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Of course, other internet users grabbed their own copies of the sleazy pictures before the attorneys sent a strongly worded note wet pussy the celeb gossip website. A simple Google search will prove that!

Hackers are posting links on internet message boards and forums, claiming to point fellow computer users to the saucy photos of Ashley Greene. However, if you click on the links you might end up on a webpage like the one above — which tries to install malware on your computer if you visit on an Apple Mac, for instance.

A man accused in a Hanukkah stabbing attack in New York has been hit with five hate crime charges.

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Prosecutors said evidence found in the suspect's home includes anti-Semitic journals. Don Dahler reports. Kinnunen was shot and killed by a member of the church's security team seconds after the attack began at West Freeway Church of Christ. Boeing's Starliner spacecraft landed safely in the New Mexico desert Sunday after a failed mission to dock with the International Space Station.

The re-entry and landing was a success, and the space capsule mariya mills return to service.

Boeing's new Starliner capsule failed its first critical test mission on Friday. The unmanned spacecraft was supposed to dock with the International Space Station, but as CBS News national correspondent Mark Strassmann reports, things didn't go according to plan.

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An annular solar eclipse created a "ring of fire" visible from several continents the day after Christmas Photographers for The Associated Press captured moments young amatuer porn videos hope and heartbreak around the world.

These films were the year's 50 biggest money-makers at the domestic box office. Now that the MeToo movement has brought conversations about toxic masculinity and sexual consent to the forefront of public discourse, parents are grappling with how to encourage their sons to reject some of the more traditional notions of manhood.

But many say they struggle with reinforcing those values in a society that still largely adheres to deeply-rooted stereotypes.

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It raises the question: How do we raise our boys? A pair of siblings have "upcycled" more thanplastic bottles to create eco-friendly swimwear. For the past 50 years, Jim Annis has been hand-carving hundreds of toys each holiday season.

He donates them all to children who might not be getting gifts for Christmas — a cause close to his heart. The halls of many colleges and universities display paintings of school presidents and famous alumni. But at Princeton University, a gallery of portraits presents campus workers in a whole new light.

Adriana Diaz reports. The actress told ET about her wedding plans in Marchrevealing that they definitely wanted to incorporate the outdoors. He's a really big nature buff.

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"Twilight" Actress Ashley Greene Says Her Naked Web Photos are Illegal - CBS News

Related Articles:. Entertainment Home. She's leading up to an anywhere-but-here joke about the Midwest. Her teeth shine, her hair falls straight and true on the nape of her neck, her glance tilts a bit downward. She knows people in Los Angeles regularly pleasure themselves with dopey jokes about flyover states. It feels like she's about to let herself be just a little bit mean. And she wants to tell a story.

I put up my hand to stop her. I flew in from Indiana last night.

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With that, Ashley Greene flops her long, fragile-looking hand over her mouth and gently barks out a laugh at herself. What the? Twenty-five years. And, truth is, somehow the simple joyous force of this incongruous assertion makes us peas in a pod in that moment.

Ashley Greene's nude photos

She drops her anecdote, leans against the table, gets just a little closer, and I can smell her shampoo. From now on, everyone should assume that if you take a picture it will end up on the Internet. Especially if you're naked. Share Tweet Pin Email.

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What is it with these young actresses and nude-picture scandals? See the "Twilight" girls talk vamp for Glamour Magazine "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens is the latest to have some grainy cell phone images circulated the Interwebs.