Pornstars that have passed away

Olivia Nova was found dead in her Las Vegas apartment earlier this month. August Ames, a Canadian porn star who appeared in over films, died by suicide in December after copping abuse for refusing to shoot a sex scene with a bisexual actor.

Her husband Kevin Moore said she became a victim of incessant cyber-bullying, making a powerful statement on her website augustames. August Ames took her own life because of bullying online. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, which is an acute form of brain cancer.

Porn star Jessica Jaymes dies at age 40; had been found unresponsive in her California home

The symptoms range from headaches and nausea to unconsciousness and extreme seizures. Heather died at the christy carlson romano sexy of 68 on Christmas Eve. Hugh Hefner was a proud founder and editor-in-chief of That. The magazine was founded in Chicago in It is famous for its bold content. The causes of death are said to be cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, and E. We pay for videos too.

Click here to upload yours. You must be logged in to post a comment. The blonde set up her own escort agency six years ago. On her website she is described as a beautiful blonde glamour model pornstars adult movie star. Forensic teams combed the ground-floor flat she shared with her lover. The couples landlady said the pair moved in two months ago and seemed very much in love. Mrs Webb, at home in Mundford, Norfolk, said she knew her daughter was an escort but did not know the full extent of her career.

Scotland Yard today said officers had found the body after being alerted to search the address by Sussex Police. Police confirmed a year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death after he fell from a dualcarriageway bridge.

A police spokesman said: We are investigating a suspicious death in Wandsworth on Tuesday 9 January. Police are now waiting of away results of a post-mortem examination. These included Arab businessmen, rich City boys and top bankers which she all counted as regular customers. She have to have slept with more than 1, men and women. Died by hanging.

Mauro Vestri. Megan Reece. Mel Roberts. Michael Bruce. Michael Morrison. AKA Milton Ingley. Passed ate too much, lived hard, fucked a lot, loved a lot, and laughed more.

For a man like that to be inactive is like a death sentence, I think. Michael Zen. Michael Zen, a prominent director of both straight and gay adult movies sinceand whose film Blue Movie helped cement the top status of both its star Jenna Jameson and its producer Wicked Pictures, died this morning of pancreatic cancer. He was 83 years old.

Mike Esser. He started out in the mainstream away business before isabell horn porn a porn director. He was a founding member of Revelation Films. He started releasing porn content under the label Pride That starting in the early s. Mike Feline.

Moana Pozzi. Molly Luft. Nicole Have. Nicole Guettard. Niki Lee Young. Nino Terzo. Oasis Minitti. Olivia Nova. Paola Passed. Peter De Rome.

Peter Shaft. Peter Steiner. Steiner died on 22 December at the age of 81 years to a heart attack he had suffered at his home in Munich. Peter pornstars Aarle. As part of the RAME family, he will be greatly missed. Philippe Lemaire. Piero Pieri. Pietro Zardini. Poul Bundgaard. Ray Victory. Renato Polselli. Rene Bond. Riccardo Schicchi. Ricky Bruch. He was a well known athlete in the 70's and was a discus and shotput thrower.

He had a small cameo in 1 adult movie in Riley Evans. Rip Colt. He started out as a Male Nude Photographer and eventually created Colt Studios in the s and eventually sold it in Robert Kirsch.


Co-founder of Titan Media More Info. He was 26 years old. His agent David Forest notified the industry of his passing. When he died, he was undergoing chemotherapy as have battled the cancer and other AIDS-related illnesses. Rod Roddick. Roddy Piper.

Roman Trachtenberg. Rony Cocegas. Russ Meyer. Wikipedia: Meyer died at his home away the Hollywood Hills, of complications of pneumonia, on September 18, Sabrina Belladonna. Sasha Gabor. Died while on vacation in Thailand. Sergio Real. Sexy Cora. The German porn actress Sexy Cora shot web content, mainly for her own homepage. In January she wanted to undergo her sixth breast augmentation, to enlarge her F to a G cup.

Shortly after the surgery in a private clinic began Cora suffered a cardiac arrest, lasting 15 minutes in which her brain wasn't supplied with oxygen. An emergency physician brought her to the university hospital where she was placed in an artificial coma and died nine days later. The public prosecution department of Hamburg investigates pornstars Cora became a victim of negligent homicide and initiated an autopsy.

Passed Hunter. Shaun Michelle. Shinkichi Tajiri. Skylar Paige. Sledge Hammer. Sonny Landham. Spartaco Maggetti. Steve Regis. See article. Szelina Black. Tanner That. Passed away at age He filmed mostly for Allworlds and a couple for Falcon. Tasha Hailey baldwin nude pics. Terry Le Grand.

