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She was also in the news regarding the custody battle as well as paternity of her newly born daughter named Dannielynn Birkhead. Smith died in a Hollywood, Florida hotel room in the year as a result of a prescription drug overdose. These sexy Anna Nicole Smith bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist.

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Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. March 4, May 29, Smith's lawyer-turned-boyfriend and a doctor surrendered March 12,to face charges that they conspired to provide Smith with thousands of prescription pills before her fatal overdose.

Anna Nicole Smith arrives on the arms of a bodyguard before a boxing event Jan. Smith, the pneumatic blonde whose amateur jilling played out as an extraordinary tabloid tale -- jeans model, Playboy centerfold, widow of an octogenarian billionaire, reality-show subject, tragic mother -- died Thursday, Feb. Smith, the former Playboy playmate whose bizarre life careened from marrying an octogenarian billionaire to the untimely death of her nicole, died Thursday, Feb.

Stern for an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" at the couple's home in smith Bahamas on Oct. Anna Nicole Smith, right, leaves the U.

Anna Anna Smith died Thursday, Feb. Although Anna Nicole and attorney Howard K. Here we see Anna Nicole in a seductive pose, a pose that seems to come naturally to her and sexy she is comfortable in.

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Wearing a tight black corset, fishnets, and her signature red lips, she wows as always. And in her real life, Anna Nicole was every bit as scandalous as she appears in her photos. The major scandal was, of course, the paternity of Dannielynn, to which multiple men claimed they may be the possible father.


Bikini pantai di thailand in itself says a lot, especially when you consider the fact that Anna Nicole moved to the Bahamas while pregnant with Dannielynn, an act that was reportedly specifically to avoid or prolong the DNA tests.

That says a lot, too. The majority of the other scandals have to do with the obvious: money and sex, like her marriage to a man 63 years her senior who died a year later and the ensuing court battle for his billion-dollar estate.

Anna Nicole obviously had a body that was made for the beach, and now that I think about it, she could have played the role of CJ on Baywatch and done just as well as Pamela Anderson she had the assets, anyway.

Pics of Anna Nicole Smith – Hollywood Life

She was more than just a Playboy model, after all; she was an actress. Her films and television shows never made her as famous as her modeling did, though. Her last appearance in a film was in the direct-to-video movie Illegal Aliensin which she played Lucy. It was released posthumously and given bad reviews, unfortunately. I suppose any woman in a white dress with bleach-blonde curls and red lipstick would bear some likeness to the iconic Marilyn, but Anna Nicole goes above and beyond with the similarities, and not only in looks.

Beyond that, both portrayed themselves as a ditzy blonde, both changed their names before becoming famous Marilyn was born Norma Jeane Baker, and Anna Nicole was born Vickie Lynn Hoganboth had early failed marriages at age 16 and 17 respectively, both appeared nude in Playboy magazine, both later married much older and powerful men, and both lost children Marilyn had at least two miscarriages while married to playwright Arthur Miller, and Anna Nicole, of course, lost her son Daniel.

Since Marilyn died five years before Anna Nicole was even born, could this be a case of reincarnation? You never know. Sometimes it seems, through photographs, that Anna Nicole Smith felt most comfortable when wearing less. She looks comfy as can be in this awkward position on hot naked whipped cream gif floor, wearing a tight corset and thigh-highs with nicole garter.

She looks smoldering! But the enchantress seen above, though she may anna look smith here, was sexy a loving mother.

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Her daughter Dannielynn Birkhead was only five months old when Anna Nicole passed away. He wanted to clear up that while Anna Nicole did not necessarily use her prescription pills correctly, she was by no means on the street corner looking for heroin. Her death truly was an accident.

Larry and Dannielynn live away from the spotlight in Kentucky. Anna Nicole looks rather scary here though, not necessarily inviting like Mena Suvari was in the film. Still, it is a pretty photo, and as usual, Anna is pretty too.

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It is true, literally: Anna Nicole was the tallest and heaviest Playmate there has been, as she had the largest measurements of any of the women. But that should probably not come as such a surprise. Of course, her enhanced breasts probably added on a little bit of the weight. You decide. Who remembers the crazy Leslie Nielsen movies based hampsterx com the Police Squad!

Simpson, and Fred Ward, this movie tells the story of Frank Drebin, who comes out of retirement to help Police Squad infiltrate a gang of terrorists who are going to detonate a bomb at the Academy Awards. Fun fact: when Papshmir Raye Birk is reading a Playboy magazine in his Learjet in the movie, the cover of the magazine features Anna Nicole.