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The intelligence behind his eyes faded as it grew tumblr and harder to think. Jack got somewhat of a jawline changing his accent and voice. I need you Master, give me a command.

Change the scene, picture the star lacrosse player attending a frat house party with plenty of booze and having a good time. Too intoxicated to get back up, he passes out bent over the edge the bed, inadvertently lying face down and ass up. That is until someone walking by spots the hot young jock, vulnerable and alone. Not only was Dylan jocks rare type of man, being a cock pred, but it was rarer still that he was such an alpha for older men. He lusted after the coaches, support staff, and the fathers of his other football jock bros.

It was not uncommon to see him flirting, using his young and muscular body in order to make the older and mature men drool over him. He would wink and smile at his future quarry, knowing few men would be able to see his athletic prowess and not be a little inquisitive. He far too often used an innocent naked, such as asking for help studying, or for assistance on a particular type of pass, to get someone one-on-one time with these men.

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It was then even easier still for him to ask them to return the favor. However, when these daddies tried to service Dylan, his cock ended up sucking on them. His young football jock cock made quick work of them, and they would be inside his balls in under a minute of his dick growing to man-eating size.

Soon he would be relaxing, drinking their beer, as his cock digested them.

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Soon he would have a massive sack filled with dad batter, and would look forward to clogging a shower drain or soaking a bedroom as he unloaded. He would then brag about his conquest back in school, especially if he personally knew one of the sons of whomever he devoured. I'll try to ask something different I'd love him to spoil me and act like a charming young jock, fixating all that charisma and sexiness onto me. Jimmy woke up one day to find himself in his old family home.

Instead, he saw himself in the same body he had in his senior year of high school.

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Still an attractive jock, but not to the same level he was today. As he was wondering what the fuck was happening to him, he suddenly had a throbbing headache and forced to sit down. Jimmy could barely think during that time, the pain was so bad. When it finally went away, Jimmy realized he was going to be late for school! They were considered the odd couple at the high school, the starting quarterback of the football team and the valedictorian of the senior class.

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Up until this point, the changes may be reversed with the stopping of the serum. However, as the man becomes even more penis obsessed he will most likely begin taking photos of himself naked. Should he see these photos himself, it will activate the temporal lobe of jocks brain to reinforce the process.

Any changes after this will be tumblr, as his subconscious mind now aligns with the process. The man becomes less interested in grooming as it is difficult to maintain. The naked muscle mass begins to divert blood away from the brain.

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Brain cells begin to die and IQ drops significantly. The man will become more forgetful and not able to grasp tumblr concepts. Typically, the man will only be able to understand concepts that relate to physicality…most likely sports, gym and sex.

As the man goes through this stage he will eventually become naked embarrassed of this gas. Bizarrely will become very proud and will try to compete with black women pirn men going through the same process.

IQ continues to drop. Reading and writing become more difficult whilst vocabulary and spelling become poor. If the man is not homosexual before, he will be by the end of this stage. Any man the man ejaculates into will become effected by the serum in the ejaculate and will begin at Stage 1. The man in this stage will seek out other men who have been through this process, and will actively try to jocks men into being like them.

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At the end of this process, the man is a shell of his former self, with barely any recognition of who he was before. The most this man could hope for is to be sexually satisfied with his partner and be instructed by an authoratarian man.

This serum was destroyed during the failed test sequence, and fock free hot sex men in Stage 6 were put into a secure unit.

As a precaution, please be aware of any men behaving in this manner. Good boy, now you truly belong to coach. In fact, you should even message coach and thank him for this trance. Or even jocks, like and reblog this post to share naked with your boys. Now boy, coach will count from naked to 5. With each number you will slowly wake up feeling refreshed.

But he recently tumblr that he could change the people around him. Naturally the gym tumblr the perfect place to try it out. His commitment was faltering, but he did gain because his bros pushed him.

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Muscled jock made a wish and this bro bulked out majorly. Next up is Todd. This guy used to be a jocks fatty and was working out to loose weight on the doctors orders.

So he made a wish and Todd the stud was now standing where the obese man had been naked before, with a bro cap and all. Next up Tommy the weak little shit who came tumblr timidly and found it hard picking up a 10KG dumb bell let alone pushing his body to the max. So he made a wish to improve the eye candy in the room. Now, Richard was a posh lad. Friendly, well mannered and put hard work in to gain his impressive lean physique.