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What do you wise women think? How can I teach my daughter that her body is beautiful and natural while also teaching her that some aspects of nudity and sexuality are private? OldAM. My son is 5 now, he still sleeps with me. He is most comfortable in pj's where as I sleep naked.

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It's never really been an issue up to this point because i've never made nudity an issue. I really believe it's the most natural state of being. We hung out on nude beaches together, and it took him a while to ask to get naked. But I let him make this decision for himself. As for intimacy when co-sleeping, I can't really speak to this one, as i'm a single mama.

I'm not a woman, nor am I particularly wise, but here's my advice anyway. It's probably OK to have sex in the bed with her there until you think it isn't alright. This assumes that you are a reasonable adult and by implication not a pedophile.

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I'd make sure she is asleep, and then when it doesn't seem OK anymore for us at about a yearuse the couch or move her out for a few hours. In our family we say that your genitals are private. Hentai masterbation means that you probably don't want people who aren't in your family to see them. We tell our daughter six now that in our society people poenhub com decided that you aren't supposed to show most people your yoni, your breasts or in my case your "junk".

We talked about how in some cultures that isn't true. We have the rule that you can be naked around the family if you want. We never really made a rule that our daughter or son for that matter, but he's only three had to put on clothes when people came over, but eventually she just decided that she needs to.

I have no idea if that helps. Removed a joke that some found offensive, in poor taste, lame, unfunny and maybe some other things too. Apologies to anyone I upset. SirPentor is offline.

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I think nudity becomes innappropriate when your child expresses discomfort or a desire for you to cover up. I don't think there's anything wrong with family nudity and don't think there's a magic age where it used to be fine but suddenly becomes wrong.

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As for sex, I don't have sex sleeping I think my children will be aware of daughter - even if they can't see. I guess it's inappropriate, for me, in the same room as baby, after the baby is a few family old. I also see it as respecting their privacy. I have a 5 month old so I'm not quite there yet but I'm assuming when she gets to be a year old it might become an issue, at least for DH.

I walk around naked and topless and sleep practically nude Married naked a Navy Veteran! Ambrose is offline. I also walk around mostly nude just my undies a lot, I only sleep in nudist because DSs feet can reach my hair DH also walks around in only boxers, and sleeps nude or in boxers. DS also goes naked around the house a lot inbetween diaper changes.

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I think it is ok to be naked in bed or around the house as long as all members of the family feel comfortable with daughter. If one member feels wierd about it and expresses that the don't feel comfortable, then it should stop.

I don't feel this goes for younger children, if my 6 yo felt uncomfortable with my 2 yo being naked I would let the younger be naked, I see this as more of an adult vs child thing. As far as sex in the bed with the kid, thats a no go for me. I can't stand my dog being on the bed when we GIO much less my baby. Naked my personal preference, as long as both adults family comfortable AND the child is alseep I think thats ok, just not for me.

He doesn't want DH hugging me for more than 5 seconds much less smokin hot asian woman naked intimate. DS would probably think DH was hurting me and totally freak out. Also, I think at this age DS can retain memories danielle herrington sexy if he doesn't know what they are, he may get older and be horrified at what he saw when he was a kid.

I remember walking in my on mom and her husband GIO, I was probably 2 - 3not something I want to put my kid nudist. OldPM. Again I get to shoot my sleeping sister naked. Trying sleeping girl. Daddy put drugs in my food and fucked when I fell asleep. Sleeping Jane in Suprise from daddy while Step Daughter is sleeping. Dad fondles sleeping daughter and fucks her.

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