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After all, this is the organization behind one of the deadliest days of drug violence in Mexican history. Under the rule of Enedina and her son Fernando Sanchez Arellano, the cartel has focused more on kidnapping than murder. But if they need someone dead, they can still do that too.

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They just call up disposable peons like Gordo here and have him do the dirty work. Alleged crimes: This sexy of nine is less criminal than invincible jihadi warrior.

She dangerous fighting in the late '70s when the Soviets tried to take Afghanistan. She kept fighting after he husband was killed. She kept fighting after she was forced to dress as a man. And she kept fighting xxx sex stories free men started taking orders from her.

Over the years, she says she's killed many enemies, from Soviets in the '80s to Taliban in the past decade. Why she's scary: She looks so unassuming, like a frail grandmother whose face has seen way too much sun. And she is those things, along with a brilliant military tactician, leader of rebel forces and a force so intimidating that ruthless mujahedin cower in lady presence.

Alleged crimes: From toLicciardi ran the Camorra crime but in Naples with an iron fist. It was the only way to keep order within the 20 different clans that made up the Camorra. Among her lasting legacies as leader was the enslavement of many young women for the purposes of prostitution.

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But her empire started to unravel inwhen a dispute over heroin led to an all-out war in which car bombs and bazookas helped kill more than people around Naples. Why she's scary: Once police figured out who Licciardi was, she seemed impossible to find. In hiding she still ordered murders and bombed a prosecutor's office. Law enforcement's big break came when they found her hideaway, complete with marble floors and outdoor jacuzzi, in the attic of a dilapidated building.

In Licciardi was captured and thrown into jail, where she still leads the Camorra. Prisons don't represent a barrier," an Italian sociologist told NBC. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The 10 Best Television Episodes of The real-life killers, fanatics, and spies you'd be well-advised to steer clear of.

A Dossier Anna Chapman. Hairy redhead pics Lewthwaite. Colonel Fanette Umuraza. Marllory Dadiana Chacon Rossell. Nisreen Mansour Al Forgani. Enedina Arellano Felix. Maria Licciardi. Approximate age: 62 approx. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Adam K. Raymond Adam K.

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More From News. John Lewis Is Still Alive. Mass Killings Reached a Record High in Democracy Isn't for Cowards. We Used to Know That. We All Are. Jennifer Nichols Hardy has been firing arrows off for 20 years, and could plant an arrow square in your forehead from 20 yards, a skill she put on display at the Olympics.

Whitney Miller started off doing beauty pageants, and has now transitioned into MMA. She hasn't lost any of her looks, but has substantially increased her deadliness.

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One of the best known CrossFit athletes, Jackie Perez pulled a Top 10 finish in the CrossFit games and is an all-around killer athlete. The first and only politician on our list, before dangerous was briefly Venezuelan minister of sports, but was a three-time Olympian sabre fencer and medalled at a several Pam Am games. Now she teaches BJJ self-defence classes to women and grapples. In other words, if you think her pro wrestling sexy are fake, she has a whole other lady to take you down with. Another UFC rising star, Paig VanZant has gone in the promotion, making her mark with an insane fight against Kailin Curran in which she did nothing but pour aggression on for over 10 minutes until she scored a knockout.

Though she became the villain in her feud s with Ronda Rousey, two things have made Miesha Tate get newfound respect. One is her impressive streak right now, having bounced back from her championship tatsumi yui porn defeat with four straight wins against top female contenders.

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