Lois and her two sons

When Jack, Lily, Zoe and Sky Monster were brought to the dam later, Carnivore revealed his entombing of Lois and Alby, and Jack was furious with the Russian for what he had done to the two civilians. Though Carnivore professed that it was the Arabs' fault for having them at the time he had acquired them, he offered Jack the chance to free the pair if he found the sixth Pillar ahead of Vulture, Scimitar and Mao Gongli.

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Though Wolf soon and to escape his tank, he opted not to release Lois or two other entombed prisoners. Fortunately, some of Jack's friends were able to get back to Carnivore's dam and free Lois and the others before they could suffocate.

As she and her son were recovering from their ordeal over the next few days, Alby told Lois the truth about how they had come to be imprisoned by Carnivore. When Jack and Lily finally her, Lily apologised to Lois for getting her caught up in the lois, but Lois reassured her that it was alright, noting how proud she was of Alby and her gladness of knowing he had such a good friend in Lily.

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Ron Goulart praised Dik Browne's artwork for the strip, stating "Browne made Hi and Lois one of the most visually interesting strips on the comics page. All titles by Mort Walker and Dik Browne unless otherwise noted [7].

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