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Try to be more aware of where your tongue is resting throughout the day, and practice engaging in proper tongue posture.

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Try to repeat this several times throughout the day, especially as you become more aware of how your tongue is resting in your mouth. Proper tongue posture helps maintain a wider palate. As a preventive measure, proper tongue posture may help you avoid several health issues including misaligned teeth, poor breathing habits, and tongue thrust. Tongue thrust appears when the tongue presses forward too far in the mouth, resulting in an abnormal orthodontic condition called an open bite.

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Breathing techniques are designed to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation. Specific patterns that involve holding the breath for a period of…. A person with an anterior open bite has front upper and lower teeth that slant outward so they don't touch when their mouth is closed. An open bite….

Tongue Posture Exercises and How they May Affect Your Cheekbones

Everyone bites their tongue from time to time. However, those who bite their tongues frequently during sleep often have underlying medical conditions…. When you're breathing effectively, your breath is steady and controlled. Girl poking tongue Woman stick ones tongue out Excited woman tongue out Human tongue protruding out Funny face Two young woman jumping Girl sticking tongue out Tongue out Woman with the tongue out.

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