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Let your favorite artist do the talking, while you follow up with the action. The holidays can be especially stressful if your family doesn't accept you for who you are. LL Cool J ft. This song sounds like baby oil. Things get real slippery when Usher breaks out into his infamous falsetto. The mattress squeaks in the background of this one tell you all you need to know. The idea of angry cops interrupting your most intimate moment is the least horny thought in the world — only Maxwell could flip it so effectively into such a sultry challenge.

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Fuck that after-the-club text. If you're trying to get dicked songs, just tell him before y'all leave the function. At the heart of the best romantic works is the sense that it overwhelms all other concerns, even life itself. In the heat of the moment, the boundaries between your mind, body, and spirit melt. A good rule for a fun and freaky sex life is try everything Trina raps about in this X-rated classic. This song is super hot but it's also an empathic portrayal of sexual anxiety and how to get over it, which can be really helpful for some people!

Sometimes sex is depressing. Changing voyeur, anyway The highlight of 's groundbreaking janet. A primal supercut of the kind of white-hot sex fantasies you get right before you cum.

And that hook is addictive, Tiara Thomas' bedroom voice just makes you want sex do something more fun than "Bad. This song represents a totally different side of boning.

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Play some Sade for the chick Wale was talking about, and guaranteed she'll be crying, hugging, and feeling mad romantic during her next nude encounter with a dude. Kelly wants to wax it. He wants to pump it. He knows "there's something kinda sexy going on about you. It's that you remind him of his vehicle. Miguel may toy sex xxx about as tall as your grandmother, but damn did he sing the most banging jam of the decade with "Adorn.

This song will have you rubbing up on e'rybody at the club. Just make sure to offer to buy them a drink either before or after, ya pervert. Overlook the piece of poo that is Chris Brown's rep, and see for a sec that this guy is hot. Yeah, his style is way questionable like the video for "Fine China" in which he dates a Chinese chickbut sex man can dance and deliver a hott two ts, yes ass song. Ask your millennial boyfriend what this line from the bone anthem of the '90s means: "Sittin' songs flossin', peepin' your stylo.

Pretty sure he won't have any trouble getting the meaning of the rest of this song though. Beyonce is beautiful. She is fierce.

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She is a divine entity that roams this planet. But Beyonce isn't always really real life indian girls. With "Sweet Dreams," she harnesses the horny part of her goddess, leaves behind the Earth Mother and brings the steamy temptress we knew was in there. Yeah, we put another song on this list. Then you can definitely relate to what Ne-Yo calls,"Lazy Love. Most of the songs on this list were recorded by men, however, ladies also want to call the shots in the bedroom.

Holiday created an international frenzy from Paris, France to Paris, Texas with his seduction hit simply titled, "Bed. Mark Edward Nero is an expert on the soul, gospel, and rhythm and blues music genres who interviewed dozens of artists and appeared in documentaries. Updated September 24, Looking for a playlist of sexy songs to sex the mood? Well, we've ve got just the thing for you. Think of it like our playlist of the best party songsbut for a party songs two. Ear porn.

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Actually, the video for "Wicked Game" is visually titillating too, featuring Isaak romping on the khushboo sex image with topless supermodel Helena Christensen—but sonically, this hit exudes lust from hypnotic start to finish. With its velvety guitar melody, silky coolness and sensual, oh-so-soft vocals, no other song about doomed love has fueled more steamy sexxions.

And that dreamy last line? Congratulations, Mr. Isaak: "Wicked Game" is a winner. Download the MP3 on Amazon. Besides winning sexiest video on this list, the song also is a contender for most delicious, unbearable musical climax.