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She lives in Los Angeles by way of Montreal and Toronto. Find her on twitter or instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. There is a comment in the article that states not everyone finds the questions regarding sex during periods to be relevant, because not everyone experiences periods.

Stella — Many women do have periods and often video porno teen blow a the first half of their life being shamed for them.

Its a response to a survey and this argument comes up every time Audostraddle posts survey results. Most lesbians are cis. Not all of them, but most are. Its not erasing trans women.

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Being so violently opposed sexy big girls women talking about mensuration is really problematic. You know most women have periods right? Lol what? Period sex in straight relationships is totally a thing.

Even if the majority of responses lean one way, you gotta remember there are plenty of people who will lean the other and buck the trend too.

You choose to set your own boundaries and you can still have great sex life even if period sex is unappealing, or difficult, for whatever reason. One of the reasons why respondants might have showed up more enthusiastic about sex in a partners period than their own is about physical implications of a period. I totally agree! And, like trypr noted above, people will always fall outside of the trend.

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Remember to go slow, use a ton of lube, and use gloves for safety. There are a million kinky things you can do. Think outside the or your or her box. Estrogen drops right before and during your period, which can make your pain tolerance drop, too.

For pain-related kinky stuff, definitely start a little slower and lighter than normal until you both adjust to your current pain threshold.

5 Lesbians Reveal Their Most Awkward Period Sex Moments

One study of heterosexual cis women found that period sex might be associated with higher STI transmission. What does this mean for your period sex? Everyone should get tested for hepatitis and HIV, and you should traffic xxx your usual safer sex with gloves and dental dams and condoms if applicable, and then you should feel free to go forth and fuck.

A lot of the language in these posts is intended to make them easy to find on search engines. Take what you want and what applies to you or what you can make apply to you and your partners and your experiences, and leave the rest! She lives in Los Angeles by way of Montreal and Toronto. Find her on twitter or instagram.

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You need to login in order to like this post: click here. What is the difference between a lesbian vampire and a straight vampire?

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The two of us ended up sneaking off to the guest room to have sex, which was great, and we passed out immediately After she stopped screaming, she realized that while we were having sex, she had started her period.

I then had to clean myself up and tell the mother that I had started my period while sleeping and just realized it now. This was the second day of a weeklong stay. Without thinking, I pulled the string out with my teeth and threw it across the room yes, with my mouth and it stuck to the wall. As you can probably imagine she was mortified and we had to completely stop having sex.

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