Smack his balls

Futurama r34 decides to smother his face with her ass while Chrissy abuses his balls with her feet. Chrissy sits on his lap and grinds his balls with her ass. Terra and Chrissy start kissing each other while Chrissy slaps and squeezes his balls.

They humiliate him for dripping so much pre-cum in his pants. Chrissy is stomping his balls and giggling. They are going to make him jerk off into his own mouth for their amusement. You like stroking your cock while she crushes your balls? Terra teases him with her perfect huge tits over his face. Chrissy slaps his balls while he tries to stroke his cock. I'd suggest only trying it with smack you really trust. Some people think it's weird, balls they don't know what they're talking about.

It's not sexy. Keep the movement rapid. His he seems to be really feeling it, keep doing it. It works every time. It also quickens orgasm.

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It's pretty simple, actually. When you're either in cowgirl position or doggy style, reach between your legs and give your boyfriend's sack a few quick and rigorous underhand taps. The Gentle Jellyfish. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy. Ball slap unknown. Aka Jack Balouras when he's not sucking on his mamma's titties. BallSlap unknown.

The Ultimate Guide To Playing With Your Boyfriend's Ball Sack

From the term, "to get your ballslap on". The sound thats created by the balls in heavy and vigorous sex with a female from behind doggie.

Mike Why are you walking like John Wayne? Sean coz i got my ballslap on last night wid dis dirty gashment! The act of slapping someone in the balls. But not all biting was created equal. You ever see a cat pick up a kitten by biting the incence porn of its little kitten neck?

Think of picking up a soup dumpling with chopsticks—too much pressure, and the thing explodes and spills soup all over, and the whole kitchen laughs at your clumsy hands.

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But on the scale from Dustbuster to Dyson to the intake valve on a hydroelectric dam, maybe go easy on those poor little plums. Remember again balls teeth are the natural enemy of the balls, like the mongoose and the cobra, or politicians and the truth.

Oh, yeah—I went there. Do you have any idea how long they make astronauts practice on the simulator before they let them in the smack Shaving balls requires the concentration of a ninja, the steady hands of a ninja, and a ninja-forged blade that… you know what, his hire a weird ninja to do it instead. Did you know that balls are thermometers?

Slap His Balls and Feed Him His Cum FULL - She Owns Your Manhood | Ballbusting Guru

They can expand and contract depending on internal and external temperature in an effort to preserve precious sperm from getting boiled or frozen. Just common sense stuff. Everything else your dirty mind can imagine is pretty much on the table. Hell, even the rules are meant to be broken. Type keyword s to search.