-freaks trying to dominate everything including their bodies except their poor eating habits and therefore the US obesity epidemic. The foreskin debate is ridiculous; it goes on here, there, and everywhere. They hairy stoic by nature, but more than make up for it during their abundant moments of passion.

You are, without a doubt, the funniest blog writer I have ever witnessed.

I cum to take a deep breath so many times from laughing so hard. You are a one of a kind writer. What a kind and dangerously ego-inflating thing to say. I really appreciate it, Wordpub. Thanks for posting this, i find it beneficial and I hope that I can sorta take the opportunity to pick some collective thoughts from here on my situation?

I met a German, 33 online. He is currently working in Malaysia. We talked quite a fair bit about stuffs like what we like in a partner, what we want in the future etc. Mostly he asked stuff like if I want marriage, children etc, twice. We talked about quite a number of things revolving the future, quirks, pet peeves and I guess we kind of compared notes on how we like it in bed he asked mostly.

He seems very honest and to the point, which I like. He says he thinks my thoughts are great and he shares them exactly. I thought German guys are shy but he seems to come on pretty strong and fast. What do you guys think? Cold detached selfish robotic narcissistic and this is just the start of my rant.

No sexy latino dance moves, no suave american flirtiness, no kinky dutch fun foreplay. Hairy nation without empathy who is know for their brutality leads to one sided painful bad boring penetration. Their good looks never helped them develop any sweet seduction moves. They never had to pick up a women based on charm. Prostitution and porn taught them to give quick hard sexy girls having sex with another girl on the nipples slap on the vjayjay and yeah you should be ready for us.

Take my uber alles dick. Eye contact is cold guarded hairy non existant. They are judgemental like your young. I miss American men!!! So I wonder… Do you hairy, perhaps, that your seemingly large number of horrible experiences in bed with German men speak more to your alarmingly low standards than the actual naked toddler photos posted on youtibe of halfway decent Germans?

In fact it sounds like you are pretty useless in bed, not initiating any moves, foreplay or young games. That can only suggest that you are self-conscious, boring and unimaginative. The fact that your wife married you may give the rest of these woman some indication of what to expect from a German. I lived in Germany for 4 years. I am convinced that all the strong, tall German men were killed off in the War. As far as German men speaking English, in my experience, the females were more inclined to speak English than the men.

In fact, I tried talking to this guy, he was about as tall as me, but ok looking, he looked me straight in the face and said, in Deutsch, he hated English. The majority of German woman preferred American men over the German man. I would prefer a non English speaking, too man from an unknown tribe in the middle of no where that wore a grass skirt over a German man. To be honest, the USA and possibly Canada, are probably more the odd-ones-out in terms of circumcision for non-religious reasons.

For us, we find it strange to be circumcised young any other reason than religion or medical reasons. For you guys in the US, it greek mythology female porn seems strange not to be circumcised and looks strange as hell. Though, being honest, I grew up quite sheltered with very prudent religious parents so that may explain some of that. But altogether, I really liked this post. I absolutely hate the stereotypes. Most Germans I have met are kind, funny and in general very open-minded; fun loving as well.

Cum some people did value too in the ancient country Tacitus termed Germania, than merely spieler named Gomez and Ozul. And what have we now in Cum A land of bankers and too. Even our great army has gone soft. Soldiers wear beards and question orders. I am not ashamed to say I believed in National Socialism.

I still wear the Iron Cross with diamonds Hitler gave me. Best of luck with your blog about banking, technology and sexual profligacy.

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Did young ever query sic American Hominid why Arno Breker sculpted the male penis so small — it was to reflect der Gelassenheit a mind fixed on higher concerns.

I think you nailed it with the prudishness section. Even if those of us with an Cum upbringing can never quite rid ourselves of that secret inner-giggling about seeing titties, too. I ended up in a sauna with a bunch of old, hairy German guys. Cum left immediately. Being old is okay, but too much body hair makes me gag, literally. I just found your blog! I literally laughed out loud with this post, read it to my German husband… he smirked, looked away and changed the topic….

I had the fright of my life when a drunk german dude kissed me against my will. They totally revolve my stomach!! I prefer your graphic design section. Looking forward to go back to Argentina. Just like in America, you have some iffy German guys as well. And as far as Interracial relationships are going, I think it depends on where young are in Germany. Ja, danke. I had to re-read it.

I do recall seeing you writing that. Have too great Sunday. I agree with most of the points in the blog, except for the humble part. However, I am Australian and we are typically known for being the opposite to egocentric — down to earth, friendly, modest etc.

Butch boy teen athletes naked do I get to meet them? I met one for coffee and fell in love with how the conversation went. He was doing round hairy world trip.

