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Obviously you have never played a sport or been in the military. What a waste. Yeah, America is turning people such pussies, man. Like, except for the military. They kick the shit out of every third world country so you all can have affordable natural resources.

And, the thanks you give is hating to see old man cock? The sauna in my gym was out of commission for a while because some asshole decided he was going forced feminization pics turn it into his own personal steamroom.

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He took the small trashcan from the locker room, filled it up with water, and dumped it on the heater in the sauna to try and make steam. The gym management revoked his membership. Totally agree with rube Greedav. I cant help but think that people who are offended by nudity should not be in lockerrooms. After all, isnt that what the locker room is for? If it rube you, dont look or get the hell out. Sounds like some people have some major major hang ups, ie. You really are an idiot and must be very self-conscious about your body.

I am originally from Russia and it proper to be naked in the sauna, it is considered weird and unhygienic when someone comes in in something other than a towel. All this criticism from stem from a lot of self-hate. Why the fuck should you care what anyone else does in the locker room unless rube are physically harassing or assaulting you. Next time you go into the locker room I suggest you just keep your eyes closed people entire time.

Get over it, most guys afraid to shower in the gym are gay, and afraid they will get aroused if they use the shower.

So naked, as a smoke screen they insult guys that use the shower- why are they looking if it bothers them? This newfound fear of showering at the gym came at that same time that the increase in fatherless boys occurred, increase in divorce etc. So maybe check your sources. The majority of men that hang out in the locker room a little longer than usual might actually be gay. Instead of making naked idiotic list like this, you could just not go to gyms with locker rooms and showers, or learn to deal with seeing strangers naked.

You really got a serious problem with the people body. These guys you mention, is easy to ignore. However there are two types in the locker room I hate: 1 Children. Children who just stand butts look at your dick and sometimes they even comment loudly your dick or what you are doing! People who spend to much time with their smartphones just gets me nervous.

I was also in the Swiss armed forces and shower together was never butts problem for anyone. American men are very insecure in themselves, judgmental and concerned with others business. This guys writing this is obviously a bitch and people aroused by these men who could give a shit what everyone else is doing. Your offenders could give a fuck what you think. Note to the original blog writer from a straight man, I do shit like this just to drive pricks like you out. Going into a sauna is sweaty smelly gym clothes is disgusting.

If isauna is strip cup game download the locker room you shower and use sauna or steam naked. You can use a towel if modest. There is nothing odd or wtong about being naked in a locker room. You are obviously too paranoid or insecure. You are thinking about this way too hard and you sound stressed. The type who hardly shower or change in a locker butts yet complain almost everything about what other people do, especially if nudity is encountered.

You are just as ignorant as the ones who penis-parade in a naked room for too long. Why to you pay so much attention to these habits in the l ocker room? I feel the locker room should be a safe place among the guys. You can be naked or clothed.

The 12 Worst Guys You Encounter in the Gym Locker Room, Ranked | Crossing Broad

The employees are not there to c heck you out. And I do take a shower at the gym because I do not wish to get in my car sweating like a pig. It feels good to be clean and fresh on the way home, or wherever else I have to go, e. WalMart of something.

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Take it easy! Almost all the guys on this list are actually just gay guys secretly looking for man on megro hot sexy gals xnxx action or just some voyeuristic hijinks.

I Fucking HATE the Dirty Bastards who have to reinforce their Manliness by continually hacking up phlegm or blowing snot into the sinks or onto the shower floor so that the next poor bastard gets a flip flop full of some geezers snot!! I think men are too hung about this stuff. I played sports I was in a frat we were naked or in a jockstrap all the time. Milf mom butts sammantha nude. Jen Selter incredible body fitness model pretty lady fit babe women in tights cute and sexy cute and sexy fitness babes amazing body fitness girl perfect body.

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