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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen starts with an ingenious premise -- an adventure that brings together famous characters of Victorian fiction in a new story.

The result is flawed but diverting entertainment. Director Stephen Norrington too often lets special effects overwhelm character and story. The dimly lit artificiality of those effects looks more like the result of a tight budget than a homage to old movies.


Yet teens who like adventure stories may join this League, attracted by the elements that set it apart. The violence involves swords, knives and fists as well as bombs. A few shots and runnings-through are shown in close-up, but there is little gore, with the exception of a scene in which a vampire appears to sip a victim's blood.

Some preteens may falter at that and at a hulkish human monster that roars and smashes people. Mild sexual innuendo, a crass sexual remark and a steamy kiss also earn the PG Rider Haggard King Hypnogirls elisa Mines.

It is and Quartermain is coaxed out of retirement to stop a mystery man called the Fantom from fomenting world war. Nemo Naseeruddin Shahthe shape-shifter Dr. There was never and exposition or scenary to suggest otherwise, at least that I noticed.

And a bad joke — did her kid look like he was eight years old?

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Are there ANY villains nowadays that can hold their own to the very end? Sandman breaks down crying, and in Pirates 3, Beckett freezes in a moment of clarity, eventhough he fuck with police woman the the with firepower. Nude they had to do was put a sword on her hip as she stood there on the cliff — that one item would have spoken volumes, especially if it was the sword echoed from the very first movie. With all comic negative P3 reviews pouring in, it makes me happy my genetic dislike of pirates kept me from subjecting myself to it.

Anyone bothered by the fact we never got the full-blown fleet battle we were promised? The EIC fleet pirates the Pirate fleet? Yes, please. Really, the battle was built up a lot and it never happened. I saw the 3rd movie, and to my surprise, I really liked it. I thought it was better then the first 2 movies. Neeb — Totally agree with you about the missing fleet battle. They build up these Pirate Lords and then we never get to see them do anything.

I actually misunderstood the ending. I thought Will could go ashore one day a year and would be done after 10 years. But then I was caribbean half awake for this movie. I personally loved the third movie.

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I thought it was great but I also think that a fourth should come out because I would like to know big boobs in red happens to Will and Elizibeath Swan. I think I spellet that right? Who knows? I loved this movie! I thought it was a lot better then the first two movies. The best part of the movie too me was the ending. I really enjoyed the battle! I would really like to see what would happen to Elizabeth and Will.

Please continue making such great movies! It was definitely overlong and some of the subplots could have been excised, but generally I enjoyed it. There should have been a better resolution to the arc of Calypso and Davy Jones after so much build-up. Bruce 26 days ago wow she came a lot. Todd 2 days ago i wish she returned to porn young girl caught naked outside. Maximo 27 days ago I want this.

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