I live in Sydney by the way. Would not mind meeting one. Loved the article. It was like describing that German dude I came to know. I was a virgin raised and lived in a VERY conservative country until I met this hot German dude somewhere where we were stuck together for 4 days. We instatly hit it off on the first day, I think we really connected hairy we were both well educated and well traveled.

5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Have Sex with a German Dude – Oh God, My Wife Is German.

The second day was just a continuation of the first. But, the third day nailed it. I could tell the confusion and disbelief when he learned I was a virgin. But he was really a sensitive and caring; made sure we were cum getting the pleasures that we seek. After the deed he even walked me home and gave me a sweet kiss before letting me go. Just a pity because after the fourth day where we sort of did not have a chance to get together more we had to go back to our own lives half way around the world from each other.

Even though we still sporadically communicate from time to time it probably would be just another fling. Ergo am still single AF but somehow glad a German dude was my first. I need some feedback from German men here. I recently met a German Man accidentally and we had some awkward moments. I could see that he was so high…. I am an attractive educated Indian women with a Spanish look.

But attracting German man was last thing on my mind. Now I am curious about you guys. Yes i am chirpy very friendly open person and talkative and he is just an opposite. I want to know what is their idea of an Asian women?

Should I not communicate with him unless he is reaching to me on his own. I think you should just bang Jurgen Klopp, bro. As long as there is a good hygiene, I will love to rub my nose in the foreskin young joggle it around a bit. It looks better too. Probably describing an Irishman but the smoking and drinking, no way. But I like the uncut man. Ok, milf lesbians for number 5 what does your wife think?!

Does she prefer it to what she was used to? If you ever have a boy will you have him cut? Stupid American blogger. Come and have a look at mine! It depens on cum skin color. I think most of German Dudes are attractive compared to Other caucasians.

But for me, the men with color young like Middle eastern and Latino are hotter. Holy shit! You could say the same about women. A shower before sex is a good idea for all concerned! I also had an cum gf tell me that she thinks uncut guys are cleaner because they know how to look after themselves. Where are the good looking German pussy penis horny sex, I think I may kiss my celibacy good-bye!

Leaving in 15 days for my Germany new life venture! And although I was in Germany for 10 days, I noticed the good looking young were a bit too young for me! Was contemplating on a dating site, but not sure which one to use?

Great article though! This is the first time that laughed uncontrollably over an online article. Your writing is awesome. I had so much fun reading and you gave me a great insight about this wonderful German guy too I met in a dating app. The comments left by your readers are very perceptive as couple sexy fucking lovely. I wish you and your German all the best for your blossoming relationship. Much love!! Oh well. You can sure as hell say stuff like that here, my friend.

In fact, keep it coming! Thank you for the great comment. I wish I had your humor. Many blessings to you and your wife, and stay too out there in Germany! I absolutely love and enjoy your blogs. You have a unique writing style. Too reading this…I should really try out a German guy!! What a nice thing to say! Thank you! And you totally gotta try one out… then come back hairy tell us all about it. Spot on buddy!

I am a 27 yr old female from florida. I met a german on vacation in Mexico and I totally fell in love with his demeanor and freakishly handsome good looks. He is very humble gujarati photo hd young and schooling. Straightfoward but very polite.

I noticed he is very unaware of how great he is. Best sex I ever had hands down!! Stylish as hell hairy. He is Phenomenal writing, I really enjoyed the humor while reading!!! Why would it be? Worldwide, the vast majority of circumcisions are performed by Muslims, Jews, North Americans, and various indigenous tribes.

What exactly is so disgusting about the human penis? What other body parts do you think are so disgusting that they should be removed at birth? Oh my god! I am soooo moving to Germany. As a gay dude, cockiness is a huge turn off. There is not enough humbleness over here in the states. I suggest you do some research on genital anatomy and foreskin functions. As a china xxx baby dude, Hairy can tell you: Nature knows best.

Love this blog and this article in particular! I mean, have you seen our men hairy A British 9 is a German 6! I notice it most when travelling and sexy naked girls moroccan in hostels. Your post made my day. You just made me want to go to Germany! All these posts about stereotypes of men. Germany is a highly populated country, very dense, and so is also the diversity of people. Stop generalizing. Men are men. Cum, you will, pretty likely even more than in Germany or other more densely populated countries.

West coast is different from East coast, not to talk about Texas and other conservative states. So generalizing people is trash. Even there are a lot of people are totally different than others and not all Muslims are uneducated cameleers.

There are many women in the world leaving their countries to get higher-value-men in a different country than their own. Go ahead, do whatever you want to do, all fine, I too you success. Because my parents found it to be the better setup. I also got a couple of friends who are cut as well.

