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Strands of the goalie's red hair floated overwatch her face until her stomach slammed into the ground; she laid there on the ground with her shorts slightly wedged and face covered in madhuri dixit xxx fickung while cheers of the other teams' fans filled her ears. Her eyes looked up just in time to see the green uniform of number six trot towards her. Padme looked out the window of her Coruscant spanking at the pouring rain as it pattered against the window and the speeders flying by at insane speeds as she turned back to her bed and sat down on it as her spanking opened and in walked a certain twi-lek.

Overwatch spanking story that follows several of the girls living in a manor together. In this chapter, Hana Song D. Va gets spanked by Jack Morrison Soldier Overwatch sorry! Please don't spank me again! I thought I was done punishing brats for the day, but here I am, wrong again! She began to spank her already swollen butt, quickly reducing Hana to a sobbing mess after only a few swats.

She then pulled her off the couch and locked eyes with her.

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You are to stay in bed for the rest of the night. Hana walked quickly to the bathroom and did as she was told. She then went straight to spanking bedroom and climbed into bed and spanking her largest stuffed bunny that happened to be about half her size.

Angela followed her to room to make sure she got into bed. Angela turned off the light and left the room, partially closing the door behind her. She would be back to michael christopher gay porn in on Hana and wanted to do so without the door latch waking her. Angela then joined the rest of the girls in the dining room. Angela looked around the table and noticed all eyes were on her.

The girls piled pasta onto their plates and passed the bowl to the girl next to her until everyone had food in front of them. Something about fighting anti-omnic extremists.

She said she should be back in a few days if everything goes overwatch planned. She's a tough girl, she can handle herself.

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Both Amelie and Mei remained quiet sofia vergara ass photos their meals, they were to busy suppressing the pain in their rear ends. The rest of the girls' small talk dwindled and the girls finished their meals in awkward silence. She then started to clear the table of the empty plates and dirty utensils.

Naughty girls get early bed times. Amelie snapped out of her stare into nothingness and was once again reminded of the throbbing pain from her bottom. She whimpered a few times as she stood up, her swollen bottom resisting her movements. She walked over to Angela and wrapped her arms around her. Angela smiled at Amelie and released her from the hug and watched her disappear up the stairs making her way to the bathroom and eventually to her room. Overwatch must have really taken it to heart. Angela turned her spanking to Lena and Isabel.

Behave yourselves. Lena finished wrapping up a final plate worth of spaghetti as Isabel finished washing the dishes.

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Isabel dried her hands and readied herself at the front door to go out for the night. It's never this quiet this early. Overwatch she heard the quiet sobs of Hana from spanking room. She must be in quite a bit of pain.

She's probably hungry by now too. She then settled on a spanking show about past prototype fighter jets. After a few minutes she noticed a damp feeling on her spanking butt and back, the couch was still wet from earlier and didn't completely dry off yet. I may as well hit the hay too. Peace and quiet at last! Her body obscured from vision by the thick layer of bubbles.

Her shoulder and wrist were overwatch sore from all the beatings she gave the girls all afternoon. The heat from the bath eased the pain away and coaxed Angela into a state of relaxation. Spanking laid there for almost an hour, enjoying the steam and warmth from the bath. She then looked at her hands. Angela dried off and put on her bath robe before proceeding down the hall to Amelie's room. She quietly pushed the door open to see Amelie fast asleep in her bed.

Mei was sleeping as well. I do have a scenario in mind for them, but on how to get them to the scene is a different story. Will be quite a while from now unfortunately with how the plot is unfolding. So many scenarios, so little time lol. One of these days you must write Mercy getting spanked. I feel like she's had it coming for overwatch while now.

Oh don't worry, Mercy will get a couple spankings. It will be a little bit before we get there, but it will happen. Looking forward to it. Awesome story. It was hilarious and adorable.

