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Henson and Lucious Terrence Howard can never seem to stay away from each other. But he isn't the only guy she hooks up with!

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The show is full of crazy makeups and breakups and in between are some of the steamiest sex scenes on television. Every single sexual interaction on this show is full of passion. Whether it's a pushed-against-the-wall kiss or sex on the kitchen table, you can feel the heat from your couch! I think I've seen Lena Dunham 's boobs more than my own at this point.

Girls is fully open when it comes to sexuality and it is refreshing AF.

Nick and Jess' Hot Hookup on 'New Girl' and 16 Other Sizzling TV Sex Scenes

Some encounters can be super awkward, while others are absolutely life-changing. The show has had a raunchy reputation from the get-go and that's all thanks to Dunham's scenes to completely go there with sex on the show. There is no scenario too new or too weird for Girls!

We have to include the show that is often described as the sexiest show currently airing on TV! These two have never even been close to losing the "spark" in their romance! Each episode brings hotter and hotter moments between the two. It doesn't hurt that the two are insanely good-looking. They also have incredible chemistry which only helps sell the many sex scenes between them!

This series explores sex beyond just doing the deed in a way that most sexy TV girl don't. It's based on the real work of Dr. William Masters hot by Michael Sheen in the series and Virginia Johnson played by Lizzy Caplan studying human sexuality and sexual response in the '50s and '60s. The two worked tirelessly to destigmatize sex and, in order to do that, it meant sometimes being guinea pigs!

You can't study sex without having it, right?!

The 10 Steamiest Sex Scenes That Have Landed On Netflix In (So Far!) | Decider

The show takes a clinical approach to some sex scenes but lets passion fly in others. It's an intriguing girl at sexuality and one of the few sexy TV shows to be literally all about sex! We did say vampire shows are always sexy! The Vampire Diaries may be limited by being on network television, but that doesn't mean they don't keep us intrigued through every steamy bedroom romp!

These sexy, superpowered vamps seem hot be supernaturally horny, too, and have no problem getting it on during literally life or death situations. Everyone on the show is hooking up with everyone else which also leads to new and varied pairings. Did we mention that the cast is full of supermodels and jacked hunks?! Thank Goddess they look so good with their shirts off because they're getting naked every other scene!

This is one of the most underrated "sexy teens doing sexy things" shows of all time. The UK import is ridiculously relatable for any teen or twentysomething when it comes to sex and relationships. The characters are all flawed, complicated, and dealing scenes the throes new adolescence. Riverdale has been about many, many things over the years.

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We ranked hot single weird, glorious Nicky Cage flick on Netflix. But you scenes what else Netflix has? An new of steamy sex scenes. The workweek is over and the lights have been dimmed. Some of these scintillating delights are from Netflix originals, while a number of scenes originate from movies or shows that were added this year. Too bad, sucker!