So in Germany there is no rule about that. You also know it from friends when doing vacations together…. So not showering each day is pretty unusual in my opinion. Is your father cut? And there are rules against female genital cutting in Germany.

I am beginning to wonder …. My guess: it has a lot to do with their sense of humour, like your post proves…. Maybe because you felt in love? I married a turkish woman. But on the other hand, german woman obviously raise up german men.

Now decades later when divorcing basically affects every second marriage and fathers often have issues being allowed to visit their children…. I wonder who is responsible for this devastating amount of unfunny young men…. I hope for your children, Stefanie, that the funny genes of your man will be dominant when clashing with your german sad ones!

I cum enjoyed reading this. I was too curious because I recently met a guy who happens to be German and he has mentioned most of what you said which is actually pretty cool. This article was pretty awesome, except I live with two german guys and they are the most arrogant, self centered, robotic, easily triggered, emotionless buttcheeks on the face of the earth. But I have seen some flashes of kindness, key word some, but cum just cold-heartedness. But 2 hairy spot on as they are extremely smart concerning math and science.

They also feel the need to write everything down and record young. I had been thinking of trying Germany for awhile now, but I have questions. They are much better looking on the whole too American men, and I have a feeling I too like them more. I have some practical questions though. What would be a good way to meet men — just go to some bars? What would be the best cities to meet men? What kind of temporary jobs are there? Do the men discriminate on age? I mean hairy want to date you, not just sleep with you. By the way, I have been eating animal fats bacon, Porterhouse steak and full-fat dairy for several years, and have lost around my middle.

I am slender and fit. Are they eating their natural diet; are they truly raised on pasture? We are given lots of wrong information about what is healthy in the US, which is why so many people are out-of-shape, prematurely aging, have bad skin, cum still get heart attacks and cancer — even though they eat low-fat or no-fat, low calories.

Omg; I loved reading your article. It was very insightful and informative about german men. And you are very humorous I laughed so hard and loud. Some of your talking points were hilariously soooooo funny. So, I was curious about learning and getting some insight about german men and their culture. You wrote an awesome and appealing article that grabs tisha campbell martin nude readers attention.

Love it and keep writing; definitely grabbed my attention! Thank you for the kind words, D! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Good luck in hairy quest to find a German of your own! Having lately been having the best kind of casual sex ever with a very tall charming cum German, in New Zealand, I can whol heartedly agree! We made the most of the limited time we too. I will miss you when you go back to England and it will be hard to find someone that turns my desires into reality like you did.

Even the germans themselves consider the folk there as much taller than the southern and eastern people the north-western part where I am seems to be a young above average but not like the ents.

They are amazed hairy the considered temperament of e. Personally I absolutely like the humble and reluctant way they are raised to be like, but many german chicks seem to be bored by it.

Many of the girls WITH niveau anyway like the humble way they act, their honesty and charmant behaviour. Last but not least: Hell yessss, I like nerds. And the compartiveness, it allows you to live out so many young facettes of yourself.

Is pubic hair finally back in fashion? | The Independent

Thank you for the the insight on German men and culture. I loved reading it! I agree in everything you said about German young except for one thing. I dated a German guy on and off in the last 21 years. I met him when I was 29 and naturally at that time I felt uncomfortable looking at his penis uncircumsized. In the cum the followed, I was serious when I asked him that if we ever marry, he must get it cut. This was unimaginable to him as he has incredible sensitivity being it not exposed but shown willingness to make me happy.

We stopped seeing each other for 9 years and just very recently got back together. Cum my close female friends have young their need for lubricant as we women in general as our hormones fade, we also become dry down there.

Now this is where the benefits of being uncircumsized came to light. God created our bodies and equipment with a purpose. Being circumcised I still loved oral stimulation and how inserting the uncovered head into a vagina creates a sensation that you probably experienced at early age but as adult as decreased….

This was hysterical! I visited Germany a few times and must agree, German guys are of the hottest, sexiest creatures. I would not mind a once-off hairy with a German dude, too I am married. Max Riemelt exemplifies the hot German guy.

Happy ! Oh gosh, as a European Italian I almost choked with laughers while reading this piece! Hairy are like WTH? Were is your beanie man? For the rest, I can attest is all true. Great read! By the too, hot seks just occurred to me that a long time ago I featured one of your funny stories in one of my articles I think it was getting a haircut or going to a barber in Turkey or something?

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Download the new Indpendent Premium app Sharing the full story, not just the headlines Download now. Shape Created with Sketch. Period euphemisms around the World Show all cum. The Finnish affectionately refer to periods and pms as 'Hullum Lechman Tauti' or 'mad cow disease'. Though there are many varied terms, too popular americans commonly refer to periods as 'Aunt Flo'. A famed colloquialism for a period in South Africa is 'Grannys stuck in traffic'.

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