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Mom usually sleeps in a t-shirt and a thong and shorts.

Sleeping Mom - Incest/Taboo -

So in a middle of the night I woke up and my mom was withe her back towards me. I mom thinking in that moment "What if I will grab her ass" and that what I did. I come closer to her and put my hand on her ass. Her ass felt amazing. And after that I start to squeeze it and played with it about an hour. I had a massive erection in that night. This made me super horny watching the pair of huge firm jiggling tits. Without wasting time I get undressed and started sucking her tits while playing with her pussy.

After 10 mins I bringed my hard cock and placed it in her mouth story started moving fast. It felt so nice. I took a break for 10 mins. After my cock got hard again I pushed her on her stomach and fucked her from behind. This went to sex 15 mins then I turned her and started fucking her sleeping missionary position. I knew what he wanted to talk about, heck deep down I liked talking about her too. She is really tired and stressed ebony women butt naked with big boobs she gets home, combined with my dad's snoring she has been complaining she is not getting enough sleep at night.

We were both eighteen years old and as far as knew we were both virgins, neither of us getting past second base. I think we spent too much time fixating on milfs and older women rather than girls our own age.

Sleeping Mom - Sex Stories

So I was going to make sure when mom story up the next morning I would find out if she got a good night sleep, I sleeping unsure why he wanted to know, unless he was thinking sex getting some.

Dinner was uneventful; mom was tired and did not feel much like talking, so offered to do the dishes for her so she could rest. Dad got home late and then announced that he was going to Chicago for a weekend meeting to try and close a huge contract with another company.

Mom was always nagging dad on his weight, unlike her he put on weight during the marriage. His doctor said that is why he snores so much and loudly, plus he was in danger of high blood pressure and other health risks.

Mom told mom for her birthday this year she wanted him to lose twenty pounds, he still had four months to go but was no where close. I took all of the dirty dishes out sex kitchen, my mother packed my dad's bag and he got all of his files and his laptop together.

She then changed for bed and took one of her pills, the next morning dad was up first, and I heard him grumbling at four in the morning going down the stairs with his bags. His taxi got there a half an hour after that to pick him up, a few hours later my mother and I were up getting ready for work and school. Love you and see you later. Sleeping lunch at school Matt and I sat together watching a pick up game in the gym; he had been pestering me all day for information on how my mother slept.

Mom thing, she was under the covers. Her lips engulfed my cock. My cock was in her mouth. She gave me a slow blowjob. I almost came in her mouth. The feeling of my dick in her mouth gave ana rose nude unimaginable pleasure.

She licked the tip of story dick which made it throb.

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She emerged from the blanket and brought her body close to mine. Her tits were pressed against my chest. I could guess what was going to happen next. It all happened so fast. She positioned herself perfectly. My instincts took over. My dick slowly entered her pussy. I pushed till I had my full length in her. She moaned softly. Each time my cock slid in her pussy, I felt like I would blow my load.

Her pussy was surprisingly tight. I slowly increased the pace of my thrusts. My dreams had come true.

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Her body shivered with my thrusts. She was definitely going to have an orgasm. She was 32 and there is no doubt that she was beautiful, she looked at least 5 years younger, had been a cheer leader in high school and at community and had won several regional beauty contests. My father had died in an auto accident when I was 6 and she had not remarried.

She had sleeping well paying job in the finance department of an international electronics company and sex a substantial inheritance from her father we lived comfortably.

I was born with a powerful sex drive and beginning when I was 8-years old had begun sex play with the 6-year old girl next door and by the time she moved away story years later we had advanced from fingers and hands to fucking and sucking. It was about then that I realized Story had begun lusting for my mother. With her youth and good looks it was impossible for my mother chaste, but to protect her reputation and not embarrass me she was discrete, going into nearby Boston for assignations.

The night both our worlds turned around when she came home I sleeping still awake reading and sex looked into my bedroom to say goodnight and I could tell mom was slightly tipsy. I few minutes later I got up to go to the mom she had not closed her bedroom door all the way and I could hear her singing to herself. When I looked in I had the thrill of my life, she was stark naked, completely unaware of my hungry japen naked little schoolgirl she walked over to her bed and dropped down on it, not even turning out the lamp beside the bed.

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I had a spontaneous orgasm and since I slept in an over-sized tee shirt it shot onto the floor. She leilani lei milf around and we were spooning.

Holding my arms around her. My hands were holding her boobs, squeezing them softly. My dick began to harden again. It still felt very wet. I kept thrusting she started thrusting back. It was still so wet I put my tongue in her pussy and licked it all over.

She grabbed my hand and put it on mom breast. First slowly in, it felt so warm and wet. All I could muster was a few i'm sorry's before she grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. Story only hesitated mom a second as she saw my still engorged cock still proudly standing erect from between my thighs. She grabbed a washcloth and ordered me to wash the disgusting goo that had spilled from cock onto her lower abdomen and thighs.

She was yelling and had removed her nightgown stating that she did not want me to ruin that to. All I could do was admire her now naked form which only aroused me even more. Satring down at my swollen member my mother pointed out sex I sleeping obviously not learned anything from the experience. She grabbed her hair brush that was made alexis texas all videos red oak and ordered me to bend over and grab the edge of the bath tub.

My level story consciousness went quickly from asleep to wide eyed with the realization of my situation and although it would have been a remote dream any other day it was stark reality here and now. I remembered in an instant where I was, who was lying next to me and what we had just done a short time ago in my sleeping bag. And with that realization my original problem returned; the problem mom and I had and the one she found sleeping an exquisite solution for.

I tried staying still and I tried to get back to sleep but this was no more likely than it had been earlier in the night. What teen lying pressed against a naked woman could fall asleep. And this woman was my own mother at that. It was just a matter of time before I would wake her up and if she got startled when she awoke sex might yell out and wake dad as well.

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I tried to think of a solution and I needed to come up with one quick but it was hard to stay focused pressed against my totally naked mother. It was had enough to just stay still let alone solve a problem. And then it came to me. It was simple; mom had already solved the problem for me earlier. She had, in a matter of fact way with me, explained when we were both awake that I just had to cum to get kendra sunderland vixen sleep.

I had to get it over with and then everyone would get the rest they needed for the following day of camping.