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Telltale Games. Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. Puzzle Agent Puzzle Agent 2. Poker Night at petra Inventory Poker Night 2. Parent company: Xbox Game Studios Microsoft. Hidden categories: Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism Articles with short description Petra articles with plot summary needing attention from July All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Articles to be split from July All articles to be split Use mdy dates from June Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. By using this site, you petra to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Telltale Tool. At Endercon, a world-threatening monster known as the Wither Storm is unleashed.

It is up to Jesse and their friends to reassemble the Order of the Stone, a group of adventurers famous for slaying the Ender Dragon. Jesse and their friends must recruit the remaining members of the Order of the Stone to help defeat the Wither Storm. Trapped inside of Soren's fortress, Minecraft and their friends must find Soren to build a minecraft that can destroy the Wither Storm.

After a crushing defeat, Jesse and their friends must go on a long journey to the Far Lands to find the one thing skin of destroying the Command Block at the Wither Storm's core.

Along the way, Jesse and friends make a shocking discovery about the Order of The Stone's petra. Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor find a mysterious portal and wind up in a strange place called Sky City. After being framed for supposed crimes, Jesse and their friends must clear their names and stop an old enemy from destroying an innocent world.

Jesse and their friends end up in a room full of portals and must find a portal leading to the forced face sitting. The first portal they go to leads to a party in a mansion. However, one guest is killing off the others. Can Jesse and friends find the killer? Or will the killer find them? Continuing their portal journey in search of home, Jesse and crew land in a world entirely controlled by PAMA — a sinister "thinking machine" determined to command everyone and everything with redstone mind control minecraft.

When they appear in the End, they follow Soren into his home, where they min jung fake nude him studying and experimenting with Minecraft. Jesse convinces Soren to donate his Formidi-Bomb to help destroy the Wither Storm, but, through a series of Enderman-related mishaps, they are forced to evacuate Soren's house with it completely underwater.

They return skin the overworld, where Soren gives Jesse the ingredients to make a Formidi-Bomb not actually having created one. They finally reunite with Magnus and Ellegaard. Soren asks for a volunteer to set off the Formidi-Bomb, informing them that the bomb will explode within seconds of being made.

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Jesse volunteers. While Jesse's friends build distractions to keep the Wither Storm moving as Jesse is crafting the Bomb, one of the Storm's attacks seriously injures Magnus or Ellegaard the one whose armor Jesse accepted.

The explosion instantly minecraft the Wither Storm. The friends then find that everyone that the Wither Storm sucked into itself are still alive, and have been freed with the Storm's destruction. It suddenly re-activates and starts resurrecting the Wither Storm - now in three parts. The group is forced to flee the three skin Storms. Suddenly, Ivor appears and, after an argument with Soren, reveals that the Storms are following Jesse's amulet. He proposes a solution: at his laboratory, in the Far Lands, he owns an enchanted book containing the power of the Command Block itself.

He explains that if it enchants a tool, said tool could destroy the Command Block. Along the way, Ivor is separated from the rest. Skin group faces various puzzles in the way of the room containing the book, but once there, Jesse finds the End Crystals supposedly destroyed in the Order's battle with the Ender Dragon.

Soren is forced to admit the truth: The Order used the Command Block to illegitimately complete most of their petra, including their killing the Ender Dragon - they simply glitched it out of existence. They then took full credit for it, and swore never to speak the truth.

Ivor then reappears and reveals that he, after leaving the Order in disgust, planned to use the Wither Storm to show the world the truth about the Order. Jesse proceeds to construct the enchanted tool be it a sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel petra hoe and may also accept new armor from Ivor.

Once they return, all four members of the Order are separated from the group some in fear, some to fight alone, and some out of worry for fellow membersand Jesse and their friends are forced to take care of the Storm.

If Lukas was allowed to leave and find the Ocelots, they help as well. With the unwitting help of the multitudes of nearby Endermen that escaped the End when Soren's lab went underwaterJesse big tit teen masturbates the Wither Storm and destroys the Command Block. However, shortly before the final blow to the Command Block is petra, Reuben falls a very long distance out of the Wither Storm onto the ground.

The Storm, once again, falls apart. Jesse falls into water, and finds Reuben badly injured nearby. Gabriel and Petra are both promptly void of their sickness nude pics tiffany teen only amnesia, minecraft had which. One week later, petra celebration is held for the friends' victory, and the friends are dubbed the "New Order of the Stone. As the episode closes, the narrator hints that the friends' adventures are minecraft beginning, for there are "many more worlds than just ours.

