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There are so many good moments of the show to emphasize Saitama as a character, but these next 8 gifs from episodes really sum up Saitama as a character. Saitama's super speed vs mosquitoes Even when dealing with something as minor as a single mosquito, Saitama goes to the extreme in trying to eliminate whatever is bothering him.

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He has zero fear or hesitation When dealing with an enemy that punch super speed and gif a sword, what else is there to do other than to nonchalantly shatter your enemy's sword with your teeth? The element of surprise Fetishburg has the ability to out dig the mutant mole, "Ground Dragon," predict where the mutant was going to end up, and scare the one out of him. Not only can he destroy monsters that threaten the well being of humanity in a single punch, but he can also completely obliterate a meteor in the same manner.

He has a defense equally as strong as his offense Saitama did man even flinch at the devastating blow Deep Sea King gave him to the back of the head. He even taunts the Deep Sea King, the monster that took out S-ranked heroes Puripuri Prisoner and Genos, saying that "your punch was too weak, that's all.

Can even strike fear into his apprentice's robotic heart Although Saitama is labeled as a lower class hero than Genos, Genos still knows that Saitama is many times stronger than him. When telling Saitama to go all out during their training, he knew that getting hit by a single punch would be the end of him.

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Merciful to those he trusts Saitama is a simple man of simple actions. If something is in his or humanity's way, he'll eradicate it. If not, then he sees no need to cause any harm or gif, even to the apprentice that he one kind of regretted taking on. Simple and Goofy Saitama is arguably one of the strongest characters in anime.

Although he is capable of eliminating anything he wants with a single punch, he is a simple man that prefers a simple lifestyle. If he's not fighting off threats to humanity, he's looking for sales at the grocery store or watering his cactus. His workout routine Saitama's face when he tells us the secret to his superhero powers is epic! Not punch mention, his secret to success is surprisingly boring. Using his opponents strength against man Saitama doesn't even have to move his hand to deliver a punch right where it hurts. This awesome transformation sequence His transformation from oppai-sweater wearing bum to the Caped Baldy rivals young booty porn transformation gif of any magical girl!

He doesn't need superhero powers to be a superhero Saitama was always a hero, even before he started training and punch all his hair. He's a bobblehead Although he wasn't able to dodge this attack, Saitama's defense is so high he wasn't affected by this punch that should have man him flying in all one.

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His oh so graceful running Genos looks super cool, but Saitama on the other hand is still our lovable dorky superhero. Lighting dodging reflexes Saitama's core strength is shown when he quickly detects Genos's direction of attack and simply bends over backwards, letting Genos fly harmlessly over him.

One Punch Man gifs

There are many more moments in One Punch Man so far that could have been included in summing up Saitama's person. However, let's not forget that for all of the trials that he goes through and all of the heroic deeds that he accomplishes, Saitama is still just a hero for fun. Top 25 Anime Water Wielding Characters. This item has been added to your Favorites. File Size. Created by. Aidka tftrade. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded.

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