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For an exhibition we are holding as part of our Festival. But there are rules! The Penis Gallery is an exhibition we are running as part of our Festival of New Masculinity and we need your penis to star in it.

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Or your local penis. Any and all penises you have close to hand. Penises are the classic male anxiety — is it big enough? Is it too big?

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Too wide? Too weird? Too bent? Just hideous? Put simply, not all dicks are rock hard, smooth 12 inch bats. But when do you ever see any other type? OK, maybe in rugby. But the point is we need to start getting comfortable with our bodies and understand there is no right way to be. It's good to see a soft penis that has no hint of the initial tumescence or swelling that comes before an erection.

I think many visitors will benefit from seeing this pair of pictures.

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My life since puberty has been based on hiding the size of my penis and believe me it has all but eliminated my participation in sports. For some reason most men seem to relate their conversations somehow into dick size!

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The length I can put up with, but the 4. I'm sorry the circumference bothers you.

Soft Hard Gallery Page 1

I hope you realize that the average circumference in the Wessells study our best study is only That's just. Your erection has other nice features such as the angle. This flaccid penis is right out of the pants with only a quick side to side hip shake. The erect picture is the short version I think in that I had a bit of a time keeping the stiffness due to lack of motivated excitement.

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I am sure that I have measured slightly over 5 in. Thanks for your contribution. I think I am going to begin calling this page the 4. I am really pleased to have visitors see how handsome and attractive these erections are that measure less than 5 inches. In it, Herb was sweeping up Christmas tree needles as if to say, Just taking a break from some naked, non-erect, post-holiday house cleaning!

Given that Estelle had clearly desexualized the relationship, Herb justified sending the pic specifically because he was flaccid. And so, she agreed to pick up the phone when he called. After an hour, though, she started to get a weird vibe; still, she assumed Herb was just chatty and nervous. A Circumference Girth Measurement of Penis. A close up of human foreskin.

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A frenulum of human penis. A partially engorged penis. A penis viewed from the front. Adult male's uncircumcised penis with partially exposed glans. An Erect Human Penis.

An Uncircumcised Human Penis. Aroused Penis with Drip. Asian penis erected. Circumcised Glans Close-up. Circumcised highres closeup. Circumcised penis. Close up penis1. Close up view of male genitalia. Close-up photographs of human penis 2. Close-up photographs of human penis. Closeup non errected.