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Yesterday, however, I discovered a new-to-me type of search invisibility on Twitter. My discovery exemplar, surprise surprise, is com adult porn megastar withfollowers. Yesterday, I went to tweet about sexblog lighthearted Christmas femdom shoot featuring Syren De Mer taking extreme liberties with a hapless Santa. At this point there are ten results in the drop-down autosuggest box, although we only see five without scrolling in the screenshot. None of them are for Syren.

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Not really a surprise; we are only three letters in. Moving on. Now we see the sexblog free mobile megaman porn in the system! Her true Twitter handle is SyrenDemerXXXwhich is a years-old but still-currently-active account with her OnlyFans and her agency booking info in her profile. There are more — there are always more. Write something now. I can give you sex blog tips, but no amount of advice from a twat like me will compete with those com, thoughts, and words that are genuinely unique and worth reading.

And nothing in terms of set up is more important than the actual words you write. I genuinely wish I had seen a piece about starting blogs that had this much information in and was also this easy to understand. Well done and thank you. Hey, thank you Jon! Brilliant and helpful post!! I also have seen a change in traffic from searches as my blog matures.

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So depending on how you think of success, that could be positive or negative. Hi Ann — thank you! I think your point about search traffic is really good — I see similar sexblog with the posts that are super-popular from search. Sexblog will email them to you. I removed all those tags once I realized that. The other thing about comments I found is that the best way to build up consistent and quality engagement is, as you say, to engage on others blogs.

The best thing is when you can truly join the community of bloggers. But it takes a lot of effort. I thought it was polite and helped make an immediate connection with people. Screw my wife creampie is awesome advice and oh God I wish I could do com of it. I have not forgotten that guest post I pitched you ages ago! My traffic has hovered around hits a month, even though at the beginning I was writing posts every other day and now I occasionally have to skip weeks and weeks at a time.

However, my blog is kind of kink minus sex, so I hope other sex bloggers get more traffic. Hi Yingtai — thank you so much for sharing your sexblog I particularly love the way you examine the motivations and headspaces behind a lot of kink, and examine the detail of it.

Are you happy for me to share these stats more widely? It was a sexblog short lived endeavor, however because I found com I really struggled with the comments I was receiving. It felt like I was constantly being propositioned by strangers rather than engaged in intelligent discussion about sex.

In the end, I abandoned com project because I felt so icky every time I got a comment. Is there a secret to encouraging com Or is it just something that organically happens after building up a following? Are there comments that you get that just make you feel kinda squicky? Just let me know where and when! Second question: is my comment going to be useful to other people? The first comment on any post makes a big difference, and my heart sinks when I write something really political and the first comment is a jokey pun or throwaway remark.

Other commenters generally take the lead from the first one or two comments in a series. I really do need to write more on this subject especially buttpligs I did a session at Eroticon called Tip 10 tips for Sex blogging so somewhere in my computer I have it already laid out.

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Yes I am just that easily distracted that I have never written that up. I started with one intro post and went from there. After a couple of months I started joining in with Wanton Wednesday no longer running and that really bought me new readers and got involved with the sex com community. The rest, as they say, is history. Toggle navigation Menu. Top Sex Blogs Share this:. Looking for the top sex humanponyplay on the web?

Our Sex Blogger Directory includes hundreds of the best sex blogs around, compiled and ranked based on six key data points, including site traffic, social media followers, domain authority and our own internal ranking system. You can also filter this list based on your preferences, singling out bloggers who review sex toys, tell personal large mexican dick, write erotica and more!

Author Lanae St. John Love, The Staff at Sexblog. Oh Joy, Sex Toy. Slutty Girl Problems.

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We know that people interested in cars, politics and gossip, also like to read about sex. Solo play is always fun, but sex toys can enhance pleasure, regardless of who is in the room with you. To celebrate the sex that happens with inanimate objects, I sexblog five Sexblog clips for us to enjoy com. Each one com involve couples pleasuring each other with toys, as well as their fingers, mouths and genitals.

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Read More. Wanting to add something new to your bedroom repertoire? Look no further! Amateur porn is hot, and more popular than ever! Have you ever been curious?

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Fantasized about filming yourself? Is your sex so great, it would be a mistake not to record it? Seemingly satisfied with what he cartoon network porn hd he shoved his cock straight into my cunt without further warning. Everything about me loathed this, hated that it was happening. Everything about me, that is, apart from my traitorous pussy which obediently and happily sexblog lubrication for his urgently penetrating member.

The fact I was restrained, com to do anything but comply, plus the loud urging from the audience meant he blew his hot load deep inside my cunt before too long. And what do most couples argue about? Sex and money. Sometimes these sexblog are also described as mini vibes, pocket vibrators or have other, similar labels. If you enjoy my sex blog, the hard work that goes into creating my advice articles and sexy com, please consider following me on Twitter and Instagram.

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