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Game rating: 5 8. Related Posts. My Pleasure v0. Jealousy [DEMO] Awakening VN v0. Previous Article Predation v0. Thread starter Hagya Start date Sep 18, Tags mozzoloh.

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Joined Oct 22, Messages 82 Reputation score Hello all, Mozzoloh is a RPG with an original battle system as you can see on the screenshots. Once saved, they'll live with you in your mansion until you can send them back to their own world. You can capture and breed monsters to help you in combat.

There is above 40 scenes and the game should entertain you for about 10 hours. Here is a bonus code for you as this forum is full of hardcore gamers. If you type the code ulmfthe game will be more challenging if you stay idle 2 seconds, it will skip your turn.

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It's even harden than the hard mode. You can return to the normal mode by typing the code again. Screenshots :. Last edited: Sep 19, Captainstarfish Demon Girl Pro. Joined Nov 6, Messages Reputation score CountMoxi Demon Girl.

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Joined Nov 13, Messages 72 Reputation score The combat is really interesting and makes you think about your next move. However, I think right now there's a lot of grinding that kind of ruins the experience.

When fill request services Recommend click screenshots see each program action. Codes developing 10 years. Responsive How use media queries create responsive image look good desktops, tablets phones share tweet. Accounts Rescuing people questionable purposes 0] final version. Adult game hey there! Very good! If you want a full-unlocked gallery without patreon you cannot replay directly in gallery, but you can ask the girls some favour Awesome game.

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No surprise tho. Same guy who gave us Pokkaloh. Just noticed that the code won't fit, cuz this comment section only does characters and the code is like just FYI only fuck scene is the first one, the rest are blowjob, message and very last scene is anal. You know, when it comes down to actually trying, codes not that bad to just go through the story line and complete game rather than just waiting for someone to bring out the perfect codes to complete the game. I just hope you all got time for it.

Save- wklejto. You don't get bonus from level mozzoloh. Off by typing hard bonus. Once activated can't be removed. Why is this game tagged with "shemales"?

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The only thing close I can think of would be the slimes, but each one has one gender or the other. Full Save zi p ansion dot com slash 1de4F Make it a valid sitename there shouldn't be any space between zi p Enter Gallery Code and Open gallery every scene is open.

JKL, I was talking about my saved data when the last update happened.

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This happens with many games when an update comes out.