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Three college cheerleaders and after-school go-go dancers use their martial arts skills to save their Sensei from mafia kidnappers, but must keep their extracurricular activities a secret to realize their Ivy League dreams at Brown. Cheer squad is a show based on the Canadian cheer team The Great Whites. Will they be able to balance friendships,school,jobs,family to be on a team.

Find out in Cheer Squad. Star: Ali You orn. The new school year starts off terrible for Kim. In her ordinary life her best friend is moving away, and in her heroic crime-fighting life, three of the most notorious villains in her world plan to use time travel as a weapon against her.

Votes: 3, R 99 min Biography, Comedy, Thriller. Wanda Holloway tries to hire a hitman through her ex's brother to kill either or both a cheerleader and her mother. With the intended victims out of the way, Wanda's daughter gets the R 92 min Action, Crime, Horror.

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A high school majorettes are being methodically killed by a mysterious masked figure. Meanwhile, a local gang are involved in suspicious activities around the school. Director: S. JevickySueanne Seamens. Not Rated min Documentary, Music. Madonna returns to stadiums and ass for her ninth tour, and the highest grossing tour of ! EPIX is proud to exclusively broadcast this thrilling, dazzling, cutting edge and controversial concert. In HD. Comedy, Drama, Romance. With cheerleading as the background, the drama depicts the friendships and loves of youths, while dealing with a harsh educational environment that emphasizes competition.

R min Comedy. Can a squad of misfit cheerleaders with an over-age trainer possibly middle the big cheerleading competition?

Looked down upon by the other teams, school will be an difficult. Their lack of skill Regina, the once popular girl has to make new friends at her new, conservative school. Sign In. IMDb user rating average 1 1.

American Beauty Ass min Drama 8. The Square R min Comedy, Drama 7. A few of the cheers are the same, so one day at practice I was talking to my best friend and Cheerleaders didn't realize that the squad started a cheer that was exactly like my old school's. I was so embarrassed that now I pay very close attention to what squad I'm yelling for! Submitted by: Hottie Title: Nice One! So, my squad and I were at an away game. We were doing our cheers and everything and then the other team had a girl run out on the sidelines and do a back handspring series.

She only did two and we had a much better tumbler on our team so she did a back handspring series and then a back tuck. Our basketball team needed one more basket at the time so when she went to do her back tuck her shoe flew off into the basketball goal and everyone started middle cheer. We knew it didn't count so we just laughed it off. Then after the game, the ref came over and told her, "You should be on the team!

You got that basket without even looking. Most of the boys can't get a basket even if they are school. It was hilarious. Submitted by: CheerChic05 Title: Funny Cheer Story It was one of the first pep rallies in the history of our school since it had only been open a few months.

But that was also a long time ago. Short nude girl hips then was cute girls shaking their poms to get crowds of rowdy boys excited about football, basketball, soccer, and other sports. There was flips, toe touches, maybe a pyramid done by getting on the backs of each other, but not any of the tosses and catches and so on. It cheerleaders performed in all kinds of weather, rain, snow, cold, ice or boiling hot. I had a lot of respect for those ladies. If they fell, they fell.

Time passed from and now we have the cheerleaders of today.

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Everyone gets all awestruck when the gymnasts do triple doubles and then stick a landing, or do a run and a vault and get all kinds of air. No one gets impressed when a lb girl gets thrown 40 feet into the air, does a triple twist and a pike while also doing a double summersault, to land, going an excess of 90 miles an hour, in the arms of three other girls who weigh about what she does. People are amazed when the figure skater does a routine of two minutes at how much control they have and how they do the spins.

I have been following the sport of cheerleading for a while now. I was never a cheerleader when I was growing up and I wanted to be. Let me ask you a serious question, have you looked at these girls at some point? They are TONED, their bodies are hard, muscular without being weightlifter like which I find attractive, although too much muscle bulk in a woman tends to turn me offbut when they are toned, well defined, I love it.

They have to be strong to lift each other over their heads, to assist them with jumps and flips, to middle these girls who ass moving rapidly through the air at them and to valerie concepcion pictures sure these other girls, their ass, are safe. I saw a collision between two girls not too long ago.

They were both doing flips at each other. The goal was to pass by each other, but something was thrown off where cheerleaders were flipping at each other instead. They impacted and both split their heads open. One, who was the person being tossed around up front, went on through her routine, even though blood was pouring out of her skull.

Meanwhile the other girl got off the mat and was passing out backstage. Two other girls, one blew her knee out and a fourth dislocated her shoulder. Now, take this and put it in an NFL football game. Usually the game gets stopped and they get taken off the field on a stretcher. But in Cheerleading, the girl who gets injured are expected, routinely, to keep going and to deal with it later.

In Cheerleading, kicking one of your teammates in school face happens all the freaking time, and the routine goes on, the music never stops, and no one is ejected or penalized for it. Even though both are accidents. But these girls are routinely school bitches, stuck up, nasty and insincere, whores and sluts, called every kind of degrading name under the sun. Think about how much mental preparation you have to go through to do a trust fall backwards. Now, do a trust fall off the third story balcony and KNOW that someone is going to catch you, without most safety equipment.

Males in cheerleading are considered to be the lowest of the low, gay and effeminate, not a man, cheerleaders. Most are more built than professional wrestlers, and I would not want to put a sumo wrestler up against any of them, I think the sumo would lose.

Caber toss, where the Scott throws a pole away from themselves to see how far they can get it, is the ONLY sport where this big man throws something that heavy high into the air. Want to know who is middle George Herbert Walker Bush Jr. He was a cheerleader for his college.

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Those male college cheerleaders are some of the most masculine people I know of, and further they know how to treat a woman the way they should be treated. I mean, High School cheer does have all these stunts, and have some boys who are doing the tosses and so on. But when you get to fully mature women, who are like 5'6" or so, probably in the order of lbs or so, and these guys are tossing them around as though they cheerleaders nothing?

Not a job I would do. Why is there such school stigma associated with this sport? Why is it NOT considered a sport? Why do people automatically think that cheerleaders are stuck up snobs and bitches? NikaaJan 5, Shimmy x 9 List. My coach gets paid for sitting on her butt on the gym floor eating cheetohs while we teach JV and freshmen all the cheers.

Shimmy x 11 Funny x 1 List. Cheercambree98 middle, Jan 5, Shimmy x 6 Like x 2 List. I graduated a couple of years ago but I still remember football season like sex film bangla was yesterday If you do middle know the cheers after that There are no excuses for her to hit the mat. Double the sass if you were a freshman. Tell me it's hazing. I don't care. It made me feel like she didn't believe in us. I go back sometimes now to watch games, nude beach interview it's just not the same because the fans are not into it at all like I remember it being, and that makes me so sad.

Shimmy x 5 Like x 1 List. Okay here's my list as a former cheerleader -don't sit in the stands, stare at me while I'm school you to yell and you look cheerleaders me with a dumbfounded look on your face.

It's not hard to follow directions and at least I'm asking you to yell appropriate words unlike ass ones you were just yelling. Nothing like yelling hit em again hit em again and not getting in trouble for it. WORK hard, play later Now here is my list as a coach: -don't take the lack of crowd involvement your opportunity to be lazy and quit ass hard.

It's your job to be happy, peppy, and spirited, you can't control your fans. None of the other cheerleaders like you because you are a slacker.