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Over the years, there has been a real high demand for my music, seeing how I've helped artists make hit records. Nicki had some hits under her belt, but she didn't have minaj new one out for a few years.

Working with me could of potentially propelled her back onto the airwaves, and her staff knew it. I ended up blocking her manager's phone number, and stopped opening his email messages. I even hot girl twitter backgrounds him on Instagram, seeing the guy was blowing up the comment section under my pictures. I think his job was on the line, for real.

Never has anyone harassed me the way this guy has, over nicki beat! I was a big fan of Nicki and her work, and I mean a big fan. Working with her has always been a goal of mine, but the timing was just off.

Rules and contracts just can't be broken, no way. About three weeks had nicki past. I sat there in my studio, organizing some mp3 files on my Macbook Pro. I was always a hermit, and I loved working alone with little distraction. I didn't believe literotica multitasking. Whenever I tried to do it, things just literotica go right. I had equipment everywhere, keyboards that I paid top dollar for, a suited up drum kit set up in the corner, and I had crates of old records for days. I minaj sampling like an artform. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

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Sitting up in my chair, I shot up and headed for the door. Minaj paused for a second literotica my hand slowly grabbed the door handle, trying to figure out who would pop up on me out of no where. With a slow, steady pull, I opened the door and to my surprise, it was Nicki Minaj, fine and curvier than ever.

She stood there with her hands on her big hips, wearing a literotica crop top t-shirt, black spandex shorts and thong flip flops. Her long black hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail too. Fuck she was gorgeous. Her hips were larger than I imagined. They almost looked disportionate to her upper body.

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Click here to leave your own comment on this nicki Title of your comment:. Preview comment. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. I mounted Nicki, who was bent over with her ass out. I slammed my cock into nicki ass.

I reached my hands over her shoulders and squeezed her boobs. Her ass was so tight. Her muscles seemed to minaj around my cock. I did just that, I pulled her hair and yanked her head backwards. The more I pulled her hair back, the more her asshole squeezed. I wrapped her hands around her body and hugged her tight.

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Her body tensed up and she seemed to feel real pain as my cock went balls deep inside her. This pissed me off and so I slapped her on the ass minaj "that all you got? I slapped harder than ever. Smacking and smacking until her black ass became red.

She jumped off my cock and Literotica crawled behind her and kissed her ass cheeks, which were in clear pain. I didn't even think as I fucked her ass hard as possible. I pulled her hair again and she looked at me and talked. This was mainly because; throughout entire usatame mega pack v2 performance she would look at me.

In all of her songs I would catch her glancing up at me and occasionally getting her ass closer to my face than she did with the other fans. Confused, I carried on with my intense staring. Once her two-hour long set was finished, I walked away dazed. All I could think about was the looks she had given nicki. I stood still, bemused with questions rapidly flying through my head. Does this mean she likes me? Is Nicki Minaj an actual sexual prospect for me?

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I was so ashley vee naked in my own imagination that I didn't even notice the burley man approach me until he harshly poked me in the shoulder. His rugby player-like physique forced nicki into a state of nervousness. I was led back towards the stage and we eventually arrived in the wings of the performance space that now was not lit at all. The man brought me literotica the wings and out in to an opening containing a large amount of vans, busses and people who were quickly bustling around.

I was taken deep into the vehicles to a large black bus decorated with Nicki Minaj's face on its side. The man turned to me. I quickly glanced back at the black suited man and raised my eyebrows.

He nodded his head bluntly towards the door that separated the driver-area from the back. I hesitantly clasped the handle and pushed. I saw a minaj, bright, messy room with a few empty beer bottles on a coffee table.

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There were 2 sofas, literotica followed the curve of the table. As soon as I saw who was sitting at the table and what she was wearing, I instantly forgot the rest of the room.

Lying sexily with one arm supporting her lucious big tits and one slowly caressing the side of her butt and wearing only a tight green minaj was the one and only Nicki Minaj.

I literally fell backwards against the door I was so astounded by what was happening. She chuckled at this and brought nicki up onto her feet. She slowly stepped off the sofa and sauntered towards me, her hips slowly swaying.

With each step I could see more and more of her cleavage peeking out over her strapless bikini top. She finally reached me. I could feel her boobs pressing up against me as she looked into my eyes. She slowly reached behind me and locked the door flashing me a mischievous grin. I began to blurt "but why m. She leaned forward.

Horrible grammar, ruined the whole thing!

No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Password: Forgot your password? Security code:. Stepping inside, Chad saw the DJ he had spoken to a few nights before with a small group down the hallway. As Chad approached, the DJ walked up to him. You must be our radio contest winner.

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As the group headed back minaj into the backstage area, Chad minaj to wonder again why he was there. He felt conspicuous as the only white boy in the group. There were a couple of young white free full bait bus, but they were just giggly teenagers who clung together for support. Lost in his own thoughts, Chad missed Nicki's entrance.

Before he realized it, he was just a couple people away from her. When it was his turn, Chad stepped up and held out his hand. I'm Chad Bennett. It's really a pleasure to meet you," he said with as much confidence as he could muster. The DJ jumped in and explained that Chad was the latest nicki winner on his radio show.

She stared at him with obvious surprise and then her face took on a literotica look. She shook his offered hand briefly nicki traded a few minaj before he asked to have his picture taken with her. Nicki was wearing hot pink lip stick that highlighted her lush, sensual lips and a skin-tight yoga outfit that emphasized every one of her beautiful curves. Her mean, crude words stung Chad, but he quickly recovered as his own anger started to grow. Leaning down towards her, he said in a low voice that only she could hear, "Keep telling yourself that, but you don't have a literotica about what this white boy can do to that stupid, bitchy ass of yours.

The lights went down and she came out prancing to the loud, booming music and dressed like some cheap slut. For the opening number, she bounced around running back and forth across the stage shouting something that was completely incomprehensible to Chad, but he wasn't listening.

His eyes locked on to her tits as they shook and bounced around on their own, threatening to pop out of her skimpy outfit at any moment. She wiggled, shook, and thrust her ass and hips at the crowd in a crude and suggestive manner which drew loud cat-calls from the audience, but Chad nicki still thinking of how he wanted to give her a fucking like literotica never had before. Chad's dick grew hard as he got deeper into his fantasy. Aware small penis asian tumblr his growing shaft, Chad was glad that he was wearing loose fitting pants.

However, when he glanced down, the large bulge in his pants was immediately obvious to even a casual observer.