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A Duluth woman's choice to go topless on a local beach has sparked a discussion over what is considered "indecent exposure" in Minnesota.

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A woman with children called the police on Michelle Bennett after she refused to cover up while sunbathing topless at Park Point beach in the Twin Ports. As FOX 21 reportsa police officer told Bennett it wasn't a nude beach, only for Bennett to respond that she wasn't nude, she was topless.

MN man who allegedly groped Minnie Mouse banned from Disney World

The officer left without taking any action against Bennett, who nonetheless put a shirt on but only after she pointed out some inconsistencies in Minnesota state laws regarding indecent exposure. Under Minnesota Statute As Bennett argued, this doesn't specifically reference female breasts as being private parts, though the statute does include an exemption for breastfeeding mothers.

Bennett was later approached by a Duluth officer who didn't know if he could arrest her. I pointed out to him sun potno I wasn't nude, I was topless," Bennett said. Thanks to many for that by the way.

I have a lot of energy and enjoy the experience very much.

Queer Girl City Guide: Minneapolis, MN | Autostraddle

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We'll let them explain. Or maybe it was about a dying industrial town. And we're not talking about people who stand in the background on movie sets! Although a lot of the dancers would probably kill for women job.

Adequate also describes the women -- don't expect to nude blown away and you just might be pleasantly surprised. And nowhere does this prove truer than in Nashville, where the best strip club only garners 3. But the spot that comes out on top is Minx. The strippers here even run pole dancing classes in their off hours, since apparently goo girls porn a stripper in Wyoming requires a side job.

Thanks for this! I recently moved back to Minneapolis I grew up here and am getting to know it as an adult. Berlin is the waverly Soooo looking forward to this Saturday. One question for you… how do you get into different friend groups here?

Hopefully not!

Duluth woman going topless sparks debate over Minnesota's indecency laws - Bring Me The News

Just wondering if you have any ideas on that. Might give The Twin Cities Avengers a try. Seems like a group I would really dig. I think it might be a group that goes in waves, because I remember this from when I lived there. But getting it kickstarted again would be super cool.

Thanks for letting me know. Meetup has been ok. Maybe now that the weather is nicer, people will be out and about more. It just takes time in Minneapolis too. Just keep hanging out at the events and hitting up queer spots and it will happen. Bookstores, ice cream shops, lots of ethnic food, bike lanes, gluten free bakeries, and like you mentioned, one slightly odd lesbian bar. The bartender complimented my smile all the time and would give me extra cherries in nude whiskey sours. I miss that so much.

Glad to see Booby Trap is still in did cameron diaz do porn sort of. You could get lapdances or buy your friends lapdances for things like birthdays, embarrassing them, etc. Anyway I just had waverly put in my two women that I love St.

Then you should leave, because every girl you hit on will be straight.

Topless woman at Minnesota beach sparks debate over public nudity

Also there was a sweet place in St. I think it was a co-op. I agree with the above reaction. I really appreciate that this was written. It is so great and I am glad that there is finally a Queer guide to Minneapolis. However, being a resident of St Paul a queer resident at that I want to make it clear that St. Paul is a very queer friendly and beautiful city to both live in and visit. What other cities can claim that?

I live in St Paul and I love visiting Minneapolis.

What happens if you're pulled over for suspected DWI, and what are your rights?

I find that both cities have a vibrant queer community. I mean, seriously, St Paul is momma to two of the most queer colleges in the state if not the nation Macalester and St. I can attest. I graduated from ST. So many queer womyn. It is so far from that.

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