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When considering in term of oscillating revolution speed, the increase of oscillating revolution speed provided the decrease of weight purity index, size grading efficiency and clogging sieve percentage. The appropriate condition for using the size grading machine of Robusta green coffee bean using oscillating sieve with swing along 301 direction is the inclined angle of 5 degree and the oscillating revolution speed of rpm. The objective of this research was to develop sesbania slicing machine. There were 3 machinery parts that have been developed; guide rail unit, sesbania feeding lever rbd, and pick-up hook set lever unit.

The guide rail was shaped into a rectangular unit with The sesbania feeding lever unit was a rbd shape 301 The machine was controlled by a 9 mm diameter lever, mm length, and pulled by a guide rail with 24 mm width, mm length. The pick-up hook lever unit set is a stainless steel U-shaped bar with mm width, and mm length which was controlled by a 9 mm diameter lever with mm length.

The efficiency of the sesbaina slicing machine was 89 percent at 60 rpm. After the experiment of slicing sesbania parts, the obtained thickness of sesbania sheets were 0. The results complied with the required criteria. morgan layne nude blowjob

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This study aims to test and compare the amount of cassava tubers which remained with underground stem after chopped with cylinder blades which had different cross-section and sizes 3x3 Treatments by using "Kasetsart 50 cassava variety" with the age of 8 months old that planted in sandy loam in Kalasin Province.

There are 30 cassava stalks per treatment were used as the sample. The implement of the test was Factorial in Completely Randomized Design. The results 301 that increasing of diameter of the cylinder blade from 6 — 301 cm caused the increasing amount of cassava tuber remained with underground stem, however, average tuber loss was rbd in range of 2. This study examined the nucleate pool boiling characteristics of distilled water attached to a heating surface with a horizontal circular plate above which the rotating blades were installed.

The experiments were performed 301 explore the effects of number of blades as well as the visualization of pool nude girls and stuffed animals 301 on nucleate boiling heat transfer characteristics. The rotating blades were made from copper material, with the number of blade of 2, 3 and 4 blades. The results showed that, the rotor with 4 blades yielded a higher heat transfer coefficient than those with rbd or 3 blades.

This is because the increased number of blade provided more chance for the bubbles to strike the rotating blades. Hence, the rotating blades did create a commotion of the working fluid above the heating surface. This study aim was to design an oil palm stem peeling machine. Oil palm veneer was selected from year-old palm trunk, the height was 8 meters, and the diameter approximately mm.

The prototype veneer machine was to make the palm timber as a thin wood sheet rbd supplying to the plywood manufacturing industry. The veneer machine was composed of 3 units, which were 1 the roller unit 2 the blade unit, and 3 the feed screw unit. It was driven by 5 hp motors to rotate 2 rollers with speeds of, and rpm.

The palm wood was rotated in the opposite direction to the blade using a 10 hp motor. It moved to the centre of the timber with forward speeds of 0. Finally, the oil rbd stems were peeled as veneer with a thickness of mm and length of mm.

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The results were that the machine was able to produce the veneer product without it being broken and it had a high strength by using the roller speed of rpm combine with a feed rate of 0. This research was aimed to design, fabricate, and evaluate the lemongrass slicing machine which can slice on both perpendicular and inclination to lemongrass stem, within less than 4.

The machine was fabricated by stainless steel of x x mm sized, and consisted of 3 301 parts of feeding slots, slicing knives, and a releasing slot. The machine functions by manual feeding a bunch lemongrass into the feeding slot one by one. The testing result revealed that perpendicular slicing condition was Inclination slicing condition was The objective of this research was to study the effect of the infrared heat treatment on the qualities of the rice bran.

The rice bran with the initial moisture content of The optimum condition of thermal treatment of rice bran respect to the quality rbd extracted oil and the energy consumption was determined. Nevertheless, the concentration of gamma oryzanol rbd not difference throughout the experiment. The mathematical model of 301 kinetics was examined, and the appropriate model was the Logarithmic model which the R 2 of 0.

Applying infrared radiation heat treatment is an alternative production process of spankthis starch.

The properties of starch including swelling power, total color difference and blue value were determined every 2 h until 20 h of heating. The results showed that increasing the heating temperature and time decreased the 301 value of starch-iodine complex. Meanwhile, the 301 power and total color difference increased with the heating temperature and time. This research aimed to study the effect of ultrasound 20 kHz on the preparation of white holy basil leaves in the hot air drying process.

Five pretreatments were applied, including min ultrasonic, min ultrasonic, blanching, steam blanching, and rbd ultrasonic plus blanching pretreatments. All pretreatments could enhance the drying characteristics as the lowest drying time of min was provided by hot air drying of unpretreated sample. Significant differences in the quality values of dried holy basil leaves subjected to different pretreatment were found.

The maximum rehydration ratio was 3.

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Dried holy basil leaves undergoing thermal pretreatments of blanching, steam blanching, and ultrasonic plus rbd led to were inclined to be darker and greener. A desiccant wheel dehumidification system was used in this study to reduce humidity of the air supplied to a hot air dryer. Desiccant wheel effectiveness was determined based on the ideal adiabatic dehumidification process. Best results of adiabatic dehumidification effectiveness and adiabatic enthalpy effectiveness in the range of 0. Specific adsorption of silica gel in the desiccant wheel was rotational speed dependent.

Drying of cylindrical carrot in the desiccant wheel dehumidification system-assisted hot air dryer was also conducted in this study. The desiccant material regeneration process reused exhaust drying air for heat rbd with the regenerating air, higher drying temperature caused higher moisture evaporated from the desiccant material. This paper aimed to study the effect of packed bed porous burner on drying kinetics of Nile tilapia. The pebbles were used as packed bed porous media having porosities of 0.

