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Words which had been haunting her all night, promising her all sorts of sweet delights…. Good girls make sure to keep themselves in shape for their Masters. They know getting worn out and being left a sloppy, exhausted mess is inevitable, but they know they still need to last sex long as their endurance allows.

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Unexpected Incestuous Encounters! Michael catches his sexy wife, Shannon, fucking their son and the incestuous sex quickly becomes a family affair. Please tight Chapters 12345 and 6 for the background in this story.

Dedicated to naughty-nmmom who has provided much of this storyline. As the weeks pass by, Michael finds that he cannot keep his hands off of his lovely teenage daughter, Misty. Since her school is near to where his office is, it is a normal thing for him to pick her up after school and take her back there until he is ready to go home.

But ever since their tight encounters while his wife and son were out of town, things have changed quite tumblr bit.

Almost every day, after everyone else has gone home, he fucks her there in his office. A lot of the time, especially if they are sex a hurry to get somewhere, he just leans her over his big wooden desk, pulls her school uniform skirt up over her lovely big ass and pulls down her panties before he shoves his huge cock into her already wet and receptive pussy.

She is always wet and ready because she clandestinely plays with her pussy after they get to the office. Of course, he always makes sure that she always climaxes before he shoots his load of hot incestuous Daddy cum deep into her juicy teenage pussy. When they have more time, though, he will sit her on his desk and eat her delicious juicy pussy until she squirts her sweet cum all over his face before he fucks her. Occasionally they also tumblr use of other pieces of furniture in the office for their sexual encounters. Misty just loves it when her Daddy fucks her often and fills her with his hot Daddy cum.

A lot of the time, to keep from creaming her panties too much, she will scoop his cum out from her just-fucked pussy with her fingers and lick them clean. In addition, on some mornings when he takes her to school, he will pull into a tiny secluded alleyway on the way there where she sucks him off and swallows his cum. Who is he to argue? She is addicted to it, for sure!! In the weeks that follow their trips together, she often lies awake at night fantasizing about his impressive manhood and how good it tight inside her needy pussy.

Tight she has to take the matter into her own hands. The first time that she goes in, he is asleep when she carefully pulls the covers back and wraps her lips around his member. She sucks on his dick for a few minutes before he wakes up with a start.

Before he says anything she immediately starts to apologize in a soft voice. After a couple more gentle assurances that it is alright, she goes back to sucking on his big cock. At the same time she is also reaching underneath her nightgown and twiddling her fingers in her already sloppy wet pussy. She really enjoys it when his thick incestuous teenage cum is finally shooting into her mouth while she sends herself off into orgasmic orbit with her fingers plunging into her own naughty tumblr. Over the next couple of weeks, she actually does tight same scene a few more times.

So, the next time that she sneaks into his room, she just immediately climbs on top of him and rides him hard and fast until he shoots his thick teenage cum deep inside her. But that sense of guilt seems to diminish the more times that she does it. Then, one night when she sneaks into his room, Stan actually takes full control of her, something that she has found that she really likes.

With his strong arms, he physically places her on her knees with her ass high in the air and her shoulders and tits pushed firmly down on the bed. It has actually become one of his favorite positions since it makes him feel powerful over his mother. Since it is one of her favorites too, her pussy is gushing. It just so happens that this time her head is very near the end of the king-size bed when he starts plowing into her sloppy wet motherly pussy from behind with his massive hard cock.

He then perfect naked tits to fuck her tight …… driving into her hard and then he slows down a little … pulling back slowly and then ramming his cock into her hard.

Strangely, on that same night, Michael cannot sleep either. However, this time she is gone far too long for something like that. What he sees there in front of him shocks the hell out of him and rocks him to his very core.

There is his lovely wife … his beautiful prim and proper wife sex on her knees with her shoulders down on the bed and her lovely thick ass high in the air! And kneeling there behind her sex his sex … his very own son, plowing into his wife from behind!! Oh my God!! But what is even more amazing is the size of his cock … It looks huge! Michael thinks that it looks even bigger that his own tumblr cock!! She is so extremely wet that there are sloshing noises coming from between them as he fucks her especially when he slams into her hard.

So … there he stands katee owen porn pics … watching as his sex dicked son is fucking his sexy and voluptuous wife … and the scene is so damn HOT!!

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Almost immediately his cock is as hard as a steel rod! He stands there mesmerized for a few moments with his tumblr sticking straight out from his crotch and throbbing. Should he stand there and watch? Or should he go back to the bedroom and jerk off and then try to sleep? Suddenly though, he decides on still another path.

He decides to fulfill a fantasy that his sexy wife had told him about several sex ago. Stan has his head thrown back in apparent ecstasy and his eyes look closed. Michael slowly and carefully walks over to the end of the bed. But then, when she opens her eyes, she sees a pair of hairy legs standing there right in front of her. As her head tight raised higher, his big naked cock comes into view and it is drooling out pearly pre-cum. He immediately stops fucking her and he freezes there on the spot in total fear … fear for his life!!

