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I Don’t Want a Bath, No No - Little Angel Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes

It's not something I've seen before.

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It came well-timed as my daughter has had a cold. I think the product looks good; I like the shape of the bottle and I like the Little Angel's range. Good value as well. My baby actually has a cold at the moment girl fuck by animals the smell and the steam helped her breathing before bed.

Janine Turner: We loved the smell and colour. There were lots of bubbles and it was great for clearing stuffy noses daughter currently has a cold! That and the colour and smell of the product in the bottle are great! Overall, it was very relaxing. Tilly Lewis: It was very strong smelling straight from the bottle and I was excited to try the product.

My little one who is two has a blocked nose and using the product really helped. It helped him breathe easily and he found it very relaxing.

What did you like most about the product?

Probably helped with her girl as well, so a satisfied customer. I would probably only use it during winter time and time when she is poorly, not as a girls screwing guys thing.

Angel definitely something I'd like to keep in the cupboard. It wasn't drying on her skin and she didn't have any reactions to it, so I see no reason why I wouldn't use it again. Kayleigh Miller: Yes, especially this time of year she sniffles are about as it will help keep her airwaves clear. It would be worth another try though. Bhakti Shakla: I would definitely buy and use this product again, my kids loved it and it left their skin nice and soft.

I will recommend this product to all of my daughter's friend's parents. Alexandra Oliveira: Yes, definitely. Bath haven't seen anything like this on the market before and I think it's a really good idea, especially at this time of year when there's a lot of coughs and colds about and you want to soothe your little as much as possible.

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Sophie Mayoh: I would definitely recommend this product to others, mainly based on the fact my baby has slightly sensitive skin and this product did not cause any concerns, immediate or later irritation to the skin. As it's marketed as a Vapour product, you might as well go the full hog! If it really gave off even the slightest scent, I believe it really would help ill babies at bathtime.

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Advertisement Time. If your little one loves their bath time then they're going to love the newest video from Little Angel. Baby John gets to have so much fun when cute sexy women amateur naked has bath time with his favorite toys and your child is going to love watching him angel away and play as he gets squeaky clean.

When Baby John's mom tells him it's time to get in the bath he quickly gathers bath a few special friends to join him. The mom tells Baby John how to turn the faucet on to fill the bathtub with water before he can get in.

Of course, no bath time is complete without bubbles, and Baby John has lots! Baby John's mom even used his toy T-Rex to show him how to properly wash his hair, including making sure his eyes and mouth are closed so as not to get any soap in there! Baby John's mom uses a cup to rinse girl the soap and shampoo off Baby John, careful not to get any soap in his eyes. During his bath, Baby John's big brother Jack, dog Bingo and his dad have all come in to see if bath time was over because they have little surprise for him, but Baby John loves his bath so much he's in no rush to get out!