The results showed that the application of packed bed porous burner as heat source could improve the drying kinetics. Which the porosity of 0. Drying agricultural seeds is a commonly used industrial process. The drying process of the material inside the rotary drum is directly related to the seed movement in the dryer. However, the movement of agricultural seeds inside the rotary drum dryer has never seriously been studied before. This paper adopts a mathematical model for simulating particle flow in 301 drum dryers for agricultural seeds using discrete element methods DEMs.

It is aimed to study the efficiency of the rotary drum dryer and how this is linked to the type and number of vans and positions of vans mounted 301 the rotary drum dryer. The study parameters were performed by varying the rotational speed, inclination of the rotary drum installation with minimal impact on the flow of seeds, and segregation of the seeds in a rotary drum dryer.

The simulation results show that different operating conditions were the most significant influences on the rbd of seeds. Maximum height of the particle falling can be realized when the rotary drums are operating at an optimum condition for particle loading from the bottom drum.

Radiation heat transfer requires no medium, so energy lost is minimal. Infrared wave band is used for heating. However, radiative heating has limitation on the penetration depth. It infiltrated only a few millimetres into an object. IR drying can be used for thin layer drying. Continuous IR drying was an ideal process to use in drying. A pilot continuous IR drying tunnel was constructed. CFD model was used to generate the image of temperature profile of a moving belt which no other mean of temperature measurement can be 301.

The model was compared to measuring points for validation. The result was fair. By varying the IR heating power and speed of the belt, many scenarios can be used to find the optimum condition for drying.

Percentage of trash in the harvested sugarcane is one of the key quality indicators and needed to be examined since 301 affects sugar production efficiency. Currently, in Thailand, measurements of trash are done by randomly sampling by labors, which leads to delay and high labor cost this article aims to study the possibility of using the Principle Component Analysis PCA on the digital photos to detect harvested cane rbd of nicole aniston porn pictures trash.

The thresholding equation of each 301 was determined and applied for detecting sugarcane stalk rbd. The 301 revealed that the quality percentage QP of detection of all 5 color spaces was in a range from This research aims to study the isolated conditions that affect the characteristics of chitosan from fish scale waste which was received from fermented fish factory.

The chitosan was isolated by three steps which are deproteinization, demineralization, and deacetylation. The yield values of the chitosan were in range of The chitosan had deacetylation degree was in the range of The viscosity of the chitosan solution was approximately The outer surface 301 the chitosan is rough. Moreover, the Staphylococcus aureus inhibit activity of the chitosan was not presented. In this study, rbd oil was recovered from dried rice bran soapstock using ultrasound assisted solvent extraction UASE.

The parameters included ultrasound power 0. The quadratic response models were rbd and hairy big tits solo analysis was performed to validate the models.

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The results showed that the optimum extraction conditions were ultrasound power of 3. Ultrasound power and temperature were the most significant parameters for the extraction process. Under the optimal condition, the predicted neutral oil recovery was Beef flavors were formed by mixing amino acid, rbd, and wheat flour via the efficient and continuous direct extrusion process. Acceptability of extruded beef flavors, both in powder and liquid forms, was tested compared to the control, which was a commercial beef flavor prepared by the traditional method boiling and reflux.

The bulk density of the extruded products was significantly higher than the control, but they all showed the same 301 of solubility.

Methanethiol, the key component contributing to stewed beef and ground beef, as well as 2-furancarboxaldehyde, 3- methylthiol -propanal, 2-[ 301 methyl]-furan, was detected in beef flavors both rbd extrusion and the control.

Thus, there is a potential to use extrusion to replace traditional methods of production of beef flavors.

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Ohmic method is a heating technique using the electrical current directly through the food. In this study, the commercial 301 frankfurters were heated by an alternating current in a voltage range of V and compared the qualities in term of colour, texture, moisture content rbd water activity with the non-heating. The voltage gradient was conversely correlated with the heating duration. The high voltage gradient could raise the target temperature in a short time but it provided the less shear force of specimen tenderness.

On the other hand, every voltage insignificantly influenced the sausage moisture content. The large amount of the water activity was significant decreased at the voltage gradient of 50 V and the hardness and the shearing level of the sample of this intensity were similar to the non-heating sausage. The specimens with ohmic heating seemed homogeneous colour with naked eye whereas the measured values were slightly different. This research aims to study stickiness of fresh noodles after steaming process. The experimental procedures started with studying gelatinization, glass transition and surface characteristics of the fresh noodles 301 steaming for 0, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 and 90 min.

Then, temperatures of the fresh noodle were determined. Finally, force that was required to separate fresh noodles strips were investigated. Results showed that the fresh noodles were in rubbery state after steaming for less than 3 min.

Moreover, after the steaming, gelatinization of the fresh noodle was not presented. Surfaces of the fresh noodles strips were not locked together after being placed in the overlap. The 301 force of the fresh noodles strips was decreased with an increase of time after steaming. The separation force of the fresh noodles strips was the highest when the state of the rbd noodle was rubbery. Coconut meal is a by-product of coconut oil and coconut milk production. It is a rich source of dietary fiber which shows to have an important role in lowing the risk of various chronic diseases.

Therefore, it is interesting to convert the coconut meal, previously recognized as a valueless by-product, into a nutritious food product. The aim of this work is to investigate the possibility black girls body pussy nude such conversion using a widely known extrusion method.

Physical properties of the extrudates such as expansion ratio, density, water absorption index WAIwater solubility index WSIcrispness and moisture content were evaluated. Our study showed that the extrudates had expansion ratio of 2.

Soybean residue is a food processing by-product of soya milk or tofu production process. It consists of rich protein and fiber. As a result, reprocessing soybean residue as human food rbd be a worthwhile alternative. This research focuses on studying the effects of extrusion process and the extrudate characteristics.

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