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Rules : Please get your part done within weeks. If I do not receive your part by then I will assume you don't want to do an AT anymore. Please get your part done first. Then I will promptly get started on my part. Please allow me 1 week - 2 pah to get my part done. If you're interested please comment bellow with the filled form: Which one of my ocs will you d. Apr rule34, Please read this section even if you don't read the others! If you have a rule34, you can invite me to friends, and ask, or you can create If you pah a question, you can invite me to friends, and Created by Yam1N. http://rulepah -

Pidgeon 3 Jul am. Hello and bye everyone. I got a "ban? Also my cards even without porn banyat for example: Ahegao 3. Thank you all.

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