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Her feet are disgusting — missing nail polish on two toes, bunions and a pinkie which looks gnawed. There are new pics of her floating around where you can see a clear gap in-between her two front teeth. Why is it everytime I see a Lindsay Lohan picture I get a rotten eggs, sweaty fish smell in my nose? Scariest bit is the fact that Ali is with Lindsay and the most sensible one of them all and the fact that Linnocent picks fights with Ali….

Linnocent is linsey to loose her photogenic big time, even with all the surgery, botox and fillers. Her lifestyle is def taking its toll loho which fakes her internal organs must be in a really bad state.

Even with all the make-up on her heroin brown bags under her eyes are still visible, classic sign of a serious druggie. Why in the world would Dina let her youngest daughter hang around with Lindsay on a booze-filled, party trip to Miami? Has that idiot not learned anything?

Does she really want to go fakes all of this with another child? Child services should have stepped in a long, long time ago. She is just plain hideous, all around. So skanky. It says alot about the people she surrounds herself with, if her sister was the most responsible one there. Oooh, delicious. I know she is a crack mess but the make up artist should have done a better work so the hairstylist.

Anyway…the story was lol, poor Ali. Wow, even clothes and make up refuse to comply to that. I saw this comment on Radar last night and figured this is the defense we will be hearing from Linsey and her camp of crazies:. I remember when she had her implants put in. It was ages ago…. I doubt she was even 21 at the time.

It was then that I wondered what in the fricking hell her mother was thinking. She isnt recognized by people who loho read gossip pages and when you say her name the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that she is an out-of control drug user. Lets just be thankful that little professional party girl Lindsey Lohan is not a member of the Church of Scientology. Then the journalist would be loho, stalked, verbally and legally abused and eventually silenced.

Hello Naked. Can we just fast forward to the end where she staggers naked of some joint a la Sharon Stone at the end of Casino?

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