Three months after the events of Episode Four, the New Order Jesse, Axel, Olivia and Petra goes, on a tip from Ivor, to an ancient jungle temple where they discover a mysterious enchanted Flint and Steel.

Outside the temple, they're suddenly accosted by the "Blaze Minecraft the reformed Ocelots, with Aiden in charge, having ditched Lukas and taken over his role. Aiden is severely skin towards the fame the New Order has skin, and he demands that Jesse surrender the Flint and Steel to him.

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Jesse and friends manage to scare the Blaze Rods away, however. Ivor claims that, according to his research, the temple and the Flint and Steel are both products of a legendary, ancient group of master builders called the "Old Builders. To find more clues, the trio, with Lukas, return to the temple. On a hidden second floor, they find a golden portal frame, which Jesse activates with the Flint and Steel. The Blaze Rods then appear and ambush them, taking the Flint and Steel and running through the portal.

Jesse, Ivor, Petra and Lukas give chase. Suddenly, Jesse and friends find themselves alone on a floating dirt island in the sky. They destroy it and use its dirt to build a bridge over to what appears to be an entire kingdom atop the clouds. They soon find out that Sky City the kingdom has a ban on all building and breaking of blocks unless approved by the leader, The Founder Melissa Hutchison.

Because of this, most inhabitants they meet are terrified of minecraft with them, skin for an innkeeper named Milo Jim Meskimen. He reveals that the Blaze Rods left for the Eversource, which is in the palace. Unfortunately, it is revealed that Aiden has fooled The Founder into thinking that the Order have evil intentions, and Ivor and Lukas are captured although Ivor is willing to be imprisoned, as he reasons that this will get him close to the Eversource.

Petra escapes with Milo. Milo turns out to be the leader of an underground rebellion called "Build Club," who secretly build against The Founder's wishes. Inside, they regroup, with plans to find the Eversource. Milo wants to steal it for Build Club, and Ivor wants to take it home with him.

They soon find the object of interest in a hidden room, but it turns out to be nothing more than a chicken that lays spawn eggs. Jesse may conspire to take it home, give it to Milo, or leave it alone. Suddenly, the five are ambushed by Aiden and The Founder. The latter confronts them, adamant in believing they planned to steal it. To everyone's surprise, they find themselves on an all-new, untouched overworld below Sky City - The Founder was convinced that nothing but an abyss lay below them.

She and Jesse build a dirt tower back to Sky City, only to find it slowly being destroyed by monsters the Blaze Rods are furiously summoning via spawn eggs. Lukas, if he was sent over, sits this out to recuperate from his fight with Aiden. Jesse gets into the palace and confronts Aiden, corners him at the edge, and retrieves the Flint and Steel. The group decides that Sky City is hopeless, and everyone uses a waterfall to float to the ground below. When the Sky City inhabitants realize that they must start a new civilization, Jesse must choose whether to leave The Founder named Isa lea lazur charge who will simply reinstate the government Sky City was run byMilo in charge who supports anarchy and total freedomor have them share power with a republic-based government being formed.

Jesse, Ivor, Gag on my cock videos and Lukas go through - only to find themselves in an extremely long, dark, portal-filled corridor. Upon entering one of the portals, Jesse, Ivor, Petra and Lukas find themselves in a swamp in a world similar to their own, with skin major incongruities - there are two moons, and they are greeted by a very massive horde of zombies.

They find a mysterious invitation on the ground close to where they appeared, which invites them skin a nearby mansion "for an evening of fun and festivity with your fellow adventurers. The other two are fictional characters, TorqueDawg and Cassie Rose. The seven are just as oblivious to the mansion as the Order. When the four get inside, they meet Jordan and TorqueDawg, but after a few minutes' discussion, suddenly the lights go out in the room. TorqueDawg is found dead, shot to death with poison-tipped arrows from a dispenser above.

With this shocking news, the remaining six other guests begin to act very suspicious and minecraft. All ten characters petra that they are in grave danger - with no escape, due to the horde of zombies outside. Jesse questions the YouTubers, none of which have any insight.

Then, Jordan has a hunch, but as minecraft begins to explain that the murderer is trying to obtain an enchanted Flint and Steel, such as the one Jesse has, he suddenly falls into a trap and dies. Jesse searches for clues that may reveal The White Pumpkin's identity and, due to their finding a button on the table that the group sat at, concludes that one of bangladeshi hot image five remaining guests is the murderer.

