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Instead we get a muddy, blurry image that only vaguely resembles the recognizable characters. That disappears quickly as well.

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This game smacks of rushed development. All that the developers had to do was design creative levels out of an established universe, whip up a handful of entertaining boss battles, and cram in as many in-jokes and references for fans as possible see Turtles In Time for more.

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Instead this thing was haphazardly pulled together to meet a production deadline and all of the fun that could have been had was sucked out in the process. With the reboot cancelled, this game will appeal only to nostalgic fans and even they will be put off by the fact that all of the music and designs come out of the new series and not the original. I hate to come down so hard on a game as most have at least moments to be enjoyed, but Thundercats simply has no silver lining.

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Thundercats DS Review. Phil Brown — November 8, System: DS. Top Stories. Played On: DS. ESRB Rating: Subscribe Now.

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