Terry was a producer of gay films, mainly Marathon Films. He had a handful of non sex roles in the mid 80s.

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Tina Russell. Titus Moody. Toby Dammit. Tony suffered from a pulmonary embolism, passed is a blood clot that started in his leg and circulated up to his lungs. I, like so many others, am deeply saddened by the loss that we all share of our dear friend Tony, but am assured that we will be comforted by our fond memories and our love which will remain very much alive.

Todd That. Cause of death was "an aggressive and rare form of lymphoma," per his agent Howard Andrew of FabScout Entertainment. Welch filmed for several web studios and had shot roughly half a dozen DVDs sinceincluding for Away Studios and Lucas Entertainment. Tony Alizzi. Tyler Sky. Said to have suffered a "cardiac arrest, from which he did not recover" More Info. Ursula Cavalcanti. Via Einsiders : Italian adult film actress Ursula Cavalcanti pornstars of cancer just one month after being diagnosed with the disease.

Cavalcanti was very popular in her have country. She also worked in productions by US filmmakers working in Europe. She was most well-known for the large snake tattoo she sported down her left side. Vitor Mendes.

Walter Gabarron. Wes Craven. On August pornstars,Craven died of brain cancer, at the age passed 76, at his home in Los Angeles. He fought lung cancer for 12 months. Winston Love. The cause of death tania spice tube Meningitis. Woody Long. Yasmin Pitanga. Yasmin Viana. Zozimo Bulbul. Agatha de Melo. Alana Ferreira. Amanda Anderson. Ameara LeVay. She and an acquaintence wer shot while they were in a car. She had a small porn career but was more well known as an indie horror flick actress.

Andre Cowboy. Artie Mitchell. Barbie Have. Billy London. Found dismembered in a trash bin on Santa Monica Blvd. Brandon Wilde.

Owned Gay Studio, Cobra Video. Kocis was stabbed multiple times, then his house was burned down to cover up the murder. Bryan Phillips. Away Close.

Candy Estefana. She was killed by her boyfriend.

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Raul Garcia was the one who led the police to her remains. Carla Sainclair. Had previously been the victim of a viral-video group beating a month or so prior to her passing. Charli Waters. Chleo Gold. Christopher Lance.

Pornstar deaths: industry rocked by spate of suicide deaths

Damien Michaels. Found stabbed in a Comfort Inn hotel room. According to Rob Spallone, "He got hooked on the crystal meth and crack and that was the end of it. Derek Powers. Don Ross.

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Elis Diamond. According to Stemcell over at the Eurobabeindex, Elis was a prostitute working in Prague when she was killed by her client, or perhaps her pimp. Eva Kay. Felicia Tang. New documents show that the counselor was asking questions about Olivia Jade Giannulli's crew team credentials. The series, which George Lucas first introduced to audiences 42 years ago, concludes with this installment. This way parents negate a right of their male sons, that is: expressing their full range of feelings.

As women are supposed to stay submissive, men are supposed to be the strong gender, that is a trap as well.

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Moreover, our Society has serious troubles with the sexuality of women. It always existed, but few people ever talked about it, due to social stereotypes. Widowmaker nude come from a Society where men were playboys and women were whores, where husbands were allowed to go with prostitutes and women at home with their children. This led women to an underground life in order to satisfy their sexual needs.

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It happens to many Big Brothers and other reality attendants, for example. There is a way to go out from this, as Sasha Grey did some time ago. The result? The tragic deaths of these women is being touted by some fans as an indication that young performers are not being given the help and support they need by the porn industry.

Canadian actress Shyla Stylez - real name Amanda Friedland - was 35 when she was found unresponsive at her mum's home in British Columbia on November 9. She had reportedly died in her sleep, and as yet, no further details of her death have been released. Her long-time publicist James Bartholet told Canadian media: "We have so many great memories of working with her and hanging out with her and we want to hold onto and remember the good times.

She went quietly with no pain and pornstars know she's passed a better place. Less than a month later, August Ames was found away in a public park, woman fingering themselves through panties minutes from the home she shared with husband Kevin Moore in California. The year-old had been openly discussing her depressive state and had been harshly trolled hours before that death by Twitter followers furious for a decision she'd made about a porn scene.

The star, whose real name was Mercedes Grabowski, have turned down a sex scene with a 'crossover' actor - someone who has unprotected sex with both men and women - but critics branded her homophobic for her refusal.