All the other girls consistently have their rent ready on time, why can't you? Please spanking me one more chance! You will have the rent in the drop box by pm tomorrow afternoon or you WILL be evicted. Do you accept these terms? You can't be serious! Her sinking feeling quickly changing to that of shock and anger that he would even consider spanking her. Isn't there a different punishment you can think of that would be better? And I am very serious. You overwatch accept the spanking willingly or start overwatch your stuff, the choice is yours!

Hana was in disbelief of her current situation, eviction or a spanking. But she had grown to love living with the girls in the manor and didn't want to leave. Just remember that you agreed to this to be granted an extension. Hana then let Jack through the door and followed him to the living room.

Jack then took off his jacket and draped it across the back of the kayden kross parody.

Overwatch Spanking

Jack then moved to the front of the couch and sat in the middle of it. Hana nervously stood to the right of Jack waiting for his instructions. She obeyed his command and climbed across his lap. Her heart was now racing as she was preparing for the punishment to begin not knowing how much it would hurt nor how long it would last.

Jack then placed his left hand on the small of Hana's back to hold her in place then he placed his right spanking lightly on her bottom. He then raised his right overwatch and gave Hana a hard smack on her overwatch cheek sending a sharp sting across her bottom.

Then another smack struck her left buttock. Jack alternated his spanks from spanking to left then right again, each spank sending a stinging burning feeling across Hana's butt.

Her butt starting to turn pink.

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He slowly increased the strength of his spanks and the speed in which he delivered them. Her eyes tearing up as the pain was starting to overwhelm her. She started twisting her body to get overwatch from the spanking but her squirms were in vain as Jack was far stronger than the petite girl.

After several minutes of hard spanking, her butt color now matched her thong color which made Mr. Morrison smirk a little. Hana tried reaching for her butt with her right hand but Jack immediately pinned it to the small of her back. I've barely even started, there is a lot more coming. In the mean time, overwatch up all available blueprints for that compound. Maybe we can make an educated guess as to where the captives are being spanking within. Communications in Cairo are a mess. We assume she is helping the Egyptian forces fight Null Sector there but we can't be sure.

While the Sergeant was accessing the blueprint information, Isabel overwatch to do some research on Screw my wife 47 Kessler. She pulled up a holo screen in front of her and accessed her military record as well as her social media and any other files she could find.

She is spanking cute too, I can see why Fareeha chose her as her Lieutenant Now that I know where it came from, I can intercept any new communiques. Jack moved to the holo table and merged the architectural plans with the satellite imagery to form a highly detailed map of the compound. He studied the map for for a several minutes without uttering a word before he turned to face his Sergeant.

Time felt like it was standing still for Jack. He needed the new imagery to determine a plan to save the HSI women. Close to a dozen soldiers overwatch the perimeter and the grounds of the compound and an unknown amount naked sex hot hurt inside the buildings. There are too many of them for a frontal assault and it would only jeopardize Fareeha and Rayna's safety.

And we don't know if they are located in the machine shop on the West side of the complex or inside the manor. Look at the windows, none of them overwatch like they match those of the manor. They may have moved the girls since then. Bidding closes pretty soon too. Then spanking is HSI that stopped at half a million. Guess HSI just put in enough bids in to make it appear they cared about getting their soldiers back.

And now it is a battle between Talon and an anarchist group that is choosing to remain anonymous. Talon is counter bidding the anarchists without signs of stopping. She began typing her overwatch rapidly in the air trying to find any leads on them but her efforts were fruitless. Isabel frowned but refused to let it go.

Looks like Talon has a new pair of lasses to add to their ranks. You better be careful with these two, they are quite the handful. The holo switched to a figure of someone obscured by shadows and their spanking electronically masked. Send us the coordinates for the exchange, we will be there in two days to retrieve our new property.

We require half the payment as a deposit on them. As soon as Junkrat and Roadhog received the funds they sent the coordinates for the exchange with overwatch instructions. He shook his head, amature allure video didn't like their time table for the mission. What's going on? I've got bad news. Talon bought the girls as we all expected them to. And we only have two days to rescue them. What about me? Jack pointed directly at Isabel.

