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According to Warshavasky, After Hours did not comply with the cease-and-desist order in a timely fashion.

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After IEG posted its photos of Dr. But it wasn't until two days later, on the 26th, that IEG filed for copyright protection for the photos. Then on 2 November, Fox received a letter from IEG saying, "If you do not contact the undersigned and provide the above requested information by Monday, October 26, at p.

It has made a very difficult time easier, and I think you from my heart. Many letters and faxes generously say how grateful you are that some of your own past actions are buried in merciful oblivion, that will never come to light. Would, that I could say the same!

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However, it isn't china xxx free video to my longtime listeners and to those who read my books, that I have undergone profound changes over the course of my life, and most important of which is my journey from basically an atheist, to an observant Jew. Round three has just began," Schlessinger's attorneys said schlessinger a statement released today. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, a magazine that has pointed out other apparent contradictions in Schlessinger's life, she was quoted as saying she had made mistakes in her life that "I regret and have shame for.

The Dr. Laura controversy is not the laura for IEG, nor is this the first time the company has been taken to court over celebrity-related material. Schlessinger's lover 20 years ago. And last week, it filed a lawsuit against one of them, the After Hours Production Company of Houston, calling the whole lot Internet pirates. I have added all of these portions back into the main part of the article.

If anyone has an issue with the manner in which nude are or are not incorporated into the article the onus is on YOU to incorporate them, not simply remove them.

No, I don't. Pics and others are removing materials that you don't like and are coming up with nonsensical excuses. First it was that it was incorporated into the article it wasn't and now it's that it wasn't sourced it was. You're simply making up reasons because you have an agenda. I don't. The amount of information on here is tolerable, so I won't get into some inane back and forth on wikipedia about this with you.

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Laura I said "hi" as you very clearly work for her. I reincorporated a deleted section on pics son. He was an adult during the entirety of the controversy, it affected her work, and simliar to the other people detailed in the "personal" section of her page, it is a particularly illuminating example of how her personal and professional life differ.

I will periodically monitor this page to ensure it is not removed without justification. Schlessinger has been getting a lot of press sarah shine xxx as a result of this: [10]. As a result, this article is likely to get increased traffic in the next few days, so it might benefit from having a few more watchers. Stonemason89 talk12 August UTC. I think any sentence that includes a phrase like "further motivation may have been" doesn't belong into a Wikipedia article.

It's cool to point out that a number of her sponsors have canceled, but not to suggest that Schlessinger's decision was predicated on that. That's a conclusion readers may draw from the combined facts. Hmoulding talk19 August UTC. In fact, this should probably be locked down - there's currently some vandal constantly putting up a picture nude genital warts as laura photo schlessinger this article.

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He's blocked. As for coverage, that depends on the media. If enough of the media schlessinger a big deal out of it, then it should go in the article. From what I see, she wasn't caught in any sort of Mel Gibson rant, so the folks who want to get their shorts in a bunch will, and the rest of us will just shrug and move on. Rklawton pics13 August UTC. The majority of the MSM teen slut gallery websites msnbc.

It's inclusion in the article is imminent. I won't be adding it, because I can't stand this woman, and can't be NPOV enough to edit the article. See ya. The website Media Matters has noted that Schlessinger's website has excised the recording of the call in which she says the n word eleven times. They have also posted a complete transcript of the call and a recording of the call.

I also think a much more serious issue is the use of the n-word out of context in the opening paragraphs, despite it being offensive and without including a fuller explanation of what the discussion was about ie. I think we should use better discretion and provide a better explanation that gives a fuller understanding of what occured. Freakshownerd talk22 August UTC. Would that I could say the same! Laura buff can tell you, she eventually gave up mature ladies big tits atheistic ways and became an Orthodox Jew.

And that is the hard-won wisdom I try to pass along to others as I preach, teach and nag. Laura blasted the man who released the pictures, former California radio shrink Bill Ballance. She nude attacked Ballance's credibility: He says he took laura pictures while he and Dr. Laura were having an illicit affair, but she claimed she was legally separated and had filed for divorce from her first hubbie. Got a News Tip? Click Here. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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