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Download preview. Close-up of a naked female breast feeding with breastpump. ID Royalty-Free Extended licenses? Unlimited Seats U-EL. Shocking: The New York-based mom revealed she was on a flight when a woman accused her of trying to 'steal' her boyfriend by breastfeeding Ilo on the plane.

In another stunning shot, Reka is lying on a sofa in an open robe while nursing her daughter. A black and white picture shows her breastfeeding in the nude.

Have You Seen ‘Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom’?

She has also shared a photo of herself nursing Ilo while cuddled next to her husband, Ian, and their dog. Reka has been breastfeeding her daughter since she was born in November and has never given her formula. Mother Earth: Reka has responded to the criticism by sharing photos of herself nursing her toddler, including this majestic shot of her sitting on a chair with an owl perched on her arm.

She has always been an advocate for moms who choose to breastfeed their children beyond the age anime pussy eating porn one and insists that the natural practice is beneficial for the mother and child in the long term. Reka, who is originally from Finland, unapologetically breastfeeds her daughter anywhere she would want to be fed, including public places.

Associating breastfeeding with sex or perversion is disturbing,' she said. It doesn't happen that often anymore as my daughter is older, but when she was a baby, I would do it everywhere; restaurants, shops, meetings, streets, the subway, you name it.

Completely natural: Reka stressed that 'breasts were made for feeding our babies'. Reka, who breastfeeds because it is beneficial for her girl's health, couldn't believe it - and has now released photos to prove how normal and natural breastfeeding is.


Apparently she thought I was trying to steal her man by quietly breastfeeding my baby during the landing of the plane. Associating breastfeeding with sex or perversion is disturbing. Reka has been breastfeeding her daughter since she was born in November and has never given her formula. It sounds completely ridiculous but that is the sad reality of our society that is so quick to judge everything.

We still have a long way to go before public breastfeeding doesn't cause a stir. Utah was one of the last states to legalize it but new porno films up making a controversial decision that made them look like they took one step forward and two steps back.

"Lactivist" Reka Nyari shares beautiful nude breastfeeding pics to educate others | MamásLatinas

They dropped the latter portion of the law that said "A woman may breastfeed in any place of public accommodation … irrespective of whether the woman's breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding.

Curt Webb gave for the amending the original language will make your eyes roll. It's really in your face. Apparently she thought I was trying to steal her man by quietly breastfeeding my baby during the landing of the plane.

Associating breastfeeding with sex or perversion is disturbing. Reka has been breastfeeding her daughter since she was born in Novemberand is a huge proponent of mums breastfeeding their children beyond the age of one.

Obviously, not everyone is comfortable with associating breast feeding children with erotics, and I include myself. Love play among adults is another thing entirely, of course. This comment is older man youger boobs. Click here to view. You must be dumb as bricks if you can't realize that it took hours for these photo shoots. Nowhere in the real world you'll find women looking like that when breastfeeding. The fact that other people are made uncomfortable seeing a breast is a product of a sick, messed-up culture.

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That's it. There's nothing weird or gross about them. Real women don't breast feed like this. That's the problem most have with it. This is a freaking photoshoot, retouched and photoshopped. This isn't showing something beautiful, it's showing a stylized version of a mother feeding her child Latin dicks have no problem with women breastfeeding in public.

But they and their children aren't naked in the middle of a mall or sitting in a field baked or in their lace panties. Sorry, but these pics don't come across as celebratory or empowering, they come across as unrealistic and fetishy. We are the only Maximilian species that is shamed for being visible while nursing. The concept of "indecency" is subjective to each culture.

Many cultures do not sexualize breasts at all while others believe even a free porn body paint face being visible is immoral. You're right that breasts were made for feeding babies. Penis' were made for producing babies You see it on animals.

Being discreet is the reason why we cover up.

Stunning Photos Of Moms Breastfeeding Outside Show Nursing In Public Is OK | Bored Panda

Lori, you've got serious problems. You're comparing a sex organ to a organ who's sole purpose is feeding babies. I don't know what to say, other than you should seek help. The arrogance behind the idea that these women don't have respect for themselves because they're not doing things the way you would I'm not understanding why your comment has been down-voted. Respect is subjective. In order to have taken these photos, these women probably have more self-respect and self-love than most people.

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I respect anyone who decides to do what they choose in confidence regardless of what others think about them. Why live life if you're going to let others dictate what you choose to do and how to make yourself happy?

Only 1 person deserves respect, and it is yourself. As long as you're happy with the choices you make, fuck everyone else. Are you kidding new vegas porn You think I feed my baby with my breast to make you and others uncomfortable?

More to the point, do you think I care if you are? My choice to breastfeed has nothing to do with you or anyone else. If my baby is hungry out in public would I not be a bad mother for letting him go hungry?

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Or perhaps I should go find the closest, cleanest bathroom and maybe squat on a toilet seat so my baby can smell urine while he eats? Because that would make me a better mom?

The day you sit in public in your boyshort panties with your large breasts hanging out with a look of deep satisfaction on your face is the day the police drag you away in handcuffs and put your child in protective custody.

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I fully expected to see women in very public places, breastfeeding. I was expecting to see sideways glances from pedestrians or fellow travelers on public transportation. I thought this was a social presentation type of photoshoot. Not a glamour shoot.