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After Howard finally tells his mother he's engaged to Bernadette, she ends up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Leonard is big when Penny and Priya bond. Bernadette receives her Ph. Meanwhile, Raj becomes Sheldon's new roommate after Leonard starts staying with Priya in his apartment and Raj overhears their "Star Trek"-inspired bedroom fantasy. When Penny takes in furniture she found in the street, germophobe Sheldon is horrified and urges Penny to remove the chair from the building. She uses both Aarti Majumdar and Aarti Mann as her professional names.

I'm the daughter of two Indian, immigrant doctors and I have an older sister and younger brother and none of us has pursued medicine as a career. We're all over the artistic side of things. Mann's brother Nishad is a journalist and her sister Kruti helped influence her decision to switch mr peabody and sherman porn comics acting. While filming her scenes, Mann said she "got bit by the bug" to act and enrolled in acting classes in Los Angeles.

She was also a guest star on Heroes in Freed", but did not appear in the final version because the network envisioned a different type for the character. Priya returns to India and despite parental dissent and physical distance, they continue their relationship with dinner dates and foreplay on Skype though their video chats are disasters, as Leonard proves to be very awkward at them. It's not easy staying loyal. Leonard has a moral crisis in " The Good Guy Fluctuation " where he gets Alice 's number at the comic book store. Later at Leonard's apartment, they share comic-con memorabilia and make out.

Feeling torn between Alice and Priya, Leonard asks Penny for advice. She states he can't make everyone happy regardless of his choice. Still feeling unsure, Leonard asks Sheldon 's guidance. He posits Nietzsche's idea that morality is a fiction used by the inferior to hold back the superior. Taking it to heart, Leonard chooses Alice and leaves for her apartment. After they make out again, he changes his mind and affirms his loyalty to Priya.

Alice calls him a jerk and big him out. Leonard, disappointed about Alice, but reassured about Priya, returns home, the Priya, apologizes for making out with Alice and promises it won't happen again.

Priya quickly forgives him by stating all humans make mistakes. Leonard probes her reasoning. Cringing, she admits to sleeping with her ex probably Sanjay, mentioned to hairy porn com Skyping with her in " The Zarnecki Incursion " a few weeks prea and concludes it's not a contest.

Leonard disagrees saying that it is and she won and ends the call. In bang next episode, Leonard refers to himself as single, implying that he broke up with Priya afterwards. Later, Leonard starts dating Penny again confirming the break-up. Priya was briefly mentioned again in " The Recombination Hypothesis " theory Raj mentions that Leonard defiled his sister, though he only mentioned this in Leonard's daydream.

Priya is not seen in this season, however she is mentioned twice. She is first mentioned in " The Brain Bowl Incubation " when Raj mentions to a woman that his sister is a lawyer. She the also mentioned again in " The Allowance Evaporation " when Raj's father says that 5 of his 6 children are married and self-sufficient, which reveals that Priya is now married.

Priya is an intelligent lawyer, being certified to practice law in different countries. She shows interest in literature and activities such as roller skating. Chuck Lorre Episodes Eric Kaplan 9 Episodes Jim Reynolds 7 Episodes Mark Cendrowski Episodes Steven V. Silver 22 Episodes Andy Gordon 3 Episodes David Litt 2 Episodes Howard Murray 2 Episodes Bang Joseph Rich 2 Episodes Joel Murray 1 Episode Ted Wass 1 Episode Bob Koherr 1 Episode Anthony Rich 29 Episodes Andrew D.

Weyman 1 Episode Nicole Lorre 21 Episodes Steve Holland 8 Episodes Lee Aronsohn 7 Episodes Steve Holland 6 Episodes Eddie Gorodetsky 6 Episodes Robert Cohen 4 Episodes Tim Prea 3 Episodes James Burrows 2 Episodes Richard Rosenstock 13 Episodes Steven Silver 1 Episode Theory Del Broccolo 1 Episode Steve Holland 9 Episodes Jim Reynolds 9 Episodes Anthony Del Broccolo 7 Episodes Stephen Engel 6 Episodes Steven Molaro 9 Episodes Peter Chakos 9 Episodes Saladin K.

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Not necessary. We know everything there is to know about kissing. It requires 34 facial muscles and postural muscles. Bernadette: Oh, I totally want to bang Sheldon dance. I bet he looks like a spider on a hot plate. Proficient in the rumba, waltz and cha-cha.

I excel at so cerita dewasa bergambar things. Prea Against my will. In the South, pre-adolescent children are forced through a process called cotillion, which indoctrinates them with all the social graces and dance skills needed to theory in 18th century Vienna. Bernadette: Well, what does your cotillion training say is expected of a gentleman when three ladies ask him to escort them to a dance soiree? Sheldon: Waltz. Sings Blue Danube.

The taxi driver says something into radio in Korean. Dispatcher replies also in Korean. Taxi driver sings Blue Danube. Sheldon: Priya has essentially nullified my roommate agreement with Leonard, making life in the apartment very uncomfortable for me. Amy: I trained Ricky how to smoke. I can train him to shoot a poison dart. Sheldon: I understand the alcohol has stirred up whatever it is that makes girls go wild, but I really need to talk to smart Amy now. Amy: Excuse me. Have you considered that big intelligence might be the very thing causing your dilemma?

Sheldon: Well, when challenged, monkeys generally assert their dominance through chasing, assault and the stylized penile display. My point is, he would not meekly surrender to the rules, and neither should you.

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Amy: Yes, dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty. Which brings me to our next order of monkey rocker movies. Kisses him. Runs to bathroom and vomits. You really are an ass. Sheldon: Excellent question. Leonard: Uh, Captain Kirk activated the self-destruct sequence and threatened to blow up the Enterpriseand kill them both unless he gave in?

Sheldon: Affirmative. Computer, this is Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Activate self-destruct sequence. Code AB. Amy: Yes. What happened last night? Sheldon: All right. Last night you gave me some excellent advice regarding my problem here at home, you kissed me and then vomited on and off for 40 minutes, following which you passed out on your bathroom floor. I then folded a towel under your head as a pillow, set your oven clock to the correct time because it was driving me crazy, and I left.

Sheldon: I suggest we treat our relationship as if it were a crashed computer and restore it to the last point we both agree it worked. Amy: Terrific.