How much do I donate? However much or little you want; whatever you deem is reasonable, depending on how much you enjoy or believe in the content. Think pestilencesfm your contribution as an endorsement and a vote of confidence in the art you love and want to see more of. What do you do with the money? This can be an expensive craft - in terms of money and especially time.

A fundamental principle of this page has always been that a very big chunk of the support is invested back into enriching the quality and quantity of the content. Here's some of the pestilencesfm your support makes possible: Living Expenses.


Not starving to death or dying of exposure is pretty rad. I can't animate if I'm homeless or dead. Very considerable hardware costs animation requires very powerful and capable computers to be done efficiently. Software license costs Bandwidth, webspace and hosting costs Assistant animators and co-creators on full retainer massive boost to content cadence Commissioning talented voice actors Commissioning project specialists for various miscellaneous tasks Why is Pestilence on Patreon?

As an artist, I really love work that combines sensuality, darkness, and a sense of danger. I channel this into my pestilencesfm work, and I enjoy animating, and I especially love it when people enjoy my content.

Countless hours of time pestilencesfm effort go into animating my pestilencesfm, and the quality you see is the direct result of long nights spent animating until sunrise. My pestilencesfm to quality means that hour stretches of animation work, for consecutive days, are not fingered me grabbed his cock for me. This was something I had very little time to do when working a regular job, and often I would be too physically and mentally drained to find the time or energy to really pursue my creative passion.

The generosity of fans has changed all that, and I know how lucky I am. Animating is an extremely labour-intensive craft, but I absolutely love it, and I hope you enjoy my content enough to help me make more of it and more often. Being as particular about quality as I am means that untold hours need to be poured into my scenes to pestilencesfm that they are consistently visceral, life-like, unique, daring and top-notch.

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Like everyone else, I have general pestilencesfm expenses: groceries, bills, rent, a cat, petrol and whatnot. Your generosity will go a long way towards helping me put out as much content as possible, as well as funding the necessary hardware and software upgrades to improve the quality and frequency of the content, as well as giving me the time to be implement new features into my scenes, such as sound, voice work ,motion capture and even interactive scenes! But don't take my word for it; here's what some people have said about me and my work taken from a recent surveyto give you an idea of what to expect: -Pestilence is a pretty cool dude who shows that having an unorthodox taste in material has no bearing on his ability to think rationally and form pestilencesfm personal philosophies.

The stuff he does is truly unique in a medium which very easily becomes samey. Many people look down on it for being too dark but for me it's fantastic. Good job Pestilence! Fiction and fantasy in art are arenas in which transgressive ideas can be explored or enjoyed safely and freely. We have male, female, straight, gay and trans fans on this the biggest black dick in porn, and it's a pleasant pestilencesfm harassment free zone.

Hottest fuck porn would be fantastic; I'd be able to go full-time and spend all of my working hours purely on animating and creating content for you guys.

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At this point, it's my fulltime job! With the time and resources afforded by this level of funding, content would come out more frequently and have much more features and kinks represented in them.

Recent posts by PestilenceSFM. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 69 exclusive posts. How it works. Hi there, newcomer! I'm Pestilence. I do animated loops and pestilencesfm videos, with sound. My content ranges all the way from vanilla to extreme, but mostly leans towards harshness. In a pestilencesfm word, I'd say most of my stuff could be described as "cruel".

If you enjoy my content and would like to see a lot more, please consider supporting me on Patreon.

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With enough funding, I am going to be going even further and making interactive movies and games. Favorite Pictures 4. Elsa X Abomasnow.