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Is it pretentious?

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Is it not pretentious enough? Can it be used as a metaphor? What position was the planet to the stars at the exact moment of their birth? Is the name gay enough? Source: lunarmelody13via nebilas-writes.

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Redesigning and restyling the PPG is always really fun. I actually do a new iteration once every few years as a design Gimme some questions or suggestions.

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Logging off protest. Filed under : reblog. Alternatively- Writer: Looks around room.

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Shinkansen Throw someone a surprise party Speak a foreign language apart from English and travel to that country Eat sushi in Japan And a lot of people are logging off tonight in protest. HoweverI do not think they should get a free pass to hurt people, and choosing the date they sharking was a terrible thing tumblr do. I cannot support a platform that would hurt and oppress any group of sharking, especially a group of people who have suffered and continue to suffer daily.

Choosing to enact their plans on the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, when they are taking another safe space away from this group of people already just by doing this, is just wrong. I have been on sharking site for years now, daily, and have enjoyed it greatly. But the way this whole thing has been handled has been lazy, unprofessional, and just wrong. Source: cybercrimervia thechekhov.

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Tumblr asked: Yes, I agree with the decision to remove downright illegal content such as CP, and ban anyone who uploads it, but that's not the only thing that is happening which is why everyone is upset. The problem is that Tumblr is also flagging a ton of posts that are not explicit. Yes, they are within their right to moderate their platform however they choose, but at this rate, almost anything and everything is being flagged as explicit.

Even their own announcement was flagged as such. Grid View List View. Time lapse video by my assistant and talented videographer sharking thomaspeschak. Show more notes.

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