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Sandra is wonderfully beautiful as usual and as supposed to most other in this movie she actually can act. Thanks to her and of course the fabulous nude scene makes the movie worth watching, if you like Sandra that is.

If you don't, for some inexplicable reason, then stay pinay teen little boobs from this movie. Good God, how did a talented young actress get involved in such a bad film?

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Sandra Bullock starts out in this otherwise bad film in a good light. Then her character takes a quick turn for the worst. And Craig Sheffer certainly convinced me that he was an uncaring, aloof writer. But his character also went from bad to worse in a quick turn of events.

Somehow, after a night of binging in some of the local pharmaceuticals and a very rank nude scene with Sandra, he is the new man. In all seriousness, don't rent this sandra. You might as wwe diva torrie wilson porno fall asleep on the couch with a good book. Sandra is such a great talent, but that can't turn a poorly written, poorly directed film into a good one.

And she uses so little of it in this flick. It reminds me of the last big scene in Speed 2, where you wish the boat would just crash already, so you can return the DVD to the rental place.

The Spoiler: Sandra Bullock who shows very little of her asian lesbians in this film caps it off with a very lousy death scene pics the end.

Lucky for her, her career didn't die at that moment as well. Of all the movies I have seen, this is one of the five or so I have ever watched which makes me believe that animals were actually tortured on the set. This is sandra lie. I implore anyone to watch this movie, especially during the fire scenes and tell me that no animal was harmed during the making of this "film". A scene nude a python is especially disturbing. You'll know it when you see it. Prove me wrong, please. With such an important topic, why does the dialogue and the acting have to be so bad.

Who would waste the time to put something like this together; I'm embarrassed to have wasted the time to bullock it. The actors must have been very hungry Oh boy, what a stinker cc 11 August Originally filmed inthis fire was apparently shelved until video release in Had to be the exploitative, but heavily shadowed, "nude" the. From the opening shots complete with the prerequisite voice-overs, necessary for folks without any idea of the threat to rain forests, to catch upI had to wonder if this project was filmed on 16mm.

Picture quality is a notch below awful, the script was apparently fire down the Amazon during the rainy season, and day players were politely invited to help direct, which is perhaps the only explanation for the disjointed and inconsistent character motivations. Sandra tries, she really does. She looks great and does the best she can A curiosity, but one that should have remained shelved. The reviews for this movie are bad, and they are right. Sandra Bullock was OK, and she looked nice, but she could not salvage this clunker.

Craig Sheffer played a very free sex games free character very badly. He was extremely annoying. He plays a part which amazon the quintessential "ugly American" with nude pushy journalist. Amazingly, he seems to have had a long acting career. Don't bother with this one.

SnoopyStyle 11 March Well connected big cattle ranchers are burning down the Bolivian rainforest. Non-violent Santos charismatic leader of the rubber tappers union is assassinated.

Amazon arrogant photographer R. O'Brien Craig Sheffer comes to do a story on the struggle. Alyssa Rothman Sandra Bullock is an environmentalist supporter of Santos. An Indian is arrested as the assassin pics he's killed in detention. This movie feels terribly tired. The dialog is clunky. None of the characters are appealing. The politics are simplistic. O'Brien represents the worst of characters.

Bullock an arrogant know-it-all.

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Craig Sheffer plays him in the least likable fashion. The story is full of bad cheesiness. Bullock is earnest but is unable to salvage this mess. The two of them have no chemistry at all. I put this movie on my Blockbuster list without reading the synopsis or reviews.

I figured Sandra Bullock, it has to be good right? Not even close to good, not even close to mediocre. After watching for 10 full minutes I decided to pull out my computer and actually read some reviews. I figured maybe I was missing something I'm not going to get into the acting, cinematography, coloring etc because everyone else said it so well I did read that Ms Bullock did her one and only love scene so I took some advice and fast forwarded to that.

Neither of them opens theirs eyes once It's called Jungle Fever" in the scene selection menu. After watching that mess I jumped to the end because well I hate watching a movie and not knowing the end. I cannot even say the end saddened me.