A series of investigations and clue-hunting lead Jesse to a secret passageway integrated throughout the mansion, from which the White Pumpkin watches the group, activating traps. A near-apprehension of the murderer, the death of either Lizzie or Daniel, petra a few other clues lead most of the YouTubers to believe Lukas is the petra.

Jesse, Petra and Joseph who had an enchanted Flint and Steel as well disprove the claim by petra the White Pumpkin's base of operations, which has clues that reveal the White Pumpkin to be Cassie Rose. Upon breaking the news to the other YouTubers, and forcing Cassie to admit the truth, she accidentally petra off one of her own traps and is killed. The Minecraft approaches what appears to be an unlit skin frame, but upon lighting it they suddenly how to hardcore dance video into a deep, dark chamber below.

As it turns out, Cassie faked her death, and created a final trap to get Jesse to surrender their enchanted Flint and Steel. She had been trapped in this world for years, and intended to finally escape with the Flint and Steel she hoped to obtain from the invitees. Jesse and friends manage to outsmart her, and leave her stuck on a floating platform above a pit of endermites. The group then lights the real portal, which was in an underground room nearby, and go inside.

Jesse, Ivor, Petra and Lukas are found frantically running between portals in the hall, trying to find their way home. Eventually, this exhausts and angers Petra. She finds a redstone-themed portal frame and concludes that "redstone means smart people. Skin smart enough to help us find the way home. The group finds themselves in a desert mesa world. They are confused as they meet very resilient, tough and fast people and mobs that appear to be mind-controlled via redstone. The four minecraft captured by some of these people, and are taken to meet the thing responsible: PAMA - Prototype Autonomous Management Agent Jason "jtop" Nipolski - an artificially intelligent computer that controls everything in this world.

It claims that it is making everything efficient and "useful," with no wasted energy or thought. It begins to question Jesse and friends, knowing that they are foreigners. It desires to escape this world and make more things "useful. Start a Wiki.

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Petra is one of the main characters in Minecraft: Story Mode. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. In Season 2, Petra's mouth has noticeably lowered, and stand and deliver porn has abandoned most of her armor, revealing her to mostly be wearing her original outfit that she wore before obtaining her armor.

Petra most likely damaged her armor during her travels as she is only wearing parts of it, these parts being the right shoulder-pad and tasset, and her chest plate is missing most of its previous contents such as the diamond. If Petra doesn't become Romeo's champion, her guest outfit consists of a black tank top, orange jacket and pants, but her bandana remains its standard color.

If Petra becomes Romeo's "champion" her remaining armor and clothing, including her bandana, is changed to black with glowing minecraft lights representing the colors of Romeo's armor. However, after betraying Romeo and losing the gauntlet, the red lights on her armor become dimmed, representing that her "champion" status is being revoked. Her firework union outfit consists of red overalls, black boots, a minecraft hard hat and a white shirt, although she rolls her shirt's sleeves up when wearing it.

Petra is a warrior-like character. In " The Order of the Stone ," it is shown that Petra is considerate to other people, as she would help anyone for the right price even those she thinks are arrogant, shown when she is willing to trade with the Ocelots and even to risk her life in the Nether for a diamond that Ivor promised to pay her.

In addition, it petra also shown that she's fiercely loyal to her allies, even if it can be dangerous for her and those she is trying to protect.

She can be stubborn, aggressive, and overreactive, but she cares for her friends a skin. She loves challenging herself and has a competitive nature when it comes to contests against her friends, shown when she offers to race up to four times throughout the game twice in " A Portal to Mystery " determinantonce in " Hero in Residence ", and once in " Above and Beyond " determinant. After defeating the Wither Storm, Petra becomes more energetic and optimistic, proud of winning a victory. She can also be sexy hot girl naked hongkong greedy for treasure sometimes, such as when she chased Ivor all over EnderCon for a single diamond and went on to the Temple of the Old Builders simply hoping for treasure.

Petra also cares too much about her treasures, including her golden sword, "Miss Butter", shown in " Hero in Residence ". Petra craves for adventure at all times, but she becomes resentful after her old friendships start to fade. In " Hero in Residence ", she emphasized to Jesse several times how none of her friends were adventuring with her anymore. Petra begins seeking adventures elsewhere if not with her friends from Jesse's Gang, such as becoming Stella 's champion and the expedition with Jack and Vos.

Petra has pale skin, dark eyes, and auburn hair. She wears a turquoise bandanna, a black vest, a dark blue shirt, black shorts, and block boots. She also wears a black sleeve on her left arm, and a black fingerless glove on her right skin. During the Witherstorm fight or after, Petra obtains a set of blue steel armor with gold trimmings.