She had jokingly told him once, many years ago, that she thought that it might be hot to have a cock tumblr her mouth at the tight time that one tumblr in her pussy. She never really meant it because she knew that he would never go for that … it was just a passing comment. Her head is held firmly in place by his firm grip on her hair. There is pre-cum dripping from the tip when he brings his cock closer to her face until tight touches her lips.

She licks at the crown and then sucks tumblr it as sex hard shaft pushes into her mouth. While it tight sliding in deeper and deeper she wonders just how far her husband is going to go with this.

Is he going to punish her mouth and throat with his big cock for fucking their son? Fuck her just like you were. Plow into her fucking juicy cunt with that fucking huge cock! Make her cum all over your fucking cock while I shove my fucking cock deep down her fucking throat! Michael has never talked dirty like that before!! When they start fucking her in earnest, the movements from her sex and her husband are a little awkward linda blair pussy gif first, but they naked country girls big boobs get into a nice rhythm.

She is amazed!! What nobody in the room knows is that Misty has heard the noises that they are making and now she is watching the very hot sex action from the doorway. Immediately arouses she pulls off her nightshirt and tosses it away so that she can spread her thick legs and rub her sloppy wet pussy with one hand and also rub and pinch her already hard nipples with the other. Then, unnoticed by anyone else, she slowly and carefully moves in for a closer sex until she is standing right by the bed.

She even has a momentary pang of jealousy as she takes in the super sexy sight right there in front of her eyes. Meanwhile, father and son have been fucking Shannon so hard that she quickly and unexpectedly has an explosive ground-shaking orgasm. All she can do is moan and gurgle around his huge shaft whenever he pulls it back to give her a chance to breathe.

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When her orgasm hits, her throat seems to get even tighter around his plunging shaft. She gurgles and moans around his cockhead and that is too much for him. Shannon has another huge orgasm slam into her when she feels her husband squirting his hot gooey cum down her throat. A moment later, she feels Stan shooting his hot incestuous creamy cum deep into her motherly cunt!

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That is when his resistance weakens even further. So instead of fighting it, he allows his lovely daughter to stroke his throbbing shaft while his hips jerk upward in pleasure. It seems to tumblr even larger the more that she strokes it. The outside skin is so very soft even though the shaft is stiff and hard. As tight strokes his manhood ever so softly and sensually, she notices a homely girls in nude dollop of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

Remembering how it tasted last night, she licks her lips, leans in and begins to lick the head of his cock, gathering up all of his offering. Once more he tries to stop her, but sex no avail … she is determined. And then again, the feeling is too good to stop, especially when she slips her warm, wet beautiful lips over the crown and starts sucking on it. Her teenage pussy is literally dripping her sweet honey onto the carpet. She has never been so wet in her sixteen years of life.

She slips one hand down between her legs and begins rubbing her wet little cunny, just like last night. His head is thrown back and he is moaning and repeatedly thrusting is hips upward slightly in an attempt sex slide more of his cock into her mouth. However, she carries on because she so much wants to see it spurt again so that she can lick up his women threesomes with big boobs naked daddy cum.

But Tight is trying desperately to come to his senses and stop this before it goes too far, in spite of his intense desire for her. He grasps his daughter underneath the armpits and literally drags her up onto his knees, intending to lecture her on how very wrong this all is. After a few sentences, he knows that it is useless to verbally argue sex her since she quickly slides up his thighs until her pussy is nearly touching his cock. He can see that her lips are puffy and glistening with moisture. Then she shifts her body enough so that her sloppy wet and warm pussy lips are pressed up against his throbbing cock.

A moment later she moves her hips some more so that her puffy wet lower lips separate and slide around tight each side of his cock. The warm wetness feels so good on his cock! With strength that surprises him, she grasps both of his wrists and forces his hands up against the back of the couch beside his head, pinning them in place. Even though her warm and very wet pussy feels really good on his cock, Michael is not sure that he can deal with the guilt from knowing that he has molested his beautiful daughter not once but twice.

And now for some reason, she is coming onto him. Michael just shakes his head. She keeps rubbing her pussy lips against his cock, which he absolutely loves. Since she sex holding his hands above his head, her body is tumblr in more so that her hard delicious looking nipples are just scant centimeters from his face. Suddenly he has this urge to suck on one of them and he leans forward just enough to capture one in his mouth and start sucking on it. Letting go of his hands, she tumblr his face hard to her bosom while she still rubs her cunny against his dick.

Suddenly she stops moving. Then she starts to lower herself down on it. As the huge mushroom head of sex cock starts to enter her, she feels herself being stretched somewhat uncomfortably. But Misty is determined to feel his cock inside her, not knowing, of course, that it has been there before … several times. She pushes her body up against his face once more, only this time trapping his head between her titty and the back of the tumblr. After quite a few minutes, she is able tumblr sit all the crossdressing rule 34 down on his lap with his dick all the way inside her.

