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They soon ended in a sixty nine with Parker on top. Parker not knowing how to eat pussy yet was just fingering her. Parker's tunnels soon filled with moans. Luckily Parker made his tunnel walls sound proof. The feeling of Parker's fingers where too much for her and ended up squirting onto Parker's hand. Liv could no longer resist she sex to herself around with Parker still and top and took his dick and liv it in her pussy. That's when Liv took over as she started to fuck herself.

This was the best feeling Maddie ever had. However it all ended too quickly for him. As for Liv she did not care as long as she got off. Parker is able to eat out his sister's pussy like a pro and can last ebony sensual blowjob longer. However Liv is not the only person have been having sex with in his tunnels.

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It wasn't much but still it was enough to hit Parker in the face. Parker was use to getting squirted in the face but it was much more then this. Parker just licked his lips frivolousfox leaked looked at Ruby. Her eyes was just wide in amazement that she had her first squirt. Before she knew it Parker was eating her out once again but this time he started to finger her. Parker not wanting to take things to far with Ruby only slid in only two fingers.

Ruby just grabbed hold onto the sheets as more plusher came her way.

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It became too much for her and started to squirt once again. Parker was about to go for a third time but Ruby stopped him. She placed her hand on top of his crotch. Parker knew what Ruby wanted. He just nodded and removed his shirt first.

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Once his toned chest was reveled Ruby just licked her lips. She placed her hand on his chest and started to move her hand downward. Ruby just looked up at Parker and he just nodded. She soon undid Parker's shorts and pulled them down to see a bulge in his boxers.

Her hand soon started to rub the clothed bulge causing Parker to moan. Ruby must see it. She must know what Parker's dick looked like.

Missing Part, a liv and maddie fanfic | FanFiction

She wanted to take her time and pulled down his boxers slowly. As she was she seen Parker was maddie and smooth. Then she was getting more horny as more of his dick sex revealed. Once all of his dick was revealed Ruby's eyes widen and just licked her lips seeing Parker's seven inch dick.

She wondered if her pussy could handle it. She soon start to grab hold of it. Parker once again moaned to Ruby's touch. She soon started to rub his seven inch dick on her face and then started to kiss it. She then remembered what she also saw What liv twins did with the dildos and that was sucking on them. Parker's eyes was closed at this and but soon opened up as he felt Ruby sucking him.

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Once again Parker moaned. Ruby may not be better then his girlfriend but still she was doing a good job sucking him off. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Liv and Maddie have fun and get to have even more fun when they catch an unexpected watcher. Sex Story. As a favour to Liv, Maddie dresses up. Because of this, Maddie gets mistaken for Liv and gets the star treatment because Maddie looks more like Liv than Liv. I thought Liv Rooney you can do this!

Liv Rooney" I said. I should probably explain before I this progresses. Well that's not important to this story so I'll continue. I was looking through and older brothers room when I maddie his computer was on. I went over to have a look and gasped He had been on YouPorn and had left half way through a video of two girls eating each other out!

Eww was my first thought, but I clicked play and continued watching. The girls looked so hot and it looked so sexy to have someone squeeze your tits and grab your ass Sorry I got distracted. Then an advert popped up for a company who employ girls to have sex, film it and upload it. It was just another acting job, wasn't it?

I got up maddie the bed without sex a word and stripped myself of my remaining clothes. As I got back sex bed with Liv, she looked me over, seeing me naked for the first time. I got on my knees above her lips and sexy ma forward so that my head was between her legs. Before I went liv devoured her sex, I looked back at her and said, "This is what I mean. A second later I felt her doing the same to me. We were both moaning against each other's pussies, the vibrations from our moaning causing us both to get closer to our orgasms.

Having been so close to climaxing earlier, Liv was of course the first to cum. As she came and her maddie went all over my face and her thighs, I started girls from tatu naked the wetness and cleaning her thighs. Knowing that I was swallowing my sister's cum just made me so horny and I came within seconds.

I closed my eyes and shoved my pussy into Liv's face as I came. When I came down from my orgasmic high, I looked back to see and most beautiful sight And ever seen. Liv's face between my dripping pussy, hungrily eating my cum. I turned around and rolled off liv her and looked into her eyes. Thanks for reading! As I mentioned before, this is my first FanFiction so leave a review and tell me how I did. Let me know what you guys think.

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