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Questioning not only his sexuality but his relationship with Shadow, thinking that he has time to process all of these doubts. A very new, and rear entry hairy teen adventure comes back. One that will completely change the Sonic Team forever. Topaz stared at her screen. She hasn't been doing anything at all, just pressing buttons to make it clear she's ignoring Rouge.

Now that she was away from Topaz she has no idea what to do now. I mean could you blame her for being at least a lil mad. Rouge is always teasing and picking and doesn't know when to just shut up already! She has the nerve to get mad when I say enough! Now she is telling me to not act like this?! I swear that bat gets on my nerves! Topaz was in her own little angry world that she didn't even notice Rouge got the door open.

Topaz looked up at Rouge annoyed. I'm quite happy with it, and would like to submit it. Should I contact the other artist first? I think Rouge head is bigger than Topaz' in this photo.

I like the height, just watch the rouge size. I saw the picture. Very nice. I do feel that you should have contacted the artist if you were using some of the elements that they used in a picture, just to be polite and fair, or even just reference them in your picture. I think fully grown mobians should be on average the same height as humans.

Soon enough, Topaz felt that Eggman wasn't at the fair, and reported seeing no sign of Eggman to Captain Westwood. The captain, eager to get back at them for upstaging him, ordered them to return to Washington.

Topaz was surprised at this, and Rouge thought something fishy about it since G. Rouge took advantage of a slight loophole, saying that they shouldn't return until tomorrow when Nelson Thorndyke was revealing his new space shuttle, which was obviously Eggman's target.

The next day, Topaz and Rouge topaz out the fair and Eggman made his move just as Emerl was about to reveal himself to the two G.

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All the attractions rouge the World's Fair had been rigged to transform into robots by DecoeBocoe and Bokkun to provide a distraction, and when Eggman pushed the activation button, Topaz and Rouge raced into action. After Rouge knocked over a giant robot mime that had picked up a rouge car, Sakura haruno pussy pushed another officer out of the way before the robot fell on him.

Before she was smashed, Emerl rushed to save her, and Topaz thought it must have been Sonic. While inside, Eggman transformed the Scrambler ride and made it grow to great proportions, making it look like a giant spider. It crashed through the roof and Rouge flew her and Topaz out of harm's way, commenting that Topaz needed to lose weight. They fell through the floor into Paris's old sewer, where they met with Chris, Mr. Tanaka and Big. They all yelled for help and Sonic burrowed through the rubble, allowing Tails and Amy to help them while he dealed with the Scrambler with unknowing help from Topaz.

Rouge flew Topaz out of the topaz and the latter then watched as Sonic fought the Scrambler before running out of the building. After it had been defeated, everybody then heard the sound of a rocket engine and watched as Eggman got away with the space shuttle. Topaz then gave a report to Captain Westwood while still in Paris, and he boasted that the President would be disappointed in them and that he had found some blueprints in the base they'd search, and told the two agents they would discuss them violating a direct order on their return.

When they did return to Washington, Topaz took the full brunt of what Westwood had to dish out. Topaz countered that the captain had ordered them to return to Washington and if they had gone back they wouldn't have been able to save the dozens of lives that topaz had.

Westwood then said he was aware of this, and that the President of France had called their President to commend their actions personally, and that it was the only reason the two of them hadn't been court-martialled. Once Rouge had defeated the robot imposter and Sonic and Knuckles had disabled the robot Eggman was controlling that was powered by the Moon Emerald and Master EmeraldTopaz gave a full report to the President and watched as Rouge was reinstated as an agent.

Topaz comforts Rouge, from Sonic X After the arrival and just as instantaneous leave of Shadow the Hedgehog of Mobius PrimeTopaz comforted Rouge who had hidden feelings of regret at not seeing her friend again. Topaz and the rest of the gang then stood around as Sonic and Chris Thorndyke looked on happily to their next adventure.

Topaz is a loyal and determined soldier, though easily embarrassed and at times gives up too easily. Rouge often referred to her as an old woman, and Topaz later started striking her back by trying to expose topaz in public when she was casing a jewelry store to annoy her. She also finds Rouge's greed for jewelry to be tiresome.

Topaz appears to diane lane oral sex trained rouge the use of military combat and various firearms.

It also seems she is skilled at free redhead lesbian hardcore porn and spying on others and is apparently physically fit judging by how she can jump fairly long distances with little effort. While on Black Ops missions, Topaz can often be seen carrying either a submachine gun or automatic rifle with her. Topaz is at first intolerant of Rouge the Bat because of her jokes at calling her old, but admired her rouge skills as a thief due to their advantages on missions.

Their squabbles and jokes at the others' expense led into a playful relationship of sorts and they even began hanging out together outside work. Their relationship seemed to have helped build Topaz's character as it went along.

Topaz seems to have romantic inclination towards Chris Thorndyke's butler, Mr. Tanakawhich seems to have started after he saved her from falling to her death when the Egg Golem dropped her.

Topaz was overjoyed and hugged him, but apparently it cost her the fight as Tanaka won by winning her heart. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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