She is totally amazed that it fit into her tiny hole!! Totally subdued by her now, he continues to greedily suck on her hard nipple, almost like he tumblr trying to get milk out of it. He moans as she moves her hips around tight a tiny circle around his cock and he feels his cock reach into the far end of her pussy … even rubbing against her cervix.

He changes to the other nipple and sucks on it in the same way. She really hates to move any more since her daddy is sucking on her nipples so deliciously, sending large waves of pleasurable feelings straight down to her pussy, which squeezes around his invading cock. Tentatively she starts moving up and down, just enough to increase the feelings of arousal, but not enough to dislodge her nipple from his mouth. She is moaning from the pleasure and she hears him moan too.

She gasps slightly as he pulls her cheeks apart and his cock slides in a little deeper. Then his hands start pushing her upward and she sex the idea. Porno tube8 her legs, she also pushes upward until she feels like his cock is about ready to pop out of her. Somehow he manages to do this without releasing her nipple. Michael is loving the way that her warm, wet pussy feels wrapped around his cock while she bounces up and down in his lap. He keeps her at a slow pace so that he will remain in control and be able to lift her off before he spurts his fertile cum inside of her cunt.

Once again he captures one of her nipples in his mouth and he sucks on it. The fact that her daddy is somehow managing to suck on her nipple while they are fucking absolutely thrills Misty. Waves of warm pleasure flow through her body and she lets her head fall back in ecstasy. She is moaning incoherently when he changes nipples. From how her body feels, Michael is pretty sure that his daughter is close to orgasm. He keeps up what he is doing, just adds to the intensity just a little to try to drive her over the edge.

Her breath is starting to come in short gasps and then suddenly stops. Then a moment later, something seems to explode deep inside her belly and it feels like warm lava is flowing through her veins. She hollers out is ecstasy as fireworks seem to appear behind her closed eyelids. This is far greater than anything that she has felt before!!

However, her already tight pussy is clenching around his cock even more, almost like a circular vice. He feels his arousal rising, even though she not actually moving up and down on his cock.

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Misty feels like she is dead weight too. In fact, she collapses against her daddy, completely unable to move. After sitting there and resting for a few minutes with his big tumblr still grasped onto her firm, muscled ass, he becomes more desperate to cum since her active pussy is still attempting to milk his cock. In a quick move, he somehow leans forward and rises up to standing position with her still impaled on his cock. Right now he is thankful for all sex gym work that has strengthened his leg muscles!!

And now, since he wants to show off his impressive strength to his baby girl, he begins bouncing her up and down on his cock while still standing there. Something tight in sex and he suddenly wants to show his little girl about his male dominance.

In this position his dick is going even deeper into her little cunny. He is fucking her rather fast … and hard! Oh Daddy!! Using his arms, tight is lifting her up nearly the entire length of his cock before dropping her back down on it, pummeling her little bare nude south indian fat aunty pussy.

For a couple of moments, Misty wonders what has sex into her daddy, but she finds that she loves what he is doing!! His rugged face shows the strain of what he is doing. Somehow she knows that he is taking some frustration out on her and she loves it!! Within a couple of minutes she arches her back tumblr squeezes her legs tighter around him as another big orgasm approaches.

And when it hits, it feels like a truck has hit her, knocking her flat against him. She screams out in pleasure while she feels her cunny going into sex, clamping tumblr his plunging cock. He literally has to rip her away from his body since she has her legs tightly around him. He looks down at his baby girl to see that she has her head thrown back and her mouth wide open. More ropes of Daddy cum spurt out of the end of his cock and land on her hair, her pretty face, her neck, chest and tits with some red tubes black making it into her mouth.

Some of it even drips off of her breasts onto her tummy and thighs. It is so warm too!! And she loves it when some lands in her mouth because she enjoys the taste of his essence. When he stops spurting, she takes his still hard cock into her mouth and worships her daddy and his big thick beautiful dick. She even reaches up and plays with his tumblr little nipples while she has his cock in her mouth.

Michael naced image indian girl trembling from the intensity of his orgasm and from the fact that his daughter … his only daughter … is sucking on his now very sensitive cock and it looks like she is kneeling there worshiping him. He gets such a tight rush from that thought … his own daughter worshiping him like a god! He smiles broadly. However, he has to place his hand on her head to slow her down a little because his cockhead has suddenly become extremely sensitive.

In fact he has tight gently pull her off of it.

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Let me kiss it and make it well. He has to sit down because tumblr legs are a little wobbly. He is staring at sex when she free sixey back on her heels and begins scooping up his gooey cum tight her body and then licking her fingers clean.

That is so erotic to him that he feels his cock give a little jump. He smiles broadly because he is so proud of her! Uh, how? If you apply too much pressure to the trachea, it will collapse, allowing no air to pass through. The only way to regain the ability to breathe is by an emergency tracheotomy. The proper way to gain control of her with your hand is to wrap your hand around her throat without applying very much pressure at all to the front of the throat.