There is a chain of command that I expect you to follow here. She pushed her luck knowing that Angela was there to keep Jack at bay. Isabel pointed to her visitor ID hanging from her neck. Need I remind you of what happens to disobedient girls? You'll give yourself an aneurysm. I'll behave. Both Jack and Angela gave her doubtful looks. Isabel now realizing she had pushed her luck too far.

If she didn't control herself, she would soon find herself in a world of hurt. Isabel rubbed her left butt cheek as she approached the holo table in the middle of the room. She pulled up the satellite feed and zoomed out slightly on it. We know the sext pussy close up are somewhere at this site, but we don't know exactly where. And for this plan it doesn't even matter where.

Those goons shouldn't know that I am no longer a member. If we time this right, we can scoop up the girls before Talon gets them. And what if they realize you aren't Talon? There is someone who can't quite refuse my uh I guess we can wait until the others get here.

It would be another twenty minutes before the others came to the briefing which gave Jack, Angela and Isabel some time to take a small break. Amelie, Lena and Hana were escorted down a long corridor spanking a pair of soldiers. A pair of troopers were talking in an adjacent hall as the girls approached but quickly toned their chatter down to whispers. Then both soldiers stared in silence as the trio were escorted by. Amelie felt heavyhearted as old wounds overwatch opened once again.

They seemed like they would never heal. Amelie let out a deep sigh as the pair of soldiers guided the three of them to the command room. The one soldier gestured for the three ladies to stop and wait while the other knocked on the door. Angela opened the door and stepped outside. Come on in ladies. Instead of returning to their previous duties, they stood guard outside the room. I see the looks everyone spanking me as we came in here. Angela could see in Amelie's eyes that it bothered her, she masked how she felt fairly well but couldn't hide her true feelings from Angela.

She handed him an envelope with her right hand. He could sense that she was still nervous around him. So, I shall leave this briefing to her. She glazed over the basic plan and started to give spanking individual tasks for the mission.

It's very important that you spanking yourself and look and act like a member of Talon.

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You overwatch to place the bomb without being spotted and you have to place the bomb where it will destroy its back wheels on either side of the truck. This will buy us some time to rescue the girls. It should provide you overwatch decent cover and line of sight of most of the front of the compound. Amelie nodded as she looked over the map of the compound and the surrounding area memorizing the layout and where her potential targets would be as well as her escape route to the extraction zone. I suggest you ladies get to work. I sincerely hope that overwatch and the others pull it off without a hitch.

I'll get assets in place to deliver and extract you and your team. The women diligently studied the map and their responsibilities for the mission before making their creampie x out of the command room and returned to the house to try to get some rest before the mission.

The next day around midnight, the ladies returned to the spanking and made their way to the locker room to gear up for the upcoming mission. Amelie sighed as she donned her old Talon outfit, she didn't native american teen whores anything to do with the old organization but she needed to look the part. Amelie may not have liked wearing her old outfit but Isabel loved how it accentuated her assets.

Amelie lowered her tactical visor and performed a system check on it while looking around the room at the other women. She stopped and stared spanking Isabel black femdom strapon she was bent over with her legs straight, reaching for her belt of her purple tunic that fell to the bottom of her locker. Friendly target indeed.

Angela put on her Valkyrie suit, with it she would be able to swoop in to the spanking of her allies should the need arise. Lena, a few lockers to the left of Angela, decided her overwatch vibrant leggings to be toned down to light brown to complement her brown aviators jacket.

She then strapped her chronal accelerator onto her chest and back and made sure it was nice and snug. She hated wearing the hefty device, she wished Winston could come up with a pocket sized version or some sort of treatment so that she never spanking to wear it again.

Hana surprised the others after she turned away from her locker. She wore a form fitting leather jacket, the arms and shoulders were black and the torso a deep red. She buckled up her thigh holster over top of her black leather pants before she pulled her ponytail through a black baseball hat.