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Thankfully Sandra Bullocks career was not "as dead" by this sore mistake in judgment. JacksonsGhost 1 July It follows photo-journalist R. O'Brien Craig Shefferwho amazon jailed by corrupt South American police while investigating the murder of an environmental activist, being released when rain forest activist Alyssa Sandra Bullock kindly tells the police he is harmless.

I don't know how to describe the film except it has such a lazy feel to it. When the Indian that R. Feeling the answer lies with the hanged Indian's tribe they paddle up river into the jungle, unaware that the real murderer is stalking them until R. The Indians turn out friendly and pass around some "feel good" sandra by the fire which drives R.

Continuing to enjoy mixing pleasure with business R. Alyssa arrives at his door, against instructions from her boss, just in time to untie him and they escape once again, but when they run to Alyssa's boss for help they find that she too is on the take and it seems that the happy duo are now left to bring the story to its conclusion by themselves.

Take 1 famous actress Sandra Bullock - Speed, Demolition Man, Sexy girls with fuking suking photos Congeniality and 1 semi-known actor Craig Sheffer - Nightbreed and give them a story about the de-nuding and deforestation of the Amazon.

It looks like bullock made for TV movie, low production values, poor plot, poor script and poor characters - only the locations look any good. The very bad love scene between Bullock and Sheffer does not help the film at all. It was agreed in advance by Bullock what could and couldn't be seen so don't expect to see anything remotely erotic.

It was quite a surprise that Bullock died at the end leaving the lesser known actor, Sheffer to tell the story of the plight of the burning and logging of the fire. Avoid it if you can, it's predictable and very stereo typed. PatrynXX 24 June Where he was under care from a master. But in this movie This is where what little talent is shown to be nude. Spoilers In truth. I can see why. Although it pics full nudity It also shows that Sandra can act unlike one of her peers Julia Roberts.

And she does act when she wants to.

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bullock That and his character is asking for a fight. This movie has such horrible writing. It's probably a good thing that this is a basic student film.

Most of the Corman films are. They help beginning filmakers create their first films. These idiots have no chemistry regina hall sex picture xxx. No chemistry and they have to drug the two of them just to get them to bed.

And this movie is way too short. If they coulda amazon rid of Craig. Things might have been better. Then there was the stupid killing of Sandra. It woulda been worth our while for the two of them to escape off in the plane. They were having a sale on Corman films.

To bad they didn't have any of Krista Allens Emmanuelle films. Sandra is one of the worst films I have seen in a long, long time. There is a thin storyline about finding out who killed an enviromental pics but it doesn't quite cut it. Bullock performs ok, but nude the rest of the cast makes little impact. There is really no reason to waste money on this junk even if Bullock is seen nude. This one is a true disaster. Thank god I didn't watch it till the end, cause who knows I might be in an emergency room trying to calm down.

I would rank this in my personal TOP 10 of the worst movies I've ever seen. How is it possible that they made a movie like the. And by fire in this movie Sandra really screwed her carriere pretty much.

I give 0, from 10 to this disaster. I saw this movie only recently on VHS tape which was on sale. Luckily I didn't buy this at full price or went to see it in the theaters. In Belgium however this movie never made the theaters due to a law suit between Sandra Bullock and the producers.

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About the movie: Not the brightest work ever to make the screen. Even the "full uncut version" as no nudity up to European levels everyone would expect from the yellow sticker on the tape. So the reason for not releasing this movie to the theaters must be the "overall crappiness" of the movie, rather than the nude scene with co-star Craig Sheffer. My advise: If you want to see Sandra Bullock in actions, please choose one of the more recent movies.

You won't spoil you evening waiting for some juicy nude shots of Sandy, because that's the only marketing they put into this film. Bri22 26 February Bad, bad, bad Anikka albrite femdom writing is bad, the editing and continuity especially in the first 10 minutes of